6:46 PM EDT, Mon October 20, 2014
philly.com Oct 18, 2014

A friend fights for ex-Phillie Dick Allen's Hall of Fame induction

He gripped the computer mouse in his right hand, leaned forward in his chair, and searched for a few words to cool his fevered mind. The e-mails, stored in Microsoft Outlook, whirred down the screen as if the monitor were a slot machine, black script blur
Express-Times Oct 17, 2014

MLB Hot Stove: Phillies think Ryan Howard belongs on an AL team as rumors swirl of trade

If the Phillies can't move Howard, they will have to decide what to do at first base next season
philly.com Oct 17, 2014

Setting record straight on Arbuckle

The Kansas City Royals' success in the postseason could lead to a GM job for former Phillies exec.
philly.com Oct 17, 2014

Phillies need bullpen to royally improve

Dominant relievers have been the key to Kansas City's success this season.
philly.com Oct 16, 2014

Johnny Almaraz could raise Phillies' international profile

Johnny Almaraz did not plan on taking off his baseball uniform and putting on a scout's hat in his early 20s. No, the plan was to pitch in the big leagues and, if that did not work out, he was going to return to Southwest Texas State and get his degree in health administration.
philly.com Oct 16, 2014

Fixing the Phillies: The rotation

The team has a top-of-the-line starter in Cole Hamels and a lot of vacancies.
philly.com Oct 16, 2014

Dodgers moving forward, Phillies not so much

Despite a division-winning season, Los Angeles shook up its front office after failing in the postseason. And the Phillies ... ?
philly.com Oct 15, 2014

Fixing the Phillies: The outfield

The team hasn't been able to replace Shane Victorino and Jayson Werth, and there is no help on the farm.
philly.com Oct 14, 2014

Fixing the Phillies, Part 1: Infield

A team in decline, the Phillies could try to overhaul by either trading or releasing Ryan Howard.
philly.com Oct 14, 2014

Phillies' options with Howard limited

Even if they could trade Ryan Howard, for the amount of the contract they'd have to pay, they might as well release him.
Express-Times Oct 13, 2014

Former Phillies broadcaster Chris Wheeler: 'I played a lot of golf but I really missed my former life'

Wheeler also had conversations with a few members of the new Phillies announcing crew, who have faced criticism for their performance this season.
Express-Times Oct 13, 2014

Former Phillies broadcaster Chris Wheeler: Very unfair to judge Ryne Sandberg this season with these players

There weren't many positives to the Phillies season for Wheeler.
philly.com Oct 9, 2014

The Phillies 2014 bullpen was a postseason team's dream

The team may have finished in last, but the Phillies' bullpen was championship caliber.
philly.com Oct 9, 2014

Phillies add amateur scouting director from Braves organization

The Phillies named Johnny Almaraz as their amateur scouting director on Wednesday. Almaraz was the international scouting director for the Atlanta Braves.
philly.com Oct 9, 2014

Phillies hire new director of amateur scouting

Johnny Almaraz, previously with the Braves and Reds, takes over position previously held by Marti Wolever.

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