2:16 AM EST, Sat December 20, 2014
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Matt Kemp Charms The Pants Off San Diego

After finally making their acquisition of Matt Kemp official, the Padres introduced their new star to fans and the media in a press conference at Petco Park this afternoon. Crazed general manager A.J. Preller opened the presser with the basic routine, thanking his staff and ownership, before going on to say that Kemp had been on their radar for some time. "This is where we wanted to start, and I feel really good about being here today and introducing him as a member of the San Diego Padres." Bud Black also had a few words to say, but his microphone cut out about halfway through and he...

Giants deal two prospects for Casey McGehee

The cost of one year of cost certainty? Two A-ball prospects, Kendry Flores and Luis Castillo. The return is in for Marlins third baseman, Casey McGehee: right-handed starter Kendry Flores, and 22-year-old right-handed reliever, Luis Castillo. Back in the day, I would have known enough about both of them to be exceptionally angry. Today, I'm fat and lazy and sated. I can't even get mad at them cancelling Deadwood like I used to. Flores just missed the Giants' top-10 list in Baseball America earlier this year, though he did show up on the best under-25 Giants. The 23-year-old was the...
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Wil Myers Player Profile

Well Friar Faithful, I don’t know about you guys but i am getting excited! The Padres are set to announce both of their trades today, two big name players are supposed to be officially announced as Padres today, Matt Kemp and Wil Myers. I will go over Matt Kemp at another time, but right now […] Wil Myers Player Profile - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
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Justin Upton trade is FRESH!

The reaction to the trade that brings Justin Upton to San Diego has been overwhelmingly positive.  The news made such a big splash that it's almost impossible to round up all of the media and blogger opinions.  You'll have to help me find the rest and leave links in the comments, you just have to. Sorry. Sure this move cost the Padres more prospects but they're years away from seeing MLB playing time and the Padres and I are done waiting.  We're ready to win now and forever. Vote fresh or rotten in the poll below. Apologies to RottenTomatoes.com Justin Upton a smart bet for San Diego...

Casey McGehee traded to Giants

The Giants acquired the 32-year-old free-agent-to-be from the Marlins, reportedly for young pitching According to Jon Heyman, the Giants traded for Marlins third baseman Casey McGehee. The offseason of overwhelming rumors and underwhelming transactions continues. The Giants have settled for Arby's because they were scared the only other thing that was open was Carl's Jr., even though they're all basically the same thing. Don't hate this move yet. Hate this move when it's the last move of the offseason. A minor deal for a possibly-above-replacement third baseman would make sense in...
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Stat Treatment: Padres Outfield Logjam

The Dodgers were motivated to trade Matt Kemp because of their outfield logjam.  Ironically, the pending trade plus the one bringing Will Myers to San Diego creates a logjam in the Padre outfield.  Now, the Padres’ four best offensive players – Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Justin Upton, and Seth Smith – occupy the outfield.  They have […] Stat Treatment: Padres Outfield Logjam - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
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Matt Kemp press conference to be held at 2:00 pm today

The Padres will livestream the Matt Kemp press conference on XTRA 1360 and Fox Sports SD. Yesterday, after much anticipation, the Padres announced the finalization of the Padres' trade for Matt Kemp. Soon aftter, they announced a press conference would be held at Petco Park to officially introduce and welcome Kemp to the Padres organization. That press conference will be taking place shortly, and you will be able to can listen in or watch live. We will take you LIVE to the Matt Kemp press conference at 2:00! Listen to it on XTRA, or watch it on @FOXSportsSD pic.twitter.com/zER1dQYUKh —...
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Mike Dee says Kemp trade was ordinary, over dramatized by the media

My notes from Mike Dee's interview on the Mighty 1090 Padres President Mike Dee interview with Dan Sileo (MP3) Mike Dee says the team knew that Kemp's physical review would take time for their doctors.  In the end everyone was comfortable moving forward with the trade.  The media over dramatized the trade process and added a lot of speculation. "From our point of view it was very ordinary course. We had the time to take and we took that time.  We did all of our homework.  We think we've got a great player in the middle of our lineup for the next 5 years. No discomfort whatsoever." Dee...
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Is There Trouble with Wil Myers?

