3:09 PM EDT, Tue October 25, 2016
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Over the Monster 6 hours ago

Celebrating David Ortiz’s Greatest Moments: 2004 ALCS Game 5

David Ortiz cemented his legacy with his second walkoff hit of the series, and gave hope to a weary Red Sox Nation that the best was yet to come. This is a story about hope. While the main action took place during Game 5 of the 2004 American League Championship Series, for me the story began on the Saturday night before that. That was the night of Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS—the 19-8 thrashing of the Red Sox at the hands of the New York Yankees that shattered all kinds of postseason offensive records sometimes referred to as the “Saturday Night Massacre.” A friend of mine and I were...
Over the Monster 8 hours ago

Daily Red Sox Links: World Series, David Ortiz, Kenley Jansen

Today’s links look at the Red Sox’ connections to this year’s World Series, a possible new plan for the GM spot, and a surprising return for the Cubs tonight. The World Series starts tonight, and as it turns out the Red Sox had the power to prevent this matchup. (Rob Bradford; WEEI) By that same theme, let’s look at all the connections these two pennant-winning teams have to Boston’s organization. (Ian Browne; RedSox.com) In an unexpected turn of events, the Red Sox may just opt to keep their GM spot vacant. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe) It’s been a couple weeks since the...
Over the Monster Oct 24, 2016

Red Sox Season Review: David Price

This did not go according to plan. It’s been nearly seven months now since David Price first took the mound as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Oh but those were halcyon days. The Red Sox had their ace, and he was going to lead them back into October. Well, October happened. Briefly, but it did, and that’s kind of a binary thing given the nature of the playoffs. David Price, however, certainly didn’t lead them there. He was atrocious to start, finally looked like David Price for a while there, then finished fairly weakly, including another rough playoff outing in a career that has...
Fenway Nation Oct 24, 2016

Sawdaye Might Spurn Sox For D'backs Or Twinkies

Amiel SawdayeIn our recent FenwayNation Poll, most readers wanted the Red Sox to pick an "out-of-the-box' GM—not one of the five main contenders being considered. This morning, it appears that one of those contenders—Amiel Sawdaye—has the inside track on the job if he wants it. Hall Of Fame reporter Peter Gammons says Sawdaye is "weighing" whether to accept the Sox job—or an assistant GM position under departed Mike Hazen in Arizona. There is also the wildcard—according to Gammons—of Sawdaye fleeing to the Twins is some capacity. Sawdaye (currently the VP of Amateur Scouting for...
Fenway Nation Oct 24, 2016

POLL: Tribe Holds Surprising 'Rooting' Lead Over Cubbies

Results to our latest FenwayNation Poll show that a majority of readers (54%) say they will be rooting for the Cleveland Indians when the 2016 World Series begins on Tuesday night. This compares to 46% who say they will pull for the Chicago Cubs. Clearly, the multiple Boston connections on both squads is tugging at the rooting heartstrings of Red Sox fans. This classic "Clash Of The Curses" should be an extremely entertaining series. You can still vote in the poll HERE.
Over the Monster Oct 24, 2016

Building a two-headed monster for the Red Sox bullpen

The Red Sox have one elite arm in their bullpen, and they should look to add a second one. Every year in the postseason, there is some overarching theme that encapsulates the teams that succeed and are applied to every other team in the league. “How can Team X copy this very good team?” is basically the concept. The reality is usually much simpler: Get good baseball players. Still, it’s a fun idea and we usually can’t help ourselves. I am no exception. This year’s theme seems to clearly be strong bullpens, as relievers and the way they’re used have been a constant talking point...
Over the Monster Oct 24, 2016

