9:31 PM EDT, Tue August 23, 2016
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Fenway Nation 4 hours ago

Jackie Bradley, Jr. Is Back In The Red Sox Lineup

Here is tonight's Red Sox lineup in the second of four games with the Tampa Bay Rays: Dustin Pedroia 2B; Xander Bogaerts SS; David Ortiz DH; Mookie Betts RF; Hanley Ramirez 1B; Jackie Bradley Jr. CF; Sandy Leon C; Travis Shaw 3B; Andrew Benintendi LF. On the mound for The Carmine Hose is Clay Buchholz.
Over the Monster 5 hours ago

Red Sox vs. Rays lineups: Bradley back behind Buchholz

Jackie Bradley Jr. is back in the lineup Tuesday night, giving the Red Sox their full lineup as they face off against the Rays again. Jackie Bradley Jr. is back in the lineup Tuesday night as the Red Sox try to get a rare win out of a Clay Buchholz start. Lineup Boston Red Sox Tampa Bay Rays Dustin Pedroia, 2B Logan Forsythe, 2B Xander Bogaerts, SS Kevin Kiermaier, CF David Ortiz, DH Evan Longoria, 3B Mookie Betts, RF Brad Miller, 1B Hanley Ramirez, 1B Tim Beckham, SS Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Logan Morrison, DH Sandy Leon, C Steven Souza Jr., RF Travis Shaw,...
Fenway Nation 6 hours ago

Red Sox Distantly Trail Patriots As Fans' Favorite Team

The new Channel Media and Market Research Poll of 14,600 local fans has some disturbing findings for The Carmine Hose. Although it shouldn't be surprising that the New England Patriots are tabbed as the area's "favorite" team, the gap between the Pats and Sox is cavernous (49% to 26%—a 23-point spread). While this is pretty distressing for baseball fans, it should be noted that the Bruins and Celtics split the remaining 25% of the "fan pie". So, it could be a lot worse for the local hardball nine. Still, it's a sign that Major League Baseball needs to do way more to broaden the appeal of...
Fenway Nation 6 hours ago

Josh Rutledge Has Season-Ending Knee Surgery

You probably forgot all about him. Red Sox utility infielder Josh Rutledge came to Boston during last year's trade deadline in a deal for Shane Victorino. It was hoped he could turn into a mini-Brock Holt. When he was healthy, he certainly did OK (.265 in 28 games this year), and even got some big hits. Then on June 17th, he was placed on the DL with left knee patellar tendinitis. Now, more than two months later, he's having season-ending surgery to correct the problem. What the heck took Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard so long to take this action? Your guess is as good as ours.
Fenway Nation 7 hours ago

Sox To Open World Series At Fenway On October 25th

Good news, Sox fans! Your Carmine Hose—assuming everything goes as planned—will host the opening game of the 2016 World Series right here at Fenway Park on Tuesday, October 25th. In classic MLB fashion, a potential Game Seven of The Fall Classic would also be at Fenway on Wednesday, November 2nd—no doubt after 17 inches of snow have fallen at Logan Airport. The idea that consequential baseball could be played a mere 22 days before Thanksgiving is a disgrace. MLB needs to re-tool their regular season back to 154 games, start the season earlier and end the season in October—the way God...
Over the Monster 8 hours ago

A crucial turn coming for the Red Sox rotation

The Red Sox are one good week away from having five quality starting pitchers. Clay Buchholz is set to start for the Red Sox tonight against Chris Archer and the Tampa Bay Rays. This news is not quite as awful as it has been in months past thanks to Buchholz finally putting up a truly strong performance in his last outing against the Tigers, but it is still not ideal. In a perfect world, the Red Sox' rotation is Pomeranz - Porcello - Price - Rodriguez - Wright (alphabetical to avoid pointless debate) -- a five-man unit that would finally seem to be pitching to its potential with Price and...
Fenway Nation 8 hours ago

