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Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 22, 2016

NLCS Game 6 Thread: Oct. 22 @ Cubs, 5p

Clayton Kershaw vs Jake Arrieta
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 20, 2016

NLCS Game 5 Thread: Oct. 20 vs. Cubs, 5p

'Member Clayton Kershaw? Ooooh, I 'member! 'Member Rich Hill? Yeah, I 'member! Kenta Maeda vs. John Lester One day. One goddamn day. That's all the time we got to enjoy the Dodgers having the lead in this series before the Baseball Gods kicked us in our collective nether regions for having any kind of hope whatsoever. We can bark at Angel Hernandez and MLB replay headquarters all we want for that blown call at home, but a) It didn't end up mattering in the long run, and b) Things had started to unravel before that with Utley's weird barehanded catch error. Now the series is tied, with one...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 19, 2016

NLCS Game 4 Thread: Oct 19 vs Cubs, 5 pm

Uh, I'm running out of things to complain about.  Mrs. Cora and I were at the game last night and the place was going bananas.  It was fun to see the stadium rocking.  Everyone was in their seats and the concession lines were relatively empty during game play.  It is always nice to see the stadium come alive during the postseason.  On the superstition front, I have now worn the same Dodger shirt for the last 2 wins as well as the new lucky Dodger socks.  Now the question is to wash or not to wash?  The things we do for our team! While we are up 2-1 in a best of 7 series, like...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 19, 2016

Post-NLCS Game 3 Thread: The Hill's Are Alive

DODGERS 6, CUBS 0 (video recap) Not often that the Sons of Steve Garvey will reference Julie Andrews. But after Rich Hill's last outing, a 2.2 IP showing in NLDS Game 5 (which had 3 H and 1 ER against 2 BBs and 6 Ks), it was awesome to see Rich Hill in fine form last night. Hill's line: 6 IP, 2 H, 0 R, and again 2 BB and 6 Ks. "Filthy Rich", is what mlb.com called him. Indeed, it was a great outing for Hill, who got out of a key jam in the second (Cubs had one out and two RISP; more on this in a second) for arguably his best start as a Dodger. Here's a couple of videos recapping...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 18, 2016

NLCS Game 3 Thread: Oct 18 vs Cubs, 5 pm

Superstitious? Us?  No.  Is that why I am doing the game thread again today?  Is that why this game thread is scheduled for the same time as the last one?  Is that also why I will continue to question Roberts again?  Send Hill out again with that nagging blister?  Keep Kike on the roster instead of Culberson?  Use Kenley again for 2 innings?  Sorry I'm being a Debbie Downer, but if it ain't broke.... Go Blue!
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 15, 2016

NLCS Game 1 Thread: Oct 15 @ Cubs, 5p

Thanks to loyal SoSG reader Orlando Zepeda for the good-luck charm!Kenta Maeda vs Jon Lester. —Bill ShaikinIt's official...the masses do not have faith. BUT they do not know the power of The Cliff Beefpile Rally Thong™. The rally thong was solely responsible for the Dodgers' stirring comeback against the Nationals in the NLDS and it knows its work isn't done. Now it's true the Dodgers are struggling against lefties, and Lester is one of the best out there. But this is also a seven-game series, and Lester is the Cubs' only lefty starter. It's also true the Cubs have great lefty relievers...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 15, 2016

Clayton, Hands Up

For the next 12 Hours, you can purchase this limited edition "Topps Now" card commemorating Clayton's NLDS Clinching Save.But wait, there's more!They apparently released a Topps Now Card for every single Game 5 play. Not that I'm complaining.Including multiple signed versions of Clayton striking a pose.Here's to you, Mister Kershaw! Hands Up, Baby!
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 14, 2016

Okay, Dodgers It Is.

Go ahead and try on your own.
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 14, 2016

Post-NLCS Game 5 Thread: Dodgers 4, Nationals 3; Dodgers Advance to NLCS in Thriller

DODGERS 4, NATIONALS 3 (video recap) In the longest nine-inning game in MLB postseason history, the Dodgers beat the heavily-favored Washington Nationals on the road, besting the Nats' ace with an incredible patchwork of pitchers and unconventional lineup changes. I would call this the best Dodgers playoff game I have ever watched, but the truth is, I couldn't peek between my fingers for some of the ABs because I could feel my heart beating in my throat. But here's some of the scenes I do remember (along with plenty of links representing some, but not all, of the reading I did on this in...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 14, 2016

