9:05 AM EST, Mon February 19, 2018
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TalkingChop Jan 26, 2018
Atlanta Braves news: No Yelich for the Braves

Atlanta Braves news: No Yelich for the Braves

Christian Yelich is going to Milwaukee after the Brewers swooped in to get him. It turns out that the Braves weren’t really close to acquiring him in the end. MLB NEWS No Yelich for Atlanta as Milwaukee swoops in The Christian Yelich sweepstakes are over and the Milwaukee Brewers are the team that ended up acquiring the former Marlins outfielder. The Brewers had to pay a pretty steep price in order to get him (and the Marlins made out very well in this deal when it comes to prospects, it has to be said) but for a team that came relatively close to toppling the Cubs in the NL Central, this...

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