6:01 PM EDT, Fri September 30, 2016
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Padres Drop Home Finale

The final night of baseball at Petco Park was bitter-sweet. After a touching ceremony honoring legendary broadcaster Dick Enberg; the San Diego Padres could not hang on to an early lead, as they dropped the series finale to the Los Angeles Dodgers by a final of 9-4.   After starter Christian Friedrich cruised through the first four […] Padres Drop Home Finale - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Giants take game, series from Rockies

The Giants kept pace in the busy wild card race, downing the Rockies, 7-2. And sometimes the other team screws up. That’s not meant to take away from Johnny Cueto’s fine pitching, or the solid hits the Giants did get. The bottom of the first opened with a four-pitch walk and a 101-mph screaming shot down the line that caught a first baseman, not the other way around, so I’m not apologizing for any of it. It’s just that the Rockies screwed up a lot. That happens! Sometimes, during the course of a 162-game season, you would hope that the Giants would occasionally run into a team...
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Padres Look to Slow Dodgers in home finale

Another season of San Diego Padres baseball is coming to a close. Tonight, the club makes one final stand in front of their home fans at Petco Park against a familiar foe, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Entering the contest, San Diego stands at 68-90, while the Dodgers have earned a 90-68 record. These 90 wins […] Padres Look to Slow Dodgers in home finale - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
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Alvarez finishes 2013 season with walk-off wild pitch no-hitter

The Miami Marlins’ Henderson Alvarez finished off the 2013 season with a no-hitter that ended with a walk-off wild pitch, three years ago today. Alvarez, pitching at Marlins Park on Sunday, September 29, 2013, no-hit the Detroit Tigers through nine innings, but the Marlins couldn’t score a single run. Miami loaded the bases in the …

Here’s every time the Giants couldn’t come back in the ninth inning

The Giants are 0-62 when trailing after eight innings. Let's figure out how it happened. Why would I do this to myself? Why would I do this to you? Because it was there. That’s why. See, the Giants haven’t come back in the ninth inning once this year, and I’m fascinated by that. It’s enough to make you twitchy, even without the contrast of them allowing more comebacks than any team in baseball. Once you add them together, it becomes extra fascinating. Also fascinating in this case is a synonym of whatever the German word is for "chewing on a set of car keys until you can’t feel...
McCovey Chronicles Sep 29, 2016

Someone on the 2016 Giants will literally get an award for being inspirational tomorrow

Like the ancient Chinese proverb goes, the two sweetest words in the English language are “de fault” Think about the 2016 Giants for a moment. What words are coming to mind? For me, the main one is ugghhhhhhhh, but you can also throw in terms like boring and why? and spiritless. They’re playing exceptionally dull baseball and have been for more than two months; they’re utterly incapable of taking the lead in the 9th inning and have been all year; they’re absurdly likely to blow a lead in the 9th inning and have been all year. All of this leads to a dispiriting team that it’s...

The Giants were shut out, and we all saw it coming

The Giants scored 12 runs last night, and they were shut out on Wednesday night. This is some serious ant and grasshopper stuff, right here. It’s like an old wives’ tale or something sailors would whisper when a pelican sneezed. It was a superstition that I heard over and over again from my mom growing up, and it was too convenient to be true. Yet it feels like it’s true every time. If you score too many runs in one game, you’ll get shut out in the next game. There are regional variations, of course. It doesn’t have to be a shutout. It can be standard fecklessness. The general...

When was it really the best time for the Giants to move on from Santiago Casilla?

And would it have mattered? This article starts with a premise, and it goes like this: Santiago Casilla used to be good at his job. If you can’t get past that assumption, we’re going to have a tough time here, but I don’t think it’s controversial in the slightest. The Giants won the World Series in 2014 with Casilla as the closer, and it’s not like anyone spent the offseason thinking the Giants had to upgrade to get back. Or, to put it another way, there were honest debates happening while Game 7 was going on about Casilla relieving Bumgarner for the final inning. Let’s see if...

