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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Impatiently awaiting the return of Orioles baseball

Tuesday Bird Droppings: Impatiently awaiting the return of Orioles baseball

Things have been quiet in Birdland since Mark Trumbo was re-signed. In today's links, helping some middle schoolers, the Orioles homegrown starters, and one writer's pick for the best free agent signing in Orioles history.Hello, friends.There are now 69 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day. This number, not surprisingly, has never been worn in a game by an Orioles player - though of course, in 1969, the Orioles were pretty good, even if they didn't win the World Series. So maybe that's a sign that today will be a good day.

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Similar in 2016, Orioles and Mariners took separate paths this offseason

Entering this offseason, there was a sizeable contingent of Orioles fans who thought that the way the team lost in the Wild Card game at Toronto, and got to the postseason in the first place, was so flawed that anything short of a full reshuffling on the fly would constitute a lack of progress...
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With Trumbo on board, the Orioles Opening Day roster is taking shape

Barring injuries, there dont seem to be too many decisions to be madeSpring Training is a time of excitement. Everyone, except for Pablo Sandoval last season, is in the best shape of their lives. There is limitless hope, teams are being molded and decisions are being made. THE ORIOLES ARE GONNA BE WORLD CHAMPS!

Hart ready to do some experimenting in spring training - School of Roch

Orioles pitchers will be subjected to the usual drills in spring training, whether its pop-ups, bunts or rundowns. They're going to throw on flat ground and off mounds, including one that has strings running across it to emphasize command. Certain pitchers will be given instructions tailored to their needs, others...
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Orioles bring back Health & Fitness Challenge to Sarasota County middle schools - Orioles Buzz

Despite the recent gloomy weather, it's almost time to get out in the sunshine and get active. Actually, it's always a good idea to get out and be active, a message the Orioles are once again bringing to Sarasota County...

Orioles' shopping list shrinking, but not finished as spring training approaches

  Even while still basking in the glow of last week’s agreement with Mark Trumbo, Orioles executive vice president of baseball operations Dan Duquette said the team’s offseason business wasn’t finished.   “We’re still looking to fill out our team,” Duquette said. “We have some more work to do between...
CSN MidAtlantic Jan 23, 2017

What are the greatest Orioles home games of the past five seasons?

The Orioles are unveiling a top 25 games in Camden Yards history. What games from recent years do you think belong on the list?With
MASN Sports Jan 23, 2017

A check on projected homegrown starting pitchers in MLB - Steve Melewski

Taking a look at how Orioles stack up in list of projected homegrown starters
CSN MidAtlantic Jan 23, 2017

Monday Bird Droppings: Adam Jones, Orioles ambassador

Obviously, the baseball world was in shock yesterday with the untimely deaths of Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte and the Super Bowl seems to take up lot of air/space in the sporting press over late January/early February, but that's okay...there's not a whole lot going on in Birdland right now.
MASN Sports Jan 23, 2017

Roster closer to completion - School of Roch

Whatever moves are made to finalize the Orioles' roster for spring training and beyond won't require them to dig deep into their wallets. Mark Trumbo was the big-ticket item for the club and he came at a relative discount considering...
MASN Sports Jan 22, 2017

"Orioles Classics" rewind: How about some playoff action? - Orioles Buzz

With apologies to a long-ago tirade by former NFL coach Jim Mora, we're talking playoffs this week. Yes, playoffs. As in the American League Division Series, which in 1997 pitted the Orioles against the Mariners in a coast-to-coast clash. On...
MASN Sports Jan 22, 2017

Catcher talk: Sisco ranked, Wieters waits - Steve Melewski

Will No. 1 prospect Sisco's future with Orioles depend on Wieters' market?
CSN MidAtlantic Jan 22, 2017

Sunday Bird Droppings

Schmuck: The O's are keeping a power-packed lineup, but it might not be enough - The SunPeter Schmuck thinks the Os rotation could be problematic this season. 2017 ZiPS Projections Baltimore Orioles - FanGraphs

Wieters, Worley, draft order and minor matters - School of Roch

As another potential suitor for Matt Wieters is eliminated from consideration, speculation mounts that the Orioles could arrange an unexpected reunion with the free agent catcher. The Braves always have been viewed as the likely landing spot for Wieters, the former Georgia Tech star who owns a home in the...
Baltimore Sun Jan 21, 2017

Schmuck: The O's are keeping a power-packed lineup, but it might not be enough

The Orioles will need to end up on the right side of a lot of variables to match their 2016 win total.

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    Tuesday Bird Droppings: Impatiently awaiting the return of Orioles baseball

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