11:41 AM EST, Sun March 01, 2015
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NoNoHitters.com 1 hour ago

Varitek, catcher of 4 no-nos, announces retirement 3 years ago today

Three years ago today, on March 1, 2012, Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek announced his retirement. Varitek is the only major league catcher behind the plate for four no-hitters. Here they are: 1 Hideo Nomo   Boston Red Sox (AL)   Wednesday, April 4, 2001Boston Red Sox 3, Baltimore Orioles 0Oriole Park at Camden …
Fenway Nation 22 hours ago

NU's Carlos Pena On 'Effective Velocity'

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Fenway Nation Feb 28, 2015

Red Sox Great Frank Malzone Turns 85 Today

Growing up a Red Sox fan in the late1950s and early 1960s, there weren't many guys to root for. There were the obvious ones—Ted Williams and Jackie Jensen. But there was also a rock-solid third baseman named Frank Malzone. Frank turns 85 years old today. Malzone played in more than 150 games for seven straight years. In 1958, he led the league in games played and at-bats. Frank was an offensive and defensive star for The Carmine Hose. In 1962 he had his best season, hitting .283 with 21 HRs and 95 RBIs. He also won three straight Gold Gloves (1957, 1958 and 1959). Happy Birthday,...
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015

'Pace Of Play' Or 'Pace Of Pay'?

by Mark Lawrence, International EditorWhen David Ortiz talks – or rants, as some reporters assert – I sit up straight and pay attention.  The most recent burr under Papi’s blanket has to do with this wacky Pace of Play initiative and, sportsfans – upon consideration - I believe he has a legitimate gripe.   My geographic remove oftentimes leaves me out of touch with the minutiae of MLB Policy, but Pace of Play confuses me a tad.  Why does the game really need to be sped up? I mean, what’s the point?  A trawl through the interwebs shows some interesting stats regarding average...
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015

Farrell: 'Merit' Will Determine Rotation Order

While past performance and reputation will play a part, it looks as if merit will be the driving force in deciding the order of the Red Sox starting rotation. As it should be. Given the relative equality of the five candidates, whoever steps up in Spring Training should get the Opening Day start. When asked about this issues, manager John Farrell stated, "Merit is one. You factor in what’s taken place either the year or years before." Frankly whether it's Clay Buchholz, Rick Porcello, Wade Miley, Joe Kelly or Justin Masterson doesn't really matter—getting a number one does.
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015
Buchholz Will Face Northeastern Huskies Tuesday

Buchholz Will Face Northeastern Huskies Tuesday

(Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)While an Opening Day starter has not yet been named, Clay Buchholz will toe the rubber in the first Red Sox contest of 2015—a Tuesday matinee against Northeastern University. He will likely only hurl one inning—or until he gets knocked out of the game by the Hardball Huskies. Fittingly, Buchholz made the final start of the 2014 season—and will forever be the answer to the Trivia Question: 'Who pitched to Derek Jeter in his last at-bat?'. This may be more of a psychological morale-booster for the 30-year-old righty, who could become the elusive number one...
Over the Monster Feb 27, 2015

Clay Buchholz worked with Roger Clemens this winter

That doesn't guarantee Buchholz will be back in his best form, but the signs have been good ones. Clay Buchholz didn't get to undergo his usual throwing program before the 2014 season, and it showed. Instead, he was resting his shoulder, which had cost him significant time in the Red Sox 2013 World Series winning campaign, and this combined with the lingering injury itself made the first two months of 2014 a disaster for Buchholz. After a winter of working out with former teammate John Lackey, Red Sox legend Roger Clemens, and fellow Texan Brandon Workman at the University of Texas,...
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015

Sox Have 6th Largest International Signing Pool

According to the authoritative Baseball America, the Red Sox have the sixth-highest international bonus pool—coming in at $3,681,000. The rankings are determined by reverse order of winning percentage from the previous year. However, Boston will be unable to sign any pool-eligible players for more than $300,000 through the 2015-16 signing window. This is the result of a penalty for going more than 15% over their current pool number (2014-15)—mostly due to their mega-signings of Cubans Rusney Castillo and Yoan Moncada.
Fenway Nation Feb 27, 2015

Moncada On Preferred Position: 'My Baby Is 2B'

(FanGraphs.com)Newly-acquired 19-year old phenom Yoan Moncada knows where he'd like to play—second base. When asked recently for a positional preference he stated unequivocally, "My baby is second base." Unfortunately for Moncada, that infant is currently under the paternal guardianship of one Dustin Pedroia—through the 2021 season. Fear not. Chances are Moncada will fill-out his 6'1", 220-pound frame even further in the next couple of years—and thus be more attuned to first/third base or left/right field. Trust us, for $63 million dollars, this kid won't be riding the pine in Portland...
Over the Monster Feb 27, 2015

2015 Red Sox top prospect voting #18: The great Knuckleball hope

There's always hope in the knuckleball stand. There's no single set of rules determining who is and is not a "prospect." Some places stick to strict rookie limits, allowing for players signed to major league contracts out of foreign professional leagues (Daisuke Matsuzaka and Masahiro Tanaka, for instance) to stand out like sore thumbs at the top of the charts. Others focus on age, or where the player is expected to start the season. I won't lie, our definition at Over The Monster has always been vague at best, and taken on a case-by-case basis. Rusney Castillo is not, and in some small...
Over the Monster Feb 27, 2015