Amiel Sawdaye could choose Diamondbacks over Red Sox GM job

The Red Sox may not be able to hold onto their top choice for their vacant GM role Unsurprisingly, according to a tweet from Peter Gammons, Red Sox Vice President of Amateur & International Scouting Amiel Sawdaye is at the top of the list for both Boston’s GM role, and the Assistant GM role in Arizona, leaving him to decide between the two. While in Boston Amiel Sawdaye weighing between Red Sox GM and 'Backs ass't gm, one of his good friends says to watch out for the Twins— Peter Gammons (@pgammo) October 23, 2016 Oh, and the Twins might be involved too. Though, y’know, that...
Over the Monster Oct 24, 2016

Daily Red Sox Links: David Ortiz, Amiel Sawdaye, Pablo Sandoval

Today’s links look at the importance of developing pitching, building a bullpen for cheap, and Ian Desmond as a potential target. Do the Red Sox need to develop a front-end starter before they can make it back to the promised land? (Alex Speier; Boston Globe) How can Boston build an effective bullpen for cheap in 2017? (Matt Kory; BP Boston) Regardless of who’s in it, this postseason has provided a blueprint for how to effectively manage a bullpen. (Brian MacPherson; Providence Journal) Amiel Sawdaye is a popular candidate for the vacant GM role, but he’s also being pursued by...
Fenway Nation Oct 23, 2016

POLL: OK, Red Sox Fans, Who Are You Rooting For?

OK, Red Sox fans, who are you rooting for?Chicago CubsCleveland Indians pollcode.com free polls
Fenway Nation Oct 23, 2016

'Battle Of Curses' World Series Has Boston Flair

(Reuters)Well, it happened. The Cubbies and Indians are in the Fall Classic starting on Tuesday night. We won't burden you any further with the bevy of Boston connections in this World Series—just that two of the most consequential people ever in Red Sox management history will face off—Theo Epstein and Terry Francona. Who can forget their embrace after the 2004 sweep of the Cardinals—with burden of curses lifted forever. Now, they battle again to rid franchises of more curses—the Cubbies 108-year drought and the Tribe's 68-year hiatus. For Red Sox fans, either outcome would be a good...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Ugh! Wally And Tessie Throw Halloween Party At Fenway

Tessie (L); Wally (R)—We ThinkHey, the kids like it. Nevertheless, the Red Sox announced today another in the endless line of goofy events around their twin mascots—Wally The Green Monster and his little sister, Tessie The Green Monster. (Editor's Note: We're trying real hard not to lose our lunch while writing this). On Sunday October 30th, between 11 AM and 2 PM, the Kid's Concourse will be open to a "Halloween Party"—with things like mini-pumpkin painting, trick-or-treating, and...whatever. The event is free (there's a shocker!). Perhaps the best line in the team's press release was...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Scar Tissue Was Real Cause Of David Ortiz's Pain

()In a fascinating article by WEEI.com's Rob Bradford, former Red Sox coordinator of sports medicine services Dan Dyrek reveals the extent and nature of David Ortiz's foot-related injuries over the years. While it was always described as an "Achilles" issue, it was actually much more complex. Said the 63-year-old Dyrek, "The pain was at the insertion of the Achilles, but that in a sense was a secondary diagnosis. The primary problem was really the scar tissue in the joints, ligaments, capsules, muscle and even his skin affected on two different bones in the area." Ortiz's battle started in...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Cubbies Should Welcome Home Scape-"Goat" Bartman

Let's see, a 3-2 NLCS series lead. Returning back to Wrigley to win just one of two games to advance to the World Series. Where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, 2003! What was that guy's name? Imagine what Steve Bartman must be thinking right now. Banished from his home town (presumably, since he's fallen off the face of the Earth), unable to attend games of his beloved team, and scorned by millions. That is the life of The Bartman. We've seen various writers call for a big "forgiveness" party if the Cubs advance to The Fall Classic. We disagree. Theo Epstein and the Cubs organization...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