POLL: Majority Think Benintendi And Betts Catches Equal

Early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll shows that a majority of readers (56%) think last night's Andrew Benintendi catch and last year's Mookie Betts catch were "equally good". As the chart shows, among those choosing one catch or the other, Benintendi's wins by an almost two-to-one margin (29% to 15%). Clearly, both catches were spectacular displays of athleticism—with similar leaping and balance skills coming into play as well. Hopefully we can look forward to many more years of great defensive play from the "Three Killer B's" OF of Benintendi, Betts and Jackie Bradley, Jr. You can...
Fenway Nation 11 hours ago

Clueless John Henry Looking To Panda For 2017

(Reuters Photo)One of the most astounding quotes to emerge from the recent Boston Herald interview with Red Sox principal owner John Henry has to do with Pablo Sandoval. When reflecting on the 'Papi-Free' 2017 Red Sox, Henry actually said this, "With Papi leaving we absolutely need Pablo to return to the form we’ve seen in the past." Come again? Are you speaking of that Panda person? The one who comes into Spring Training grossly obese? The one who woefully underperformed for The Carmine Hose? The one who has a crappy regular-season resume that belies his post-season heroics? That Pablo? We...
Fenway Nation 12 hours ago

David Price And 'Bandit-Tendi' Pace Boston In 6-2 Win

'The Catch' ()David Price pitched like an ace on Monday night. Without an overpowering fastball, he used all of his other pitches to keep Rays hitter off-balance in eight brilliant innings of one-hit ball in the 6-2 win. His effort was help by a stupendous HR-robbing catch by rookie Andrew Benintendi in left-field. Leaping over the wall to save two runs "Bandit-Tendi" kept his balance and made the out. Boston's offense was paced by Xander Bogaerts (2-4, 2 RBIs HR), Hanley Ramirez and Sandy 'Babe' Leon. But it was 'The Catch' that had everyone talking. The win pulled the Red Sox into a...
Over the Monster 12 hours ago

Looking at the positives in John Farrell’s seasons

There’s a lot of negative coverage around John Farrell these days, much of it deserved. It’s worth looking at the good things he’s done too, though. I don’t really like talking about managers a lot, because if we’re being honest I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Sure, I have my own opinions on individual tactical decisions. There’s so much more to being a manager, though. Specifically, their ability to keep the peace in the clubhouse and foster a strong working environment is a huge part of the job. Without being in said clubhouse on a regular basis, it’s really...
Over the Monster 13 hours ago

Red Sox minor lines: Jason Groome debuts

Pawtucket W 2-1 Marco Hernandez: 3-4, HRChristian Vazquez: 0-4, K Brian Johnson: 5.1 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 5 KJoe Kelly: 2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K One does kind of wonder if maybe Brian Johnson would have given the Red Sox a better outing than Henry Owens. OK, so one doesn't really wonder given how bad Owens' outing was, but either way, I guess I can see how they would prefer throwing Owens into the fire than Johnson, given that the latter missed time for anxiety issues so recently. Of note: for all that Owens has struggled this year and looked completely untenable in the...
Over the Monster 14 hours ago

Daily Red Sox Links: Travis Shaw, Jason Groome, Koji Uehara

Today’s links look at the team’s trouble developing starting pitchers, Clay Buchholz’s strong stretch recently, and John Henry’s thoughts on Pablo Sandoval. Henry Owens had a rough outing on Sunday, and was yet another reminder of how much trouble this team has had developing starters. (Michael Silverman; Boston Herald) Hopefully, Jason Groome can stop that trend. He looked good in his professional debut on Monday. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe) Nick Canelas provides us with some perspective on Travis Shaw’s recent struggles. (Nick Canelas; BP Boston) Clay Buchholz has looked...
Over the Monster 22 hours ago

Red Sox 6, Rays 2: Benintendi helps Price lift the Sox back into first

With Andrew Benintendi coming up with one of the best catches of the season, David Price turned in an eight-inning gem to lead the Red Sox into a tie for first place. Aided by a spectacular catch from Andrew Benintendi, David Price threw eight shutout innings to lead the Red Sox to a series opening win over the Rays and into a tie atop the American League East. Price's season has had its share of low points, but two of them have certainly come against his former team. A 3.2-inning, 8-run disaster back in April, and six unimpressive innings in late June when the Red Sox were desperate to...
Fenway Nation Aug 22, 2016