To put this Wil Myers trade in perspective – keep in mind two years ago he was traded for an ace in James Shields and a very good pitcher to go with it in Wade Davis. This time around, he went for a couple good minor league pitchers and a high A shortstop, albeit a […] Is There Trouble with Wil Myers? - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Beware Chris Johnson, rumored Giants third base target

He had a pair of good seasons in the past. But beware. The Padres didn't give up much for Justin Upton. It was for a year, sure, and there was a former #7-overall pick involved. The Braves think they might have picked up their starting second baseman. I'm assuming the Braves were being jerks and asking for far more from the Giants, honing in on specific players on the Padres for whom the Giants didn't have direct analogs. So it goes. Except I think the Giants could have had Upton for a reasonable price, now. All it would have taken is a prospect or two, and absorbing the entire contract of...
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Player Profile: Gerardo Reyes

In the massive 3 team blockbuster between the Rays, Nationals and Padres, perhaps the smallest name to move was Gerardo Reyes. the 21 year old, 5’11 righty singed out of Texas JC as an undrafted free agent in August of 2013. Despite being undersized, Reyes features a mid 90s fastball. His only other effective pitch […] Player Profile: Gerardo Reyes - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
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Seth Smith Could Be First Outfielder Moved

Padres are wheeling and dealing this offseason. The dealing will continue and it looks like Seth Smith a.k.a “the missing piece” could be the first of a mob of outfielders that are still hanging around to be dealt. Moving Smith makes sense of course considering the moves for Matt Kemp and a huge three-way trade involving […] Seth Smith Could Be First Outfielder Moved - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

Giants rumors: Jake Peavy signing doesn't rule out Max Scherzer or James Shields

Assistant GM Bobby Evans was on KNBR, and he answered the first question most of us had to the Jake Peavy signing. The Giants are reportedly bringing Jake Peavy back, and the right-hander would slot behind Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain, and Tim Hudson in the rotation. This would leave Tim Lincecum the fifth starter, with a Yusmeiro Petit safety net. The question everyone is asking, then: Are the Giants done? Luckily, assistant GM Bobby Evans was on KNBR with Kate Scott and Larry Krueger, and they got to ask someone who has a pretty good idea. Here's the beginning of that exchange: Krueger:...
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Padres Rumors: David Ross Signs With the Padres

Rumor: Free agent David Ross signs with San Diego Another catcher brought in after 1 was sent out. david ross is signing with padres — Jon Heyman (@JonHeymanCBS) December 19, 2014 How does Preller expect us to keep up with him? Does he hate us? Is this our punishment before we think we can enjoy the holiday season? It's like he's the only one doing ALL OF THE WORK in baseball. The man is going to start tweeting about his own deals while quoting sources that consist of "Me, Myself, & I." With David Ross, they add another catcher to a constantly shifting roster. Players don't even...
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Wil Myers to the Padres, officially

Yesterday various baseball sources reported a three-way trade between the Padres, Rays, and Nationals that would bring outfielder and 2013 AL Rookie of the Year Wil Myers to San Diego. The trade involved 11 players in total, four of whom (Myers, C Ryan Hanigan, LHP Jose Castillo, and RHP Gerardo Reyes) would be coming to the Padres, who in turn would part with C Rene Rivera, RHP Joe Ross & PTBNL (SS Trea Turner). The deal was reportedly done, pending a physical, but this morning the Padres have announced the trade has officially gone through. Next up? Let's officially welcome newest...
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Padres To Sign David Ross

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, former Red Sox catcher David Ross has agreed to terms with the San Diego Padres. If the reports are true, this would be the sixth catcher to come through San Diego this offseason. The signing of Norris led many to believe that Padres’ number one prospect Austin Hedges […] Padres To Sign David Ross - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
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The Padres insanity and what it means for the Mariners

The Padres are selling the farm for a run in 2016, while the Mariners sit on their biggest assets. What's the right philosophy? Justin Upton is now a member of the San Diego Padres. So is Matt Kemp. And Wil Myers. And still, Cameron Maybin, Carlos Quentin, Seth Smith, and Will Venable. It's a bonanza of outfielders in San Diego after the Padres revamped their entire starting outfield, trying to go all-in a year after they finished 77-85. Is it brilliant, or is it full-blown Bavasi? The Padres beat a bunch of apparent offers for Justin Upton, though we may never find out what the Mariners...
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Wil Myers Trade To Padres Is Now Official With Fancy Graphic

The Tampa Bay Rays officially announced the 3-team, 11-player trade with the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres. Here is a fancy graphic. Likes(0)Dislikes(0) © The Professor for Rays Index, 2014. | Permalink | No comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags:
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Padres To Flip Hanigan To Boston for Will Middlebrooks

A.J. Preller strikes again! After sending the baseball world into a frenzy Thursday night after acquiring Derek Norris from the Oakland Athletics, the Padres made headlines again this morning when it was announced that they had traded for Justin Upton. Before the ink was even dry on the report, Jeff Passan of Yahoo announced that […] Padres To Flip Hanigan To Boston for Will Middlebrooks - Friars on Base - Friars on Base - A San Diego Padres Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More

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