5:37 PM EST, Sat December 16, 2017
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Halos Heaven Dec 7, 2017
Who Do We Love To Hate: Sux vs. Sox

Who Do We Love To Hate: Sux vs. Sox

In a bit of a Sophie’s Choice, the Boston Roid Sux edged out the MFY, earning 64% of the vote on the backs of their insufferable fans and cheating, racist legacy as a franchise. Not surprising, and with enough vitriol and F bombs to earn the #2 seed. In a much closer polling, the Chicago White Sox narrowly edged the AL Central race, largely due to AJ Pureshitsky taking advantage of Doug Edding’s incompetence. Winning with only 36% of the vote shows what hate we have for the AL Central is tempered and wide spread. So, if the Sux face off against the Sox, who do we love to hate?

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