8:29 AM EST, Sat February 06, 2016

Brushbacks: Clemens, Halladay get into Hall spat

Brushbacks: Clemens, Halladay get into Hall spat
Fenway Nation Jan 7, 2016

Roy Halladay Speaks The Truth On Clemens And Bonds

Thank goodness there are some MLB players with the courage to speak the truth on PED abuse in baseball. Roy Halladay—who has pitched brilliantly for both the Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies—tweeted out his feelings on Hall Of Fame voting as follows: "When you use PEDs you admit your not good enough to compete fairly! Our nations past time [SIC] should have higher standards! No Clemens no Bonds!" Hallelujah!!!! Luckily, writers agreed—with Roger Clemens getting 45.2% and Barry Bonds getting 44.3%—well shy of the 75% threshold needed for enshrinement. There is some justice...
Houston Chronicle Jan 7, 2016

Roger Clemens takes a shot at Roy Halladay with hint of amphetamine allegations

Roger Clemens fired a few shots at former Blue Jays and Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay on Wednesday. It started when Halladay tweeted about Clemens and Barry Bonds after the results of the Hall of Fame voting were announced. Neither of the two stars, who have often been the faces of the steroid era in baseball,
New York Daily News Jan 7, 2016
Clemens rips Halladay, suggests he used amphetamines

Clemens rips Halladay, suggests he used amphetamines

Roger Clemens roared back at Roy Halladay Thursday, suggesting that his former Toronto Blue Jays teammate used amphetamines.
New York Post Jan 7, 2016

Roger Clemens takes blowtorch to Roy Halladay with PED charge

Roger Clemens still has his fastball. The legendary Red Sox and Yankees ace didn’t much want to talk about his mild bump in the Hall of Fame voting results unveiled Wednesday — to 45.2 percent of the tally, still well shy of the 75-percent threshold — and focused his brush-back heat on former teammate Roy...
Newark Star-Ledger Jan 6, 2016

Ex-Phillie Roy Halladay doesn't want PED users in Hall of Fame, rips Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds

The former Phillies ace doesn't want PED users in the Hall of Fame.

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