12:05 PM EDT, Thu May 28, 2015

Giants add Tommy Hanson, Ricky Romero to list of pitching projects

HOUSTON – The Giants continue to plumb the depths of the waiver wire for pitching depth, signing former Braves right-hander Tommy Hanson to a minor league contract on Tuesday. A few days earlier, the Giants agreed to terms with former… Continue Reading → The post Giants add Tommy Hanson, Ricky Romero to list of pitching projects appeared first on Giants Extra.
McCovey Chronicles May 11, 2015

Giants sign Ricky Romero, left-handed pitcher and raffle ticket, to minor league deal

There's a chance we'll never hear about this again. Unless ... Whenever a young pitcher signs a long-term deal that looks extremely team-friendly -- like Madison Bumgarner or Chris Sale -- there's a part of me that wonders what in the heck the pitcher is thinking, giving up all that potential money. That lasts about five seconds, and then I remember the ballad of Ricky Romero. The Giants just signed the 30-year-old lefty to a minor league deal, years after the Blue Jays spent a lot of money to keep him away from other teams. While Romero has missed substantial time with a knee injury, his...

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