2:16 AM EDT, Thu August 21, 2014
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Athletics Nation 4 hours ago

Oakland Athletics Week 20 Review

In which the A's fall out of first place. I'm going to keep this short, for two reasons. First, I was without Internet for a large percentage of this week due to a local power outage and so this is simply out of date now. And second, the Oakland Athletics saw their power go out as well, in a way, as they struggled to a 1-6 record in their series against the Kansas City Royals and the Atlanta Braves. Honestly, I just don't really want to talk about it. Must Reads Do the A's have a "feast or famine" offense? justANotherAsFan •Athletics Nation Must Reads Do the A's...
Athletics Nation 5 hours ago

Game #126: A's Rally Falls Short, Lose 8-5

The A's offense may have scratched together five runs in today's game, marking the second straight game to score at least five--and it's something--but their starting pitcher let them down today as Samardzija was pulled in the fourth inning, finishing his outing with seven earned runs. Look. The game was obviously lost today by Jeff Samardzija's inability to complete four innings, and the seven runs he earned along the way. That's the easy recap, and it's true. You won't win a lot of games where your starting pitcher gives up a 5-spot in a single inning and can't shut it down even after...
Athletics Nation 7 hours ago

Game Thread #126: Oakland Athletics vs. New York Mets (4)

We're in the bottom of the eighth. The A's trail 8-4. Last chances!
Athletics Nation 8 hours ago

Game Thread #126: Oakland Athletics vs. New York Mets (3)

We're in the bottom of the fifth. It's 8-4. I don't want to talk about scoring 4 runs and still losing by the equivalent of a grand slam. The A's need to score more. Lots more. LET'S GO OAK-LAND!
Athletics Nation 9 hours ago

Game Thread #126: Oakland Athletics vs. New York Mets (2)

Well, this game is awful. The A's offense has gone 6-down to start the game, which is to be expected, but after retiring the Mets' first six batters, Samardzija gave up a home run, freaked out, loaded the bases, wild-pitched twice, and gave up another home run. The A's are down 5-0; we're going to the bottom of the third. The A's should probably score a lot of runs.
Athletics Nation 9 hours ago

Game #126: Oakland Athletics vs. New York Mets

After winning their first game all week last night, the A's try to sweep the brief two game series against the Mets before another off-day tomorrow. Today, the offense is tasked with a tough pitcher in Zack Wheeler. Jeff Samardzija needs to be great today to give the A's a modest two-game winning streak, especially with the lineup the A's are throwing out. The A's go for the sweep (doesn't that sound more fun than a losing streak?) today against the Mets as Jeff Samardzija will face off against Zack Wheeler. Wheeler has been nearly perfect in his last 9 starts, and he hasn't lost a single...
Athletics Nation 22 hours ago

Game #125: A's earn much-needed win over Mets

The A's really needed that. There isn't much to say, really. The simple act of getting back in the win column is far more valuable than a single game in the standings — there's just an air of success that penetrated the Coliseum tonight that had been lacking throughout the fanbase, the media, the team's comments to the media, and did I say the fanbase? Coco Crisp hit a bases-clearing, line-drive triple to give the A's a 4-1 lead. Coco, incidentally, is now tied for 8th place for triples hit as an Oakland Athletic — this was his 22nd. Josh Reddick hit one of his signature, looping home...
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014

Game Thread #125: A's vs. Mets (2)

A Sac Fly for Callaspo and a Bases Loaded Triple for Coco Crisp propels the A's to a 4-1 Lead over the Mets going into the 5th! The game continues! The Angels have already defeated the Red Sox 4-3 in Boston, and Darth Selig is in the house.
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014

Game Thread #125: A's vs. Mets

Asking the Mets to pay you a visit seems like a good way to break out of a slump, and lo and behold, here they are. But wait, it gets better — they're visiting without Chris Young, who absolutely destroyed the A's when they visited Flushing in June. On a more somber note, they're also without Bartolo Colon following the passing of his mother, so condolences to the former A's pitcher on a difficult loss. The A's would have missed Colon this series anyway, which is just as well for Oakland, given that Colon also dominated his former team when given the opportunity earlier in the...
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014
The A's are still underachieving, says Pythagoras

The A's are still underachieving, says Pythagoras

Four months into the season, Oakland's real record still hasn't caught up to its Pythagorean expectation. Way back in June, just 58 games into the season, I wrote about the A's and their Pythagorean record as it related to their actual win-loss ratio. Oakland was a stellar 36–22 at the time, but the simplest metrics in baseball — runs scored and runs allowed — hinted that the A's were even better than their .620 winning clip, hard as it was to believe. They should have been winning at an absolutely ridiculous rate of .730, which would have given them 42 wins through those 58 contests,...
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014