Red Sox have 6th-highest international budget for 2015-2016

This is going to require some explanation, however. The budgets for the 2015-2016 international signing period, beginning this July 2, were released by MLB, and the Red Sox have the sixth-most to spend at $3,681,000. This is roughly twice as much as they were allotted a year ago, but Boston is going to be able to get far less for their money this time around, thanks to their 2014-2015 international signings. The Red Sox went over their $1.88 million budget for the current signing period hours in -- on July 2, 2014, they agreed to terms with teenage pitchers Anderson Espinoza and Chris...
Over the Monster Feb 27, 2015

Hanley Ramirez more likely to change positions than Pablo Sandoval

Although seemingly everyone assumes Pablo Sandoval will move off third in the next few years, the other new member of the lineup is more likely to change positions. It’s bigger than Sweet Caroline, Dirty Water and Fenway Franks all put together. For Red Sox fans, there is no greater tradition than finding that elusive long-term first baseman. With Mike Napoli’s contract coming to an end at the season and David Ortiz’s career unfortunately coming close to its finish, there is at least one and possibly two spots in the lineup opening up very soon. This is becoming even more of a talking...
Over the Monster Feb 27, 2015

Daily Red Sox Links: Rusney Castillo, Clay Buchholz, Shane Victorino

Today's links look at the top-20 prospects in Boston's system, the players' feelings on the pace of play rules, and two possible key members of the rotation. Should we just assume Rusney Castillo is the starting center fielder on Opening Day? (John Tomase; WEEI.com) Clay Buchholz is feeling good heading into what will be a very important season for him. (Gordon Edes; ESPN Boston) John Farrell doesn't anticipate any problems from Ortiz with respect to the pace of play rules, which also have another critic in Dustin Pedroia. (Jen McCaffrey; Masslive.com) Minor League Ball has released...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015

REPORT: No Sense Of 'Urgency' To Get Hamels

According to a source reporting to CSNNE.com's Sean McAdam, the Red Sox are showing "no sense of urgency" to make a trade for lefty ace Cole Hamels. While McAdams indicated that Boston is "monitoring" the trade market for Hamels, they are continuing to refuse the inclusion of either Mookie Betts or Blake Swihart in any package. GM Ben Cherington is in a good spot—since all the pressure is on Philly, particularly after Hamels made it clear he wants out of The City of Brotherly Love. As we get closer to Opening Day, the price (in prospects) for Hamles is bound to drop—even more so if the...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015

Will Papelbon Wind Up Back In The AL East?

Papelbon (Top Left)There's something appealing about the idea of facing Jonathan Papelbon lots of times in 2015. That eventuality could come about if the latest rumors pan out and he's dealt to AL East rival Toronto. After a simmering deal with the Brewers fizzled, the Blue Jays have popped up as a landing spot for the 34-year old ex-Red Sox closer. Would he go to the Great White North?: "Yes, Toronto, interests me...I know some of the guys on their coaching staff. They’re a good team...I’d be interested." Anheuser-Busch (brewers of Bud Light) couldn't be reached for comment.
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015

Victorino Likely To Return To Switch-Hitting

(AP Photo)Nothing is official yet, but all the tea leaves suggest that Shane Victorino will return to switch-hitting during the 2015 season. The Flyin' Hawaiian gave up hitting left-handed due to injury during the 2013 Championship season. His back surgery-shortened 2014 did not involve any left-handed hitting either. Today, he took a bunch of hacks from the port-side and gave the following assessment, "I felt great." Said manager John Farrell, "It's likely that he hits left-handed in games...He's going to take all the extra work that he physically can tolerate. I think until we get into...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015
Will Angels Seek Sox OFs With Hamilton Woes?

Will Angels Seek Sox OFs With Hamilton Woes?

Josh HamiltonESPN's Tim Kurkjian is speculating about whether the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (also, Orange County, California, United States of America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe) might go after a Red Sox OF in the wake of the new Josh Hamilton troubles. Apparently, Hamilton will be out for some time after information surfaced about a relapse in his struggle to recover from cocaine addiction. The former AL MVP reportedly met with MLB officials in New York City yesterday, and may be facing a lengthy suspension—or a long stay in rehab. With a boatload of outfielders on...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015

Ellsbury Has No Problems With Alex Rodriguez

Jacoby Ellsbury didn't get to play with Alex Rodriguez during his first year as a member of The Evil Empire. There was the little matter of a season-long suspension for The Fraudulent One. But, now, as Jacoby approaches a new season, he's pretty cool with The Centaur. Said Ellsbury, "For whatever reason...he was friendly with me. He'd always say, 'Hello. How you doing?' So I always appreciated that. That's my memories of Alex. Whenever I got to third base, he was always seeing how I was doing. You appreciate that as a baserunner." Well, isn't that special? We hope they have a beautiful...
Fenway Nation Feb 26, 2015

NY Post: Red Sox Have Become 'Better' Empire

While Larry Lucchino refused to have the Red Sox labeled as 'Evil Empire 2.0', there is a growing consensus that the 'Empire' part truly is in play. Even the New York Post grudgingly admits that Boston—with it's three championships in 11 years—is clearly out-doing the Steinbrenners. The Yankees have won once in the last 14 years (2009). During this active off-season, the Red Sox have spent a whopping $329 million on new acquisitions—and their 2015 salary will bust through the $200 million ceiling. And, they did not hesitate to spend $63 million on 19-year-old Cuban phenom Yoan...

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