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Twinkie Town Nov 7, 2014

2015 Stock Market Report: Jordan Schafer

With the Twins, and their outfield, in transition - could Schafer find a way to keep his roster spot? Three days after the Twins sold Sam Fuld back to the Athletics for far more than the nothing they spent to acquire him, Minnesota selected Jordan Schafer off of waivers from the Braves. The Twins were short on outfielders already, which could be seen by starting outfields that included bricks with legs (Josh Willingham, Oswaldo Arcia, and Chris Parmelee) and a center fielder who was an infielder, so finding a warm body that could A) legitimately be called an outfielder, and B) actually run...
Chicago Sun-Times Nov 2, 2014

For Joe Maddon, thinking outside the box has been a stock-in-trade

It was the last thing Sam Fuld expected. Considering the source, maybe it shouldn’t have been. After pinch-hitting for the pitcher in the eighth inning of an interleague game three years ago, the then-Tampa Bay Rays outfielder was sent to the mound to warm up. Having just turned a four-run lead into a seven-run lead with a two-out homer, Rays manager Joe Maddon needed more time to get a different reliever ready. “It was his way of stalling,” said Fuld, who...

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