9:50 AM EDT, Tue May 24, 2016
Dei-Tales | CSN Philly May 19, 2016

Phillies want you to put Peter Bourjos in the All-Star Game

Naturally, teams want to show they support all of their players, from the superstars to the last guy on the bench, so a gentle reminder
philly.com May 11, 2016

Herrera struggling with grounders in center

ATLANTA - The Phillies do not expect Odubel Herrera to be a polished product in center field, a position he did not learn until two winters ago. But they had enough faith to keep him in center this season, even with the addition of an acclaimed defender in Peter Bourjos.

St. Louis connection derails Cardinals

Howard's HR provides only run for Phillies. Bourjos' catch saves a run.

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