POLL: Most Readers Want 'Out-Of-The-Box' GM Choice

Continued voting shows that FenwayNation readers reject all five prominent choices for new Red Sox GM. As the chart shows, almost half of respondents (49%) want someone else other than the most-often mentioned candidates. While we made the suggestions of Jason Varitek or John Farrell for that "other" category, there's no way for us to know any other suggestions (except through the poll's 'comments' section). Among the known contenders, current Assistant GM Brian O'Halloran leads with 26%, followed by VP of Amateur Scouting Amiel Sawdaye (15%), Sr. VP of Baseball Operations Frank Wren (5%),...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Reserve That Jersey Number Ten For Edwin Encarnación

From all accounts, Red Sox honcho Dave Dombrowski will have around $30-$40 million of John Henry's spare change to spend this Winter. Of course, Henry might decide to spend some of that on fake injury training for his foreign soccer team. Even so, let's say 'DD' has 'only' $30 million—we all know where's he going to spend most of it, right? The vast hole in the lineup created by the departure of 40-year old David Ortiz needs to be filled. The most logical candidate is soon-to-be 34-year old Edwin Encarnación. He's clearly sent signals that he wants to be here—and he worships Pap....
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Red Sox 2011 'Choke-Pocalypse' Impacts 2016 Playoffs

()As CBSSports.com's Mike Axisa rightly points out, the fallout from the epic 2011 Red Sox collapse directly led to a bevy of moves that impacted the MLB playoff picture five years later. OK, take a deep breath and try to remember that Robert Andino walk-off hit that (along the the Rays walk-off over the Empire) eliminated The Carmine Hose from the playoffs in Game 162. Amazingly, with just 29 games left to play, Boston had enjoyed a nine game bulge in the Wild Card race. Pure and simple, they blew it. The meltdown resulted in the departure of Theo Epstein, Terry Francona, and Adrian...
Over the Monster Oct 21, 2016

Celebrating David Ortiz' greatest moments: "Alright, how we gonna take these motherf***ers down today?"

David Ortiz made his name against the Yankees, and changed the entire city of Boston in the process. It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. -Bart Giamatti, The Green Fields of Memory I'm gonna try to hit the ball over that white fence, all the way to the motherf***ing choo-choo train. -David Ortiz It may surprise you to learn that Boston has traditionally been associated with a bit of an inferiority complex. The reasons are numerous and complex, but they basically boil down to that substantial metropolis four hours down I-95. Who knew that surrendering to the British for...
Fenway Nation Oct 21, 2016

Iconic Kenmore CITGO Sign May Still Be Removed

Well, a story we reported on last July is back in the news. Boston University appears to be moving ahead with plans to sell the building upon which the iconic Kenmore Square CITGO sign sits. As we said last Summer, we have no love for the socialist thugs who run the state-owned CTIGO oil company in Venezuela. Every decent person should boycott their stations and their products. But the sign is a decades old symbol of Boston, Fenway Park and the Red Sox. It needs to be saved. Click HERE to add you name to a petition (now almost 6,000 strong) to save the sign .
Over the Monster Oct 21, 2016

What the Red Sox’ payroll means for their free agent targets

I mean, yeah, Encarnacion is probably coming to Boston. We’re in that awkward time period that no team wants to face but almost all do year-in and year-out. The Red Sox’ season is over, but the offseason has not yet begun. As the last three teams in the race duke it out, we are left to wait, dreaming of the team that might get us to that point in 2017. While their success or failure in that regard comes down to what happens on the field, the four months that we face now are about anything but. Baseball is a business, as they (correctly) say, and that’s never more apparent than during...
Over the Monster Oct 21, 2016

Daily Red Sox Links: Steven Wright, Mauricio Dubon, Terry Francona

Today’s links look at the Red Sox’s influence on front offices around the league, some questions the Red Sox need to answer, and an update on the Arizona Fall League Mike Hazen leaving Boston for Arizona just provided even more former Red Sox influence around the majors. (Evan Drellich; Boston Herald) After missing the end of the season, what can the Red Sox expect from Steven Wright in 2017? (Matt Collins; BP Boston) Chad Finn looks at some lingering questions as the Red Sox prepare for the offseason. (Chad Finn; Boston.com) This is my formal invitation for you to join me on the...