9:37 AM EDT, Fri August 26, 2016
MASN Sports Aug 10, 2016

Revere making plays to stay on field; update on Ramos - Byron Kerr

Ben Revere is making plays to stay in the field, plus an update on Wilson Ramos
Twinkie Town Aug 8, 2016

Monday Recap: Who do you take backsies?

Last Friday, I asked you, the great people of Twinkie Town, what Twins trade you would “take back” if you could go back in time and undo it. We got a number of responses: Gunnarthor wrote about Tommy Herr (because you know someone would). Theo77 wrote about tacking back the Wilson Ramos trade. zkonedog would opt to take back the Denard Span trade. less cowbell, more ‘neau had a pretty predictable answer. Daniel Carlson looked at some of the Twins’ older trades. BeefMaster picked two pitchers he’d take back. So what do you think? Which trade was the worst?
CSN Baltimore Jul 28, 2016

Could women's Olympic boxing tournament lead to a bigger pro platform?

LOS ANGELES (AP) Many of the 40 men leaving Rio de Janeiro with Olympic boxing medals around their necks in three weeks will have their pick of professional promoters eager to reward them with riches and fame. For the 12 women who claim medals in the second Olympic women's boxing tournament, the pro options still aren't glittery. Several years after the International Boxing Association (AIBA) won its fight to get women's boxing into the Olympics, the Games still represent the apex of the sport.

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