Dave Roberts Fools Everyone

Including Andy McCullough of the LAT. Well done, Mr. Roberts. More later.
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 13, 2016

NLDS Game 5 Thread: Oct 13 @ Nationals, 5p

What's that strange thing on Chase Utley's face? Is that a...smile?Rich Hill vs Max Scherzer. Rally thong? Check. High hopes? Check. Scared to death? Check.After Game 1, the thought of a Game 5 would have been ridiculous. After Game 4, it's the high point of our season. Clayton Kershaw's gutty performance on Tuesday paved the way for Rich Hill, who has never started a game on three days' rest. Julio Urias stands in the wings, ready to step in should Hill falter. In a season (and post-season) filled with ups and downs, who knows where today's game will leave us. Riding high in September, shot...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 11, 2016

NLDS Game 4 Thread: Oct 11 vs. Nationals, 2p

somebody vs somebody else Shit, I guess I gotta do one of these threads, no? Anyhoo, after a gutty Game 1 victory, every aspect of the Dodgers' game has been laid bare: The starters are toast, the bats can't hit lefties (and barely righties) and even Kenley Jansen imploded in a non-save situation yesterday. On the other hand, the middle relief has been great. Who would have guessed that after the first half of the season? It's the last gasp, folks. Once more chance for the rally thong to work its magic. One more chance for Dodger fans to postpone crushing disappointment for another day.
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 10, 2016

Post-Game 3 NLDS Thread

"Can the Dodgers rally in G3?" No.
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 10, 2016

NLDS Game 3 Thread: Oct. 10 vs. Nationals, 1p

Kenta Maeda (16-11, 3.48) vs. Gio Gonzalez (11-11, 4.57). So with yesterday's unfortunate rainout makeup, the Dodgers come home with a 1-1 split against the Washington Nationals in the NLDS. A 1-1 split isn't all that depressing--that's what one hopes for on the road--but what was depressing was all the missed opportunities, including going 0-for-5 with the bases loaded, three separate times. Backup catcher Jose Lobaton wouldn't normally have had a game-changing three-run HR as early as the fourth inning, but with the way the Dodgers failed to convert in game 2 (1-for-8 wth RISP, 12 LOB),...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 8, 2016

NLDS Game 2 Thread: Oct. 8 @ Nats, 1p

Rich Hill (0-0, -.--) vs. Tanner Roark (0-0, -.--) How can we NOT beat this guy today? Dodgers pounced first yesterday, drawing first blood in a game that should probably have been put away when it was 4-0. Kershaw started strong but struggled, not having his best stuff by any stretch but gutting it out and getting the win despite some late-inning, butt-clenching drama. Kenley was used for 5 outs so likely isn't available today for relief work. Blisters aside, Rich Hill has been solid since coming from the A's (1.83 in six Dodger starts). I don't know who the fuck Roark is; therefore, he...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 7, 2016

NLDS Game 1 Thread: Oct. 7 @ Nats, 2:30p

Clayton Kershaw (0-0, -.--) vs. Max Scherzer (0-0, -.--) There is a LOT we could say about the fragile state of Dodger fans' nerves this time of year. Instead, why don't we all watch this incredible video the Dodgers put together and get ourselves HYPED AS FUCK? The West has been won. Whats next? #LALovesOctober pic.twitter.com/8mv7XZ0GE8— Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) October 7, 2016Go Kershaw! Go Dodgers! Go Rally Thong!
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 7, 2016

Rally Thong Update

Don't let it be said that loyal SoSG reader Cliff Beefpile isn't a man of his word. In case you missed it, Cliffy promised to purchase a rally thong if the Dodgers came back and beat the Giants on Sept. 19. Which they did. Now Cliff writes in: Cc: Chippendales I'll spare you the Magic Mike dance I did after opening the package--that was just for me and my webcam audience. I went ahead and splurged on the EXTREME series thong, because why half-ass it, ya know? And it's mesh, because of course. I don't think I can adequately describe the look on the lady's face as she rung me up when I...
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 5, 2016

Wild Card Scoreboard Watching: Giants @ Mets, 5p

Will James Loney free the Giants of their playoff obligations?Madison Bumgarner vs. Noah Syndergaaaaaard Go Mets. Really not much else to say.
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 5, 2016

Justin Turner's NLDS Watch Party...For Charity!

Need a place to watch the @Dodgers in the playoffs? Head over to El Compadre for some
Sons of Steve Garvey Oct 3, 2016

Highlights from Vin's Final Broadcast

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