6:55 AM EDT, Fri April 18, 2014
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SpikesnStars 4 hours ago

Unlucky 13

The Royals had all of the runs that they would need after two innings.
SpikesnStars 16 hours ago

Royals Spoil King George’s Coronation

What the hell is going on in Asgaard?
SpikesnStars 21 hours ago

Astros @ Athletics Series Preview

submitted by Mr. Happy   Astros are Coasters this Weekend! Fe-fe, fi-fi, fo-fo, fum I smell smoke in the auditorium Charlie Brown, Charlie Brown He’s a clown, that Charlie Brown He’s gonna get caught Just you wait and see Why’s everybody always pickin’ on me  That’s him on his knees I know that’s him Yeah, [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 15, 2014

Royals @ Astros Series Preview

submitted by Bench   It’s wonderfully early in the season, which means we can believe that the quality pitching will continue but that the bats will somehow turn around.  It could happen, so we might as well indulge ourselves.  Sadly, “it could happen” is always the dark side of the coin that the Royals represent.  [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 14, 2014

Goose Eggs

I’m sure there must be good reasons for these moves. Must be…
SpikesnStars Apr 13, 2014

Chapman FTW!

It's unlikely, but the Astros can take the series with a win today.
SpikesnStars Apr 12, 2014

Mr. President

Anita’s a smart woman, but sometimes I think she doesn’t understand politics.
SpikesnStars Apr 11, 2014

Astros @ Rangers

(submitted by austro)   Thank You, Sir! May I Have Another? Houston Astros (4-6) @ Texas Rangers (4-5)   The Astros generally fare poorly in Arlington at Whatever-It’s-Called-Today Ballpark-or-Stadium-or-Field, and given the recent performance of their wet noodle bats, there’s not much reason for optimism this time around, either. On the other hand, they’re playing [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 11, 2014

Astros Break Out the Lumber; Pop Jays 6-4

The Astros had as many strikeouts as hits, but they were 2-4 with RISP and only left four on the sacks.
SpikesnStars Apr 10, 2014

Blue Jay Way Better, Kinda

Harrell took the loss but wasn't his usual awful self, not saying he was good.
SpikesnStars Apr 8, 2014

It’s All Cosart’s Fault.

Angels 9, Astros 1 W: Weaver, L: Cosart recap I know it is early in the season and Fowler (flu) and Castro (hit by many pitches) have missed some games, but from what I can tell there have been 2 line ups the same out of 7 games, Games 2 & 3. There was been [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 7, 2014


HOUSTON ASTROS (3-4) vs. TORONTO BLUE JAYS (3-4) Rogers Centre One Blue Jays Way Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1J1 America’s Hat One good thing about being a really bad team with not much hope of getting any better any time soon – when you start the season against two mid-to upper-level AL opponents and come out [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 7, 2014


This was a strange game.
SpikesnStars Apr 6, 2014

Astros Sniff .500, Are Repulsed By The Smell

Angels 5, Astros 1 WP: Skaggs (1-0) LP: Keuchel (0-1) Both lefties were stingy early on, but Keuchel was the first to flinch and flinch hard in the fifth. A leadoff double led to impressive strikeouts of Trout and Pujols, but Freese singled and Hamilton continued shrugging off hypochondria by cranking a two-run shibby, on [...]
SpikesnStars Apr 5, 2014

Disneys 11, Stars 1

“So you want me to talk to some guy named Nolan? What the hell kind of name is Nolan?”
SpikesnStars Apr 4, 2014

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim vs. Houston Astros

Please keep a loved one and a 911 speed-dial handy.
River Ave. Blues Apr 3, 2014

A win! Yankees salvage series with 4-2 win over Astros

Well, it took a little longer than we all would have liked, but the Yankees won their first game of 2014 on Thursday. They avoided what would have been a pretty embarrassing sweep with a 4-2 win over the Astros. It wasn’t the easiest win in the world, but a win is a win and […]Post from: River Ave. Blues A New York Yankees blogA win! Yankees salvage series with 4-2 win over Astros The post A win! Yankees salvage series with 4-2 win over Astros appeared first on River Avenue Blues.
SpikesnStars Apr 3, 2014

The Yankees Lose Again

So far the Dexter Fowler acquisition is looking totally brilliant.
SpikesnStars Apr 1, 2014

Yankees @ Astros Series Preview

  The talent that is quickly descending upon MMPUS is staggering.  And while I use the term “talent” loosely and “staggering” literally, the point remains: Houston has never seen anything quite like this.  Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies.  Rivers and seas boiling.  Forty years of darkness.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from [...]
River Ave. Blues Apr 1, 2014

4/1-4/3 Series Preview: Houston Astros

After more than four months of offseason and six weeks of Spring Training, meaningful baseball is back. The Yankees open the 2014 season later tonight in the same place they ended last season, at Minute Maid Park in Houston. The Astros will honor Derek Jeter with a ceremony prior to tomorrow’s game, according to Evan […]Post from: River Ave. Blues A New York Yankees blog4/1-4/3 Series Preview: Houston Astros The post 4/1-4/3 Series Preview: Houston Astros appeared first on River Avenue Blues.

Astros Player News

  • 2 Scott Feldman

    Scott Feldman

    Astros’ losing streak hits four after being swept by Royals

  • 2 Matt Dominguez

    Matt Dominguez

    Ron Washington, Rangers put the kibosh on Rios stealing third

  • 2 Kevin Chapman

    Kevin Chapman

    Astros report: Valdes finally gets his shot in bullpen

  • 2 Raul Valdes

    Raul Valdes

    Astros claim outfielder Alex Presley off waivers

  • 1 Dexter Fowler

    Dexter Fowler

    James Shields strikes out 12 as Royals sweep Astros 5-1

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