Mets Series Preview: Q&A with Steve Schreiber of Amazin' Avenue

With the A's and Mets squaring off for three games, I asked Steve Schreiber of Amazin' Avenue a few questions about his favorite team. Here's what he had to say! The Oakland Athletics just got swept by the Atlanta Braves and I don't want to talk about it. The Angels are now in first place and I don't want to talk about it. Our boys are back home, and they get to give it another try against the New York Mets. Please let it go better than the last couple series. These are the expected pitching matchups for the series: Tue: Scott Kazmir vs. Dillon GeeWed: Jeff Samardzija vs. Zack...
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014

Daily Link Dump 8/19/14

Links before a brief series with the Mets. Joe Posnanski wrote an excellent article on Doug Fister and the bias against pitchers who throw under 90 miles per hour. For reasons that make absolutely no sense to just about anyone with a functioning brain, the Diamondbacks plan to give Kirk Gibson another shot at managing their team. It should be noted that AL West teams are slated to face NL West teams in 2014. That means the A's will likely play three or four games against Gibson's crew. Joe Stiglich talked about Jeff Samardzija's decision to play baseball instead of football. On this day...
Athletics Nation Aug 19, 2014
Worrying About Brandon Moss’s Power, For Some Reason

Worrying About Brandon Moss’s Power, For Some Reason

Brandon Moss is in a well-publicized slump. We all know it, and, since he’s essentially one of the two or three absolute cornerstones of the offense, this is a huge problem. But the method in which he is slumping is both bizarre and maybe kind of disconcerting. In August, he’s hitting .205/.375/.250, which is the most anti-Brandon Moss batting line, ever. Everrrrrrr. That’s the type of batting line you’d expect Billy Burns to have upon his call up. It’s almost absurd. Obviously, a .045 Isolate Slugging isn’t going to persist for a guy with a top-five ISO. He also hasn’t hit a...
Athletics Nation Aug 18, 2014

Daily Link Dump 8/18/14

Links for a Monday afternoon. Jeff Passan breaks down remaining MLB schedules for contending teams. Mike Trout's baserunning has taken a hit this season. What are the saddest records in baseball? The Blue Jays have hit speed bumps at the wrong times. Here's hoping the A's end their slump before facing division opponents. If you were looking forward to seeing Bartolo Colon at the Coliseum, it looks like he won't be making the trip. Thoughts and, if you are religiously inclined, prayers to his family during these difficult times. Oakland @Athletics OF Craig Gentry will begin a rehab...
Athletics Nation Aug 18, 2014

Ballpark binge: The O.Co food tour

An elite (eleat?) group of A's fans got to live the dream: An all-you-can-eat behind the scenes concessions tour at the Coliseum. If you've had the privilege of attending an A's home game this season, you may have noticed that the food is different. This offseason, the Coliseum finally canned Aramark as their concessions vendor and switched to Ovations. But how different is it? What has changed? Is it better or worse? And, ultimately, where is the best food in the Coliseum? These are questions that the discerning ballpark food connoiseur needs to know. On July 22, I set out to get those...
Athletics Nation Aug 17, 2014

Game #124: A's drop fifth straight, Lester picks up first loss with Oakland

Oh, well. The A's have lost five straight games, have been offensively underwhelming since the All-Star Break, aren't getting picked up by their starting pitching, are banged up, you name it. And somehow, they're still leading Major League Baseball in wins. They're still tied for first place in the American League West, and the American League, and still own what's almost inarguably baseball's best starting rotation, along with a lineup as capable as any other of putting up big offensive numbers. So things could be worse. Tonight's loss saw Jon Lester come back down to earth in his fourth...
Athletics Nation Aug 17, 2014

Game Thread #124: A's at Braves (3)

Through six, the A's are trailing Atlanta, 3-1. Jon Lester is in danger of suffering his first loss since early June, but Oakland has nine offensive outs to work with.
Athletics Nation Aug 17, 2014

Game Thread #124: A's at Braves (2)

After two and a half, the A's and Braves are tied at 1.
Athletics Nation Aug 17, 2014

Game #124: Oakland Athletics at Atlanta Braves

Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN kicks off at 5:05 pm Pacific Time with Oakland's Jon Lester facing Atlanta's Mike Minor. The A's need a win, though not as badly as they could have had old friend Adam Rosales not helped them out earlier on behalf of the Texas Rangers, against the Los Angeles Angels. With a win over Atlanta, Oakland would reclaim a one-game lead in the American League West after watching the Angels lose in walk-off fashion today. Though that lead has been tenuous since the All-Star Break, the past day was the first in recent memory where the A's haven't led their division...
Athletics Nation Aug 17, 2014

Billy Beane Stays/Strays From The GM We Know

No I will not rehash why each of the A's ballsy July trades were wise or unwise, because not only is it true that "what's done is done" but the merits of each deal have been micro-analyzed right down to Addison Russell's mitochondria. Let's not talk about whether or not they were the right trades to make; let's talk instead about whether or not they were consistent with how Billy Beane has approached wheeling and dealing in his A's tenure. There is no "one way" Beane approaches the cat that is an A's season with the potato/cat peeler that is his ability to negotiate transactions. At the...

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