6:23 AM EST, Wed February 22, 2017
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

At home in Kansas City, Ian Kennedy feels entrenched with the Royals

He spent a childhood in Southern California and forged his baseball career in climates that ranged from subtropical to semi-arid, so perhaps you can forgive Ian Kennedy if he forgot …
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

Royals Salvador Perez gets hit by Lorenzo Cains backswing

While taking part in live pitching at spring training on Monday, Kansas City Royals Lorenzo Cain clipped catcher Salvador Perez on the helmet with his backswing. …
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

Ian Kennedy on moving his family to KC and setting goals

Kansas City Royals pitcher Ian Kennedy moved his family to Kansas City and spent the offseason seeing other teammates that have made KC their home. …
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

Amid free-agent talk, Royals’ Eric Hosmer prepared to weigh options

Eric Hosmer peered around the Royals clubhouse on Monday morning as a small pack of media encroached on the space in front of his locker. He understood the questions that …
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

Eric Hosmer says his representatives are in extension talks with Royals

Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer says his agency is in talks with team about a contract extension. …
Kansas City Star Feb 20, 2017

Salvy and Butera talk hair, and other fun moments from Royals photo day

I understand if you’re stuck in Kansas City on a dreary 65-degree day and are bummed you can’t be in Arizona watching the Royals at spring training. OK, maybe you’re …

Route efficiency and Royals outfielder Jorge Soler

One day a bunch of reporters were sitting in the pressbox watching a game when one of the Royals hit a fly ball to the other team’s right fielder. It’s …
Kansas City Star Feb 19, 2017

As extension talks continue, Eric Hosmer understands Royals’ core can’t stay together

The Royals and representatives for first baseman Eric Hosmer continue to discuss a possible long-term contract extension, according to a report from Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal, though any potential deal …
Kansas City Star Feb 19, 2017

Royals’ Mike Minor seeks to reinvent himself as reliever after shoulder issues

A balky shoulder has kept Mike Minor away from big-league competition for two seasons. He’s hoping that a new role in the Royals’ bullpen could help put his career back …
Kansas City Star Feb 19, 2017

George Brett, the sage of spring training, intrigued by 2017 Royals

George Brett has the same questions you do. He wonders about the looming free agents and the new acquisitions and how better health might help the 2017 Royals. He thinks …
Kansas City Star Feb 19, 2017

Royals pitcher Mike Minor hopes to stay healthy working out of bullpen

Kansas City Royals pitcher Mike Minor is moving to the bullpen and hopes it will help him stay healthy this year. …
Kansas City Star Feb 19, 2017

Royals legend George Brett observes and comments on this year's team

Kansas City Royals All-Star George Brett is back in spring training this year, helping out where he can, and observing and commenting on the team. …
Kansas City Star Feb 18, 2017

Royals hope to identify their leadoff hitter during spring training

The Royals will enter the regular season boasting their deepest lineup since at least the second half of the 2015 season. But the club still lacks a traditional leadoff hitter …
Kansas City Star Feb 18, 2017

Raul Hernandez says grandson Yordano Ventura 'had no fear'

Raul Hernandez, the maternal grandfather of late Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura, says his grandson was "a young guy who had no fear." …
Kansas City Star Feb 18, 2017

Royals coach recalls challenges in developing Yordano Ventura and his final days

Victor Baez, Royals Dominican Academy field coordinator, says Yordano Ventura wasn't prepared for his rapid ascent to fame but says the Royals pitcher felt he was in great shape while working out in the days before his death. Baez said the last thing Ventura told him was "see you on Monday." …

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    Experience the fun of Royals' photo day in video

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