5:21 AM EST, Sat December 20, 2014

Twinsights: How do the Twins view Ricky Nolasco now?

SAN DIEGO -- Just because the Twins felt the need to go out and make another 30-something right-hander the richest free agent in franchise history, that doesn't mean they've given up on Ricky Nolasco. Quite the contrary. Before agreeing to sign Ervin Santana to a $55 million guarantee -- $6 million richer than what the Twins needed to corral Nolasco a year ago -- Twins general manager Terry Ryan made it clear the team doesn't view Nolasco's remaining $37 million as a sunk cost. "We have hopes that Ricky is going to get it back together," Ryan said at the […] The post Twinsights: How do the...

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