12:39 AM EDT, Mon August 21, 2017
McCovey Chronicles Aug 18, 2017
Giants defeat Phillies, 5-4

Giants defeat Phillies, 5-4

The Giants won behind Jarrett Parker, Kelby Tomlinson, and a solid bullpen. I didn’t mention the bullpen down there, so pretend this is three paragraphs of effusive prace. It’s the Giants and Phillies in 2017, everyone! If you’ll remember back to 2010, this was a big deal. If you’ll remember back to 2011, this was a really big deal. It’s the future, though. If they were bands, they would be playing at the county fair. I keep looking around for Shane Victorino because I can’t hate ... [looks at index card] ... Nick Williams? And I’m sure the Phillies fans aren’t exactly...

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