12:23 AM EDT, Sun October 26, 2014
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The Detroit Tiger Weblog 54 mins ago

2014: The 2nd Inning (14-4)

Were it not for that sweep-for-the-taking, regrettable Twins series at Comerica, this is a 16-2 run… So the Detroit Tigers are now: SP Verlander SP Scherzer SP Sanchez SP Porcello SP Smyly RP Nathan RP Alburquerque RP Chamberlain RP Coke RP Miller RP Reed RP Krol C Avila C Holaday 1B Cabrera 2B Kinsler SS […]
Rob Rogacki / Bless You Boys 10 hours ago

Stress fracture will significantly lengthen Miguel Cabrera's rehab schedule

Cabrera underwent a far more invasive surgery than the Tigers expected this week. The Tigers were dealt a nasty little surprise this week when Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery on his right ankle. The surgery itself wasn't surprising — the Tigers admitted that Cabrera had bone spurs in the ankle during the regular season — but what Dr. Robert Anderson found was. In addition to the bone spurs, Cabrera also had a stress fracture in his navicular bone, which was repaired by inserting screws into Cabrera's right foot. Had the surgery only involved bone spurs, Cabrera's rehab would have...
Rob Rogacki / Bless You Boys 11 hours ago
Tigers report card: Jim Johnson was bad

Tigers report card: Jim Johnson was bad

Spoiler alert: he got an F. I was happy when the Tigers signed Jim Johnson to a minor league contract on August 6th. Less than a year removed from a 50 save season with the Baltimore Orioles, Johnson flamed out in spectacular fashion with the Oakland Athletics. He lost the closer job in seemingly record time, then flailed away in mop-up duty until the A's released him on August 1st. IP W-L ERA WHIP FIP xFIP K% BB% LOB% fWAR 13.0 1-0 6.92 1.62 4.44 5.20 22.2% 19.1% 45.8% -0.1 The Tigers were betting that they could get the 31 year old sorted out, and who could blame them? Johnson put...
Rob Rogacki / Bless You Boys 13 hours ago

Pablo Sandoval would be a creative way for Tigers to improve lineup, roster flexibility

Sandoval has played third base for the Giants, but could move around a bit if he signs with the Tigers. The most powerful memory many Tigers fans have of Pablo Sandoval is when he hit three home runs -- two off Justin Verlander -- in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series. Sandoval was named the World Series MVP that year, and he is currently playing in his third Fall Classic in the last five seasons. After the season ends, Sandoval will be a free agent for the first time in his...
Rob Rogacki / Bless You Boys 15 hours ago

Tigers should not offer Victor Martinez a four year contract

Martinez is reportedly looking for a four year deal this offseason, but the Tigers should not comply. The Detroit Tigers' pursuit of re-signing designated hitter Victor Martinez is one of the most intriguing storylines of the offseason for Tigers fans. Martinez was arguably the team's most valuable player in 2014, hitting .335/.409/.565 with a career-high 32 home runs. His .974 OPS and .411 weighted on-base average (wOBA) both led the American League, while his 166 wRC+ was second to Mike Trout's 167. Martinez was worth 4.4 WAR, his highest total since 2007, when he was the Cleveland...
Bless You Boys Oct 24, 2014

Tigers should target former Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon

Throughout the course of his career in Tampa Bay, Joe Maddon took a rag tag group of ballplayers and turned the Rays into one of the better teams in the American League over the last decade. Friday afternoon it was announced that Joe Maddon would be opting out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays to pursue an opportunity elsewhere. As has been speculated since Andrew Friedman took over as the general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in mid-October, it seems as if Joe Maddon is one step closer to rejoining his old friend out west. However, according to this tweet by Ken Rosenthal, that...
Billy Butler could be a cheaper alternative to Victor Martinez at designated hitter in 2015

Billy Butler could be a cheaper alternative to Victor Martinez at designated hitter in 2015

