11:39 PM EDT, Thu April 24, 2014
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Athletics @ Astros Series Preview

Jack and Lily landed in Lihue with little in their pockets and nothing on the schedule.  No jobs lined up, no place to stay, no black-tie driver holding a placard with “Wandering College Graduates” scrawled upon it.  Just a young couple with hopes and dreams and other applicable Neil Diamond lyrics.  They figured they’d figure [...]
Lookout Landing Apr 23, 2014
Mariners drop eighth straight to Astros

Mariners drop eighth straight to Astros

Erasmo snatches his third loss of the season as the M's fall to 7-13 on Tuesday. Hi. Hi everyone. You may have heard about the Mariners. On Tuesday, the Mariners, a baseball team situated in Seattle Washington, lost their eighth straight game of baseball, falling to the Houston Astros on Tuesday night. The Astros are considered by many to be the worst team in all of baseball, but currently only have one more loss than the Mariners. It was a bad game. We've recapped a lot of baseball games over the past eight days. Each and every one of them has described a Mariner loss. I could do that...
SpikesnStars Apr 22, 2014

It’s All Porter’s Fault

Astros 7, [ugh] Mariners2 W: Keuchel L: King Felix Hernandez box score Well, the question about Porter and his managing started early in this one. He had Dominguez DH’ing and Gonzalez playing 3B. I have questioned it before and I rather did last night again. But, Porter pulled the win out of the jaws of [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 21, 2014

Astros @ Mariners Series Preview

Pigfucker My 4-year-old son told me yesterday about a great movie he watched with his (maternal) grandparents.  He couldn’t remember the movie’s title other than it was “not Frozen,” which is about all that matters in our household these days, but he remembered the ending in detail. Apparently the protagonist bell cow was on some [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 21, 2014


Happy Easter, everyone.
Athletics Nation Apr 20, 2014

Game #18: A's vs. Astros

The A's and Astros do battle on this holiday Sunday, with Oakland looking to complete the sweep — first pitch from the Coliseum is set for 1:05. Happy Holidays, Athletics Nation! For the purpose of helping you enjoy Easter Sunday, the sixth day of Passover, or whatever other holiday you might be celebrating on this 20th day of April, the A's are looking to complete their second sweep of the season against the bottom-dwelling Houston Astros, who have managed to fall 7.5 games behind Oakland in the AL West Standings just three weeks into the season. The A's are red-hot through 17 games,...
Athletics Nation Apr 19, 2014
Post-Game #17: A's walk-off, 14 hits beat Astros 4-3

Post-Game #17: A's walk-off, 14 hits beat Astros 4-3

The A's won on three ninth-inning runs, with Reddick swatting the game-winning hit. It appeared that the Athletics would end up leaving far too many men on the bases, but ninth inning heroics from Jed Lowrie, Josh Donaldson, Yoenis Cespedes, Alberto Callaspo, and Josh Reddick allowed the A's to pull off a four to three victory over the Astros at the Coliseum. Your recap will appear here shortly.
SpikesnStars Apr 19, 2014

Statistics Don’t Lie

The statistically important thing is that a male’s most productive years are at the height of his sexual drive, between the ages of 18 and 32. During those years males will do their best, most innovative work. Theory of relativity? Young male. Cubism? Young males. DNA was invented by young males.
Athletics Nation Apr 19, 2014

Game Thread #16: Oakland Athletics vs. Houston Astros (4)

Take us home! We're in the bottom of the 7th; 10-3 A's.
Athletics Nation Apr 18, 2014

Astros Series Preview: Q&A with David Coleman of The Crawfish Boxes

With the A's and Astros squaring off for three games, I asked David Coleman of The Crawfish Boxes a few questions about his favorite team. Here's what he had to say! The Oakland Athletics survived a brutal series in Anaheim against the Angels and finished their road trip with an impressive 7-2 record. Granted, that mark could have been 8-1, but it also could have been 5-4 if not for a couple of late-inning comebacks against the Halos -- so, all things considered, it's difficult not to be satisfied with the final tally. The A's enter their three-game series against the Houston Astros with...
SpikesnStars Apr 18, 2014

Unlucky 13

The Royals had all of the runs that they would need after two innings.
SpikesnStars Apr 17, 2014

Royals Spoil King George’s Coronation

What the hell is going on in Asgaard?
SpikesnStars Apr 17, 2014

Astros @ Athletics Series Preview

submitted by Mr. Happy   Astros are Coasters this Weekend! Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum I smell smoke in the auditorium Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown He’s gonna get caught Just you wait and see Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me  That’s him on his knees I know that’s him Yeah, [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 15, 2014

Royals @ Astros Series Preview

submitted by Bench   It’s wonderfully early in the season, which means we can believe that the quality pitching will continue but that the bats will somehow turn around.  It could happen, so we might as well indulge ourselves.  Sadly, “it could happen” is always the dark side of the coin that the Royals represent.  [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 14, 2014

Goose Eggs

I’m sure there must be good reasons for these moves. Must be…
SpikesnStars Apr 13, 2014

Chapman FTW!

It's unlikely, but the Astros can take the series with a win today.
SpikesnStars Apr 12, 2014

Mr. President

Anita’s a smart woman, but sometimes I think she doesn’t understand politics.
SpikesnStars Apr 11, 2014

Astros @ Rangers

(submitted by austro)   Thank You, Sir! May I Have Another? Houston Astros (4-6) @ Texas Rangers (4-5)   The Astros generally fare poorly in Arlington at Whatever-It’s-Called-Today Ballpark-or-Stadium-or-Field, and given the recent performance of their wet noodle bats, there’s not much reason for optimism this time around, either. On the other hand, they’re playing [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 11, 2014

Astros Break Out the Lumber; Pop Jays 6-4

The Astros had as many strikeouts as hits, but they were 2-4 with RISP and only left four on the sacks.

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  • 2 Matt Albers

    Matt Albers

    Astros' Albers still out with sore shoulder

  • Dexter Fowler

    Dexter Fowler

    When it comes to laying the lumber, one size doesn’t fit all

  • Scott Feldman

    Scott Feldman

    Astros 5, Mariners 2 -- eight is not so great as the losing continues

  • Jason Castro

    Jason Castro

    Castro sees importance of framing come into focus

  • Lucas Harrell

    Lucas Harrell

    Lucas Harrell clears waivers, heads to OKC

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