Gordon Beckham can do an outstanding Jake Peavy impression

The two were teammates on the White Sox, and Beckham had a little fun with Peavy four years ago. It has to be weird, getting traded with a week left in the season. Especially when you know you're not eligible for the postseason. Does Gordon Beckham even, I don't know, root for the Giants in the postseason? He would get a ring, I guess, so sure. But it seems indescribably odd. But Beckham isn't a stranger to all of the Giants. He was a part of the same infield as Conor Gillaspie for a couple years, for one, and he played behind one Jake Peavy, excitable scamp and widely beloved...
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 27, 2016

Vin Scully Sings the Hits - On Sale Now!

Who would you rather listen to belt out THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS? It's no contest - there can be only one heeeeerrrrro. Even if you missed Sunday's game, you can now OWN the cover described by my wife as "Beaches-worthy." All you have to do is find 99 cents in your seat cushions, go to your nearest internet cafe and click HERE to own Vin Scully's rendition of the Divine Miss M classic. It's a love letter to his wife, and to all of us.I guarantee that after one listen, you'll get the same tat that I'm now rocking Special thanks for this gem goes out to pop culture enthusiast and all...
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 27, 2016

Dee Gordon Honors Jose Fernandez with HR

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Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 26, 2016

The Mighty VIN

It would have been enough just to be present for Vin Scully's last official game.A moment so majestic I didn't even mind my heat stroke... or how much money we spent on beer and futuristic ice cream products. It would have been enough to witness a game-tying homerun... Or a walk-off homer in extra innings... Note - I thought I'd already been in attendance for the most exciting NL West Clinching moment possible.Man, I was wrong.It would have even been enough just to see a game with the family on a Sunday in LA. Put it all together... and it truly was...Animal helps lead the Dodgers multiple...
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 26, 2016

Lazy Bill Plaschke Once Again Uses Tired "One Moment / The Next Moment" Cliche To Capture Dodgers' 2016 Clincher

Bill Plaschke is a renowned sportswriting hack. But one would have thought that, in a storybook ending game highlighted by the final home appearance of Dodgers legend Vin Scully; a walk-off home run by unlikely slugger Charlie Culberson; and a division-clinching victory for the Dodgers--Plaschke could have at least spent some effort to write the post-game column. Nope. Not Plaschke, who probably was so busy staring at himself in the mirror, that he went back to using a tired writing device that is SO LAZY, he's used this same device no fewer than 13 times in the past eight years (which...
McCovey Chronicles Sep 26, 2016

McCovey Chroncast #41: Tough Times

As the Giants enter the final week of the season with a shot at the playoffs, we can't help but think back to every other opportunity the Giants have had in the second half of the season and literally squandered or else outright refused and wonder if it's better to forget this year and think about the future. But before any of that happens, we need to talk about Jose Fernandez. You'll read many elegant tributes and tearful remembrances of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in the coming weeks and months, but in the meantime, Doug and I dedicate the opening of our show to exchanges our favorite...
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 25, 2016


This was the only official artwork I could find, OK?
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 25, 2016

Dodger Batters Tip Helmets to Vin

So cool. So freakin cool.
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 25, 2016

RIP Jose Fernandez

Statement from the Miami Marlins organization: pic.twitter.com/6A4Rv6m2g9— Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 25, 2016 This is my favorite photo. I took it after he got a W vs Dodgers. He grabbed chair, watched fireworks. A big leaguer but always kid at heart pic.twitter.com/QwDzQ1sKCx— Allison Williams (@AllisonW_Sports) September 25, 2016

Giants drubbed by Padres, 7-2

The Padres have been one of the worst teams in the second half. Guess who’s far worse, though ... The Giants lost on Friday night, 7-2, spoiling a chance to gain ground in the National League Wild Card race. Albert Suarez allowed a three-run homer before getting a single out. While he settled down and didn’t allow another run, he was relieved by Matt Reynolds, who was absolutely dreadful, walking in a ... Hi, I’d like to think I follow the Giants pretty closely, but that paragraph didn’t make a lick of sense. Uh, kind of in the middle of something. What’s an Albert Suarez? And...
Sons of Steve Garvey Sep 24, 2016

Vin Scully Ceremony Highlights

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