Plan 'B' stands for Billy Butler. It's no secret that the Tigers' biggest priority this offseason will be to re-sign Victor Martinez. In fact, that task might be written in large enough print to cover number two and three on the to-do list. Martinez has indicated that he wants to be back, and he was sure to let us know that the Tigers are aware of this fact. That said, the Tigers need a Plan B no matter how confident they are that they will be able to retain their 2014 MVP. If Martinez leaves, the Tigers could do worse than to look directly south in the standings, where the Kansas City...
Bless You Boys Oct 24, 2014
Miguel Cabrera undergoes ankle surgery

Miguel Cabrera undergoes ankle surgery

The Tigers confirmed Miguel Cabrera underwent surgery to remove bone spur and repair a stress fracture. DETROIT — The Tigers stated during the season that they were still unsure of whether first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, would need surgery to take care of a bone spur in his right ankle. As it turns out, he did indeed need the surgery. Friday morning the Tigers announced that Cabrera had successfully undergone right ankle surgery Wednesday afternoon to remove bone spurs, as well as repair a stress fracture to his navicular bone. The procedure was performed by Dr. Robert Anderson in...
Bless You Boys Oct 24, 2014

Brad Ausmus gives a rookie-level answer when asked about bullpen management

There is a lot of unwarranted criticism any manager receives. However it's not all coming from the Joe Rockhead faction that Brad Ausmus intimated in a recent interview. Brad Ausmus had an interesting rookie season as an MLB manager. He had plenty of things go wrong but he had enough talent at his disposal to win the AL Central. He experienced plenty of unexpected things and hopefully learned the ropes. A recent question he answered showed a glimpse into how Ausmus views fan criticism. Does he take it seriously? Let's see: Anthony Fenech (Detroit Free Press): What, if anything, would you...
Bless You Boys Oct 24, 2014

Tigers report card: Joba Chamberlain fought the good fight

When an oft-injured veteran reliever signs a cheap short-term contract, expectations can only be so high. For a few months it looked like the Tigers had hit a jackpot. Then the dog days of summer hit and a dose of reality set in. A manager uses a relief pitcher like a six shooter, he fires until it's empty then takes the gun and throws it at the villain.-Dan Quisenberry Joba Chamberlain came aboard with very little fanfare last winter just prior to the MLB Winter Meetings. The Detroit Tigers had been making plenty of noise throughout the early weeks off the offseason. Dave Dombrowski had...
Bless You Boys Oct 24, 2014

Tigers should exercise Alex Avila’s contract option for 2015

The Tigers should exercise the $5.4 million option on Alex Avila for 2015 and focus on improving other areas. Detroit Tigers’ catcher Alex Avila’s season came to an end when he was unable to play due to a concussion that kept him out of the third and final game of the American League Division Series against the Baltimore Orioles. It had been another rough season for Avila health-wise, particularly toward the end of the year. Avila has been hit by foul balls, bats, and even a glove tag to the jaw, leading to three concussions (possibly more) over his five year career. He says he is now...
Bless You Boys Oct 23, 2014
Tigers' Alex Avila, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler Rawlings AL Gold Glove Award finalists

Tigers' Alex Avila, Miguel Cabrera, Ian Kinsler Rawlings AL Gold Glove Award finalists

Alex Avila, Miguel Cabrera, and Ian Kinsler have all been selected as finalists for the 2014 Rawlings American League Gold Glove awards for their respective positions. Rawlings Sports announced the finalists for the 2014 Gold Glove Awards on Thursday. Among the finalists for the American League were Tigers catcher Alex Avila, first baseman Miguel Cabrera, and second baseman Ian Kinsler. No Tigers outfielders were selected as finalists for the award. The award recipients will be announced during a special award show on ESPN 2 on November 4 at 7 p.m ET. The Tigers have not had a winner since...
Bless You Boys Oct 23, 2014

Who is the Tigers' 2014 rookie of the year?

