4:59 PM EST, Sat November 28, 2015
Athletics Nation Nov 20, 2015

SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for Best Unwritten Rules Breakage of the Year!

We have two more SB Nation Award winners to announce! There's a clear-cut winner for our Best A's Celebration, with Stephen Vogt's "Deja Vogt" walk-off single earning 29% of the vogts. The poll for Best A's Defensive Play remains neck-and-neck, but I guess we've got to call it sometime. Billy Burns' running grab has a 75-72 lead over Sam Fuld's airborne catch, and that's about the most separation we've seen between the two options. Burns is our winner, but really I would consider these two plays to be 1A and 1B rather than first and second. Both excellent plays by exciting outfielders. We...
Athletics Nation Nov 19, 2015

SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for Best A's Celebration of the Year!

We're on to our fourth SB Nation Award, but I'm afraid that I don't yet have a winner to announce for the previous award. That's because the voting is currently tied, between Billy Burns' diving catch and Sam Fuld's airborne grab. Therefore, we're going to keep the poll open for another day for our Best A's Defensive Play of 2015. If you haven't voted yet, then go do so because this will be one of those moments in your life when your vote actually counts! Today, we will look for the Best A's Celebration of 2015. All of our nominees were walk-off celebrations, so I'm including all six A's...

Athletics Player News

  • Sonny Gray

    Sonny Gray finishes 3rd in AL Cy Young vote

  • Jed Lowrie

    Nico's Current "Holy Grail": Korean Free Agent Hyun-Soo Kim

  • Rich Hill

    Ex-Red Sox Hurler Rich Hill Signs Deal With Athletics

  • Liam Hendriks

    All The Rage: Failed Starting Pitchers Turned Ace Relievers

  • Sean Doolittle

    A's reliever Sean Doolittle hosts Thanksgiving feast for Syrian refugee families

  • Andrew Lambo

    Oakland A's claim outfielder Andrew Lambo from Pirates