12:20 AM EST, Sat February 28, 2015
Viva El Birdos Feb 25, 2015

What does PITCHf/x say about St. Louis Cardinals reliever Carlos Villanueva?

While NRI minor-league signings usually aren't that big of a deal, Pat Neshek proved otherwise in 2014. Will Carlos Villanueva make the opening-day roster and positively impact the 2015 Cardinals? With what happened in 2014 still fresh in his mind (see: Pat Neshek's All-Star season), St. Louis Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak signed right-handed relief pitcher Carlos Villanueva to a minor league deal with a spring training invite. While Neshek was given a salary of $1 million upon making the opening-day roster last season, Cot's Contracts lists Villanueva at $2 million should he...
Houston Chronicle Feb 22, 2015

New Astros manager A.J. Hinch likes what he sees in Pat Neshek’s unusual delivery

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — Pat Neshek, one of the Astros’ shiny new endgame relievers, caught first-year Astros manager A.J. Hinch’s eye through the preliminary round of bullpens. Neshek’s a sidearmer, but more than that, a funky sidearmer, with an eccentric delivery that aides his effectiveness. “It’s unique, he’s tough, man,” Hinch said. “The velocity, the ball […]

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