12:26 AM EDT, Thu October 02, 2014

Cliff Lee progresses; Carlos Ruiz, Ben Revere undergo surgery

Two Phillies underwent surgery, another has one planned, and an expensive arm passed a recent test.
Rotoworld 12 hours ago

Carlos Ruiz undergoes left shoulder surgery - Carlos Ruiz (C) Philadelphia Phillies

Carlos Ruiz underwent left shoulder surgery this week.
KFFL 12 hours ago

Phillies | No surgery scheduled for A.J Burnett

Philadelphia Phillies SP A.J. Burnett (hernia) hasn't scheduled a date for his hernia surgery. He ...
Rotoworld 12 hours ago

MRI shows Cliff Lee's elbow healing well - Cliff Lee (S) Philadelphia Phillies

Cliff Lee (elbow) underwent an MRI last Friday which showed that his left flexor tendon is healing well.

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Express-Times 9 hours ago
Phillies injury update: Carlos Ruiz, Ben Revere, A.J. Burnett among those getting surgery

Phillies injury update: Carlos Ruiz, Ben Revere, A.J. Burnett among those getting surgery

Phillies announced injury updates Wednesday on four key players.
philly.com 9 hours ago

Expect Comcast to insist on Phillies changes

If the front office and baseball administration hierarchy of the Phillies organization has any fear of a major upheaval following the team's second straight 73-win season, that fear certainly won't be realized at the hands of acting president Pat Gillick, a baseball lifer so comfortable riding the ebb and flood of the game's tides that he earned the nickname Stand Pat.
Express-Times 18 hours ago
Phillies stay or go: Ryan Howard

Phillies stay or go: Ryan Howard

