12:54 AM EDT, Wed July 29, 2015
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Over the Monster 2 hours ago

Red Sox 4, White Sox 9: This terrible season writ small

A gentle reminder from the Red Sox: it can and will always get worse I will tell you the story of this terrible game and, indeed, of this terrible season with just two innings. First, the first. Wade Miley takes the mound minutes after the team honored the greatest pitcher who ever lived, and one day after Joe Kelly produced one of the worst first-inning performances this team has seen in memory. And, of course, he took after Kelly, putting a damper on the celebrations for Pedro Martinez. I say of course not because Wade Miley is quite as bad as all that. It has been a season of two steps...
Fenway Nation 7 hours ago

REPORT: Papelbon Headed To Nationals?

According to Washington Post reporter Barry Svrluga, former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon may be headed from one of the league's worst teams (the Phillies) to one of the best (the Nationals). While even Svrluga states that the deal could "implode" for various reasons, he says it's "very unlikely it doesn't go through". Stay tuned!
Fenway Nation 8 hours ago
Sox Move Clay to 60-Day Dl, Acquire LH Reliever

Sox Move Clay to 60-Day Dl, Acquire LH Reliever

The Red Sox made two related moves today—moving Clay Buchholz to the 60-day disabled list and acquiring "lefty specialist" Jean Machi for the struggling bullpen. As we predicted a while ago, this DL move effectively ends the season for Buchholz—who now wouldn't return (at the earliest) until mid-September. Machi is a left-handed reliever with pedestrian overall numbers (5.14 in 35 2015 innings), but he has held lefties to a .120 average.

Jean Machi claimed off waivers by Red Sox

The Giants were hoping everyone would ignore Jean Machi. They didn't count on the team with absolutely nothing to lose. Jean Machi was having the Boston Red Sox of seasons -- hurt, disappointing, awful -- and now he's found a home with them. The Red Sox claimed Machi off waivers after the Giants designated him for assignment last week. The Jean Machi Era is officially over. Hold on! There's more to it than farts! For two years, Machi was striking out three or four batters for every one that he walked. In his first full season with the Giants, he allowed just two homers. Last year, he...
Over the Monster 9 hours ago

Red Sox vs. White Sox lineups: Rusney Castillo sits out

Rusney Castillo is on the bench Tuesday night, which is probably not the best use of him at the moment. But with the trade deadline right around the corner, it's not a problem that should last for very long. Rusney Castillo is out of the lineup Tuesday night against the White Sox--a decision which has led to no small amount of heat for John Farrell. CHICAGO WHITE SOX BOSTON RED SOX Adam Eaton - CF Mookie Betts - CF Tyler Saladino - 3B Alejandro De Aza - RF Jose Abreu - 1B Xander Bogaerts - SS Melky Cabrera - LF David Ortiz - DH Avisail Garcia - RF Hanley Ramirez -...
Fenway Nation 9 hours ago

Don't Forget Shane Victorino's Big 2013 RBIs

Victorino Breaks Down At Farewell Press ConferenceBack in 2004, Red Sox fans heaped tons of praise—deservedly so—on Derek Lowe for winning each of the three clinching post-season games on the road to glory. As we say 'goodbye' to Shane Victorino, we should be mindful of a similar feat The Flyin' Hawaiian performed in 2013. Victorino knocked in the winning run in each of the three clinching post-season series games in that magical year. That's pretty special. And something we should never forget. And don't underestimate the positive power of his optimistic walk-up song Bob Marley's 'Gonna...
Over the Monster 15 hours ago

I'm sorry for ruining Shane Victorino's career

I didn't mean to, really. Shane Victorino's disastrous 2014 and 2015 are my fault. Probably. Really, it depends on just how superstitious you are. Generally, I'm not one to let superstition run any aspect of my life, but then there are times where I've been forced to recognize an awesome and terrible power I hold: If I purchase a player's shirt, that player is then doomed. You might think I'm exaggerating, but longtime readers will remember that there is something to this. Oh, it didn't used to be this way -- in my teenage and college years, the player shirts I purchased belonged to young...
Over the Monster 16 hours ago

Red Sox trade targets: Craig Kimbrel

The Red Sox need relievers. The best reliever of the last five years is available. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at different trade targets for the Red Sox. When you’re following a team that is playing this poorly, trades are really the only thing you can look forward to. I had identified Jonathan Papelbon and Will Smith as possible newcomers. Can you sense a theme? Clearly, I’m worried about the bullpen moving forward. I will admit that Papelbon looked a lot better a few weeks back when it appeared the Red Sox could compete this year. Smith, meanwhile, fits the...
Fenway Nation 23 hours ago
Sox Trade Victorino To Halos For IF Rutledge

Sox Trade Victorino To Halos For IF Rutledge

Just before Monday night's game, the Red Sox traded away a vital piece of their 2013 World Series Championship team—Shane Victorino. Boston sent The 'Flyin' Hawaiian' to the Angels—along with $3.8 million—in exchange for infielder Josh Rutledge. The 26-year old Rutledge is known for both his offensive and defensive prowess in the infield—an area where injuries have recently hurt the Red Sox. Victorino broke down a cried at the press conference announcing his departure and said the following, "It's very emotional, for more reasons than one. I set out, and as I said from day one, I...
Fenway Nation Jul 28, 2015
Sloppy Duel Of Hosiery Ends In Pale Hose Win

