8:03 AM EST, Sun February 07, 2016
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Sons of Steve Garvey Jan 31, 2016
Dodger Fanfest 2016

Dodger Fanfest 2016

Dodger Fanfest 2016 happened this pass Saturday and I was lucky enough to have a day off and attend.  This was the first time I have attended, what Nomo affectionally names "Linefest" so I didn't know what was in store.  Seeing that there were about  25,000 people, you can imagine there were heaps of people going every which way.  I think the Dodger organization did the best that they could, especially with the amount of fans attending.  I really wanted to go because I wanted to meet Ryu.  Shout out to fellow brother Dusty for getting me access! I had 4 autograph vouchers for the...
Sons of Steve Garvey Jan 30, 2016
Hint of Vinny's (sniff) End-of-Season Plans

Hint of Vinny's (sniff) End-of-Season Plans

Today was Fan Fest at Dodger Stadium. SoSG AC and Nomo were in attendance, so we may get a post or two about their experiences. But one bit of news that came out of the event today was about Vin Scully's plans at the end of the upcoming season. Today Vin noted that he was open and wanted to call our last game of the season on October 2 in San Francisco. Our last home game is on Sunday, September 25th (yours truly will be there, crying like a schoolboy), so the idea that Vin could go up to SF and call the last game of the season and of his career there, giving us some added Vin bonus, is more...

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  • Howie Kendrick

    Howie Kendrick

    Howie Kendrick turns page after picky teams lead him back to L.A.

  • Yasiel Puig

    Yasiel Puig

    New Dodgers manager Dave Roberts offers Yasiel Puig a 'fresh start'

  • Clayton Kershaw

    Clayton Kershaw

    Clayton Kershaw touts depth in Zack Greinke's absence

  • Brandon McCarthy

    Brandon McCarthy

    Ex-Giant Danny Kannell ripped by former Yankee Brandon McCarthy over CTE tweets

  • Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez

    Adrian Gonzalez and Mexican pride via Twitter

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