Jackie Bradley, Jr. Out Of Tonight's Red Sox Line-Up

Here is tonight's 'JBJ-Free' lineup in Tampa tonight: Dustin Pedroia 2B; Xander Bogaerts SS; David Ortiz DH; Mookie Betts RF; Hanley Ramirez 1B; Sandy Leon C; Chris Young LF; Aaron Hill 3B; Andrew Benintendi CF. On the hill tonight for The Carmine Hose is David Price.
Fenway Nation Aug 22, 2016

POLL: Majority Want Encarnacion To Replace Papi At DH

Very early voting in our latest FenwayNation Poll suggests that most readers (55%) prefer that Edwin Encarnacion take over for David Ortiz next year at DH for the Red Sox. As the chart shows, Encarnacion's teammate Jose Bautista is the second choice (17%), while "somebody" not on the list of five reported Boston targets comes in third (14%). Former Red Sox first-baseman Mike Napoli fibishes fourth in the running (10%), with current Oriole slugger Mark Trumbo next at 5%. At this stage, no one has yet voted for Carlos Beltran. It's unclear if the signing of free-agent Encarnacion will be...
Over the Monster Aug 22, 2016

Red Sox vs. Rays lineups: Chris Young returns

Chris Young is back in action as the Sox open up a four-game set against the Rays. The Red Sox will send David Price to the mound Monday night against the Tampa Bay Rays, hoping he'll be as good as he was the last time he faced his old team. Lineup BOSTON RED SOX TAMPA BAY RAYS Dustin Pedroia, 2B Logan Forsythe, 2B Xander Bogaerts, SS Kevin Kiermaier, CF David Ortiz, DH Evan Longoria, 3B Mookie Betts, RF Brad Miller, 1B Hanley Ramirez, 1B Matt Duffy, SS Sandy Leon, C Tim Beckham, DH Chris Young, LF Steven Souza Jr., RF Aaron Hill, 3B Mikie Mahtook, LF Andrew...
Fenway Nation Aug 22, 2016

Chris Young Activated From DL, Henry Owens Back To AAA

The Red Sox activated OF Chris Young from the disabled list today. Also, Henry Owens (who was shelled yesterday in Detroit, was sent back down to AAA Pawtucket. With the rapid advancement of current left-fielder Andrew Benintendi (.322 BA), it's unclear how much playing time Young will get. It doesn't seem as if the previous plan (platooning Young and Benintendi) makes any sense. Stay tuned.
Over the Monster Aug 22, 2016

Red Sox activate Chris Young from disabled list

The Red Sox finally have their lefty-mashing outfielder back Chris Young is finally back with the Boston Red Sox after a lengthy stint on the disabled list. Young suffered a hamstring injury way back in the late days of June while rounding first base in a game against the White Sox. It was remarkably bad timing, too, as Young had already been pushed into the starting role due to injuries to Blake Swihart and Brock Holt. To his credit, initially brought in as a lefty-mashing platoon bat, Young had done quite well in his limited time as a starter. An unreal tear against pitchers both lefty...
Fenway Nation Aug 22, 2016

Dalbec "Spinning" Promising Start To Red Sox Career

(Photo By Milb.com)The Red Sox drafted him in the fourth round out of Arizona this year. The brainiacs in the team's scouting division thought the kid had tremendous upside if he could cut down on his strikeouts. Assigned to the Single A Lowell Spinners, third-base prospect Bobby Dalbec has not disappointed. In 22 games so far for Lowell, he's hitting .373 with an OPS of 1.090. He's clouted 5 HRs and knocked in 22. With all of the talk about a potential long-term void at 3B, it's reassuring that there are options like Dalbec in the pipeline (along with Rafael Devers, Michael Chavis and Yoan...

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