Sloppy Duel Of Hosiery Ends In Pale Hose Win

Before Tonight's Game At Fenway (FenwayNation Photo)Sitting through tonight's game at Fenway Park was like watching two 'punchy' boxers flail at each other for 12 rounds—with one boxer not fainting at the end. After exchanging leads back and forth all night, The Pale Hose of Chicago topped The Carmine Hose of Boston, 10-8. After Joe Kelly coughed up four first inning runs to put Boston in an immediate hole, the Red Sox stormed back to tie it at four apiece—partly on a mammoth 2-run HR by David Ortiz. Then it was a see-saw battle of ineptitude until Chicago emerged on top. Mookie Betts did...
Over the Monster Jul 27, 2015

Red Sox 8, White Sox 10: Red Sox lose worst game ever played, pretty much

It may not have actually been the worst. But it felt like it. The Red Sox commemorated the hundredth game of a horribly played season by losing a horribly played game Monday night, 10-7 to the Chicago White Sox. There are times when this team--and other bad Red Sox teams of seasons past--have made an art of losing. They manage the ebbs and flows of a train wreck the way Picasso might wield a brush. Consider, for instance, their 13-10 loss to Toronto back in June. The one where they got ahead 8-1 and still found themselves down five runs by the end of the seventh. Masterful! Tonight was not...
Over the Monster Jul 27, 2015

Red Sox trade Shane Victorino to Angels for Josh Rutledge

Shane Victorino's time in Boston is done, as the Red Sox pulled the trigger on a trade sending the veteran outfielder to the Angels. The Red Sox have traded Shane Victorino to the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for infielder Josh Rutledge. The Red Sox will also be sending $3.8 million of the $4.9 million still owed to Victorino along in the deal. Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports had the news first. It's about what you'd expect from such a deal. Josh Rutledge isn't much to look at. While he's got a seemingly respectable .269/.323/.405 batting line in parts of three major league seasons, he produced...
Over the Monster Jul 27, 2015

Red Sox vs. White Sox lineups: Shane Victorino bats second

Also Joe Kelly is still starting and oh God why? With Brock Holt out of the lineup, Shane Victorino will find himself batting awfully high Monday night as the Red Sox send Joe Kelly to the mound against the White Sox. CHICAGO WHITE SOX BOSTON RED SOX Adam Eaton - DH Mookie Betts - CF Tyler Saladino - 3B Shane Victorino - RF Melky Cabrera - LF Xander Bogaerts - SS Jose Abreu - 1B David Ortiz - DH Avisail Garcia - RF Hanley Ramirez - LF J.B. Shuck - CF Mike Napoli - 1B Alexei Ramirez - SS Pablo Sandoval - 3B Tyler Flowers - C Ryan Hanigan - C Carlos Sanchez -...
Fenway Nation Jul 27, 2015
US Olympic Committee Pulls Boston's 2024 Bid

US Olympic Committee Pulls Boston's 2024 Bid

The US Olympic Committee today pulled their support for Boston's bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Millions of commuters in the Greater Boston area gave out a collective sigh of relief—as now we'll only need to contend with normal gridlock. The bid never really got traction from the public—which was apparently part of the reason that the bid was pulled.
Fenway Nation Jul 27, 2015

MLB Network Has Wall-To-Wall Trade Coverage

Can't get quite enough of a trade deadline fix from FenwayNation? You're in luck! MLB Network has announced a ridiculous (in the best sense of the word) fifty-four hours of live trade deadline coverage this week. The coverage will include an on-screen "Social Media Ticker" that will follow #TradeDeadline on TWITTER.  The network will also feature live updates from the likes of Hall of Fame baseball writer Peter Gammons. So, tune in, turn on—but don't drop out.
AL Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals rise to elite level by adding Johnny Cueto

AL Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals rise to elite level by adding Johnny Cueto

The Royals add an ace, and the rest of the American League has to decide to buy and chase, or sell and think about 2016.
Over the Monster Jul 27, 2015

Let's guess what the big Red Sox trade of 2015 will be

There are five days left before the 2015 trade deadline passes, so let's figure out what the Red Sox might do in that time. No one knows what the Red Sox are actually going to do at the trade deadline. The Red Sox don't even know! That's not a judgment of them, so much as a reminder that, while they may have a plan or certain players in mind, if they knew for sure they could get them, they probably already would have. The trade deadline is kind of funny like that, with a whole bunch of teams waiting until the last minutes to make moves, so for now, all we can do is guess. With some help...
Fenway Nation Jul 27, 2015
Pirates May Be Interested In Napoli And Victorino

Pirates May Be Interested In Napoli And Victorino

(AP Photo)If Bill West of the Pittsburgh Tribune is to be believed, the Pirates are interested in trading for two of Boston expendable veterans—first-baseman Mike Napoli and outfielder Shane Victorino. Even if Ben Cherington gets only one or two decent prospects in return, he should clearly make this deal. Napoli would give the Bucs a major defensive upgrade over incumbent 1B Pedro Alvarez—and offer the potential at least of revived offensive performance. Victorino can fill-in or start at all three OF positions for the contending Pirates—currently in the top NL Wild Card spot. Stay...
Fenway Nation Jul 27, 2015

Sox Should Make Two 'Lesser' Deals For Starters

Carrasco (L); Quintana (R)As the trading deadline looms just four days away, there is renewed talk that the Red Sox are still one of the teams in on Cole Hamels. With Johnny Cueto snatched up by Kansas City, the asking price in prospects has probably jumped on Hamels—not to mention his recent no-hitter. So, in our view, Ben Cherington should not deal away any of the youthful core for a gut who will be 32 next opening Day—even one as good as Hamels. Instead, we would suggest two "lesser" deals that would net two much younger starters—26-year old José Quintana of the White Sox and...
Fenway Nation Jul 27, 2015

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