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Final 0-2
Mon 4/17 1 @ 2
Tue 4/18 1 @ 2
Viva El Birdos Apr 18, 2017
Cardinals news and notes: Slow starts, farm report, Pirates

Cardinals news and notes: Slow starts, farm report, Pirates

Plus, HBO Real Sports does a powerful segment on driving deaths in the Dominican Republic (and news and notes) I don’t know if epidemic is the right word, but in January after Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte were both killed on the same day in separate auto accidents in the Dominican Republic, a lot of people wondered if MLB had a problem on their hands. Cardinals fans know this issue all too well after the similar death of phenom Oscar Taveras in October 2014. To this end, Jon Frankel HBO Real Sports travelled to the Dominican Republic to examine why so many baseball players have been...

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    Browns drafted a quarterback, so can we please stop the Jimmy Garoppolo stories?

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    Marouane Fellaini

    Pablo Zabaleta surprised by "crazy" Marouane Fellaini reaction

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