The Tigers played 20 rookies in 2014. One must be named Rookie of the Year. The Tigers are perceived as a veteran club with a big payroll, designed to make it to the postseason annually. For such a team they played a surprising number of rookies this season. One must be deemed the Tigers' rookie of the year. The rookie of the year can embody various qualities. He can simply be the rookie who contributed the most to team. We can sort all the rookies by WAR, and pick the one on top. That leaves little room for context, emotion, or entertainment. The rookie of year also embodies hope for the...
Tigers report card: Austin Jackson was missed after he was traded to the Mariners

Tigers report card: Austin Jackson was missed after he was traded to the Mariners

Would he have turned the tide of the ALDS? I doubt it, but Austin Jackson was fun to watch for the Tigers. We may look back at the best moments of the Tigers' 2014 season in due time, but the most surreal moment of the season was when Austin Jackson was lifted from a game against the Chicago White Sox in the middle of an inning on July 31st. Jackson would soon learn that he had been traded to the Seattle Mariners as part of the deal that brought David Price to Detroit. As he jogged off the field, Jackson received a well-deserved standing ovation from the Comerica Park...

Is Colby Rasmus the answer in center field for the Tigers?

And if he is, what will that answer actually be? Austin Jackson was one of the more mercurial Tigers players in recent memory. He struck out a lot -- though improved considerably during his four-plus years in Detroit -- and would go through numerous hot and cold streaks in a season. His defense waned over the past couple seasons. Now that the Tigers need a center fielder, he would probably be nice to have back. So how about a guy that does these things even more often than Jackson? Enter Colby...
Bless You Boys Oct 23, 2014

Will the Tigers tender Andy Dirks a contract?

Tigers' outfielder Andy Dirks missed the entire 2014 season due to injuries. Will the team bring him back for 2015, or cut him loose? Andy Dirks is one of the few position players on the Detroit Tigers' roster to be drafted by the team, raised on the farm, and actually contribute significantly in the major leagues over the past several seasons. Following a year that saw him miss the entire 2014 season due to injuries, his future with the club is uncertain. When the Tigers signed Rajai Davis to a two year, $10 million contract for the 2014 and 2015 seasons, they did not envision Davis being...

Tigers report card: Justin Miller didn't make an impact

The Tigers had high hopes for Justin Miller in 2014, but he did not live up to the hype. How much can one outing change a pitcher's entire season? Starting pitchers are relatively insulated by the number of innings they throw, though there are rare cases where a bad outing can significantly impact their total season numbers. Remember Rick Porcello's awful start against the Los Angeles Angels in 2013? That inflated his ERA by nearly half a run. Relief pitchers' numbers are in even more peril when an outing goes awry. Justin Miller had decent numbers in a short spell in the major leagues...

Jon Lester would be a substantial, expensive upgrade to the Tigers' rotation

The Tigers will probably lose Max Scherzer this offseason, so why not go for the next best thing? The Tigers traded for one of the best left-handed pitchers in the American League already in 2014, acquiring David Price at the non-waiver trade deadline. Hours before that deal was finalized, the Oakland Athletics struck a deal for another excellent lefty, Jon Lester. With Max Scherzer likely to depart this offseason, could the Tigers bring in Lester to maintain their ace-heavy...
Bless You Boys Oct 22, 2014

Will Tigers' payroll be limited by luxury tax in 2015?

The Detroit Tigers' payroll is expected to increase again in 2015. Will major league baseball's luxury tax limit their roster spending? It’s official name is the "competitive balance tax", but it is more commonly referred to as the "luxury tax".  That is the level, above which a major league baseball club must pay a 17.5% penalty on the amount above the threshold, if they were not above the limit in the previous season. That is the tax rate that the Detroit Tigers would have to pay on the overage, if their actual club payroll were to exceed the luxury tax threshold for the 2015 season....

Detroit Tigers 2014-15 free agent and trade targets: who could be in Detroit next season?

A breakdown of the free agents and trade targets that the Tigers pursue during the offseason. Russell Martin had a career year in 2014, and it came at just the perfect time as the free agent figures to see a major payday. Alex Avila was a solid contributor for the Tigers in 2014, compiling 2.1 WAR in 124 games, but, his injury history may lead the Tigers to look at other options behind the plate in 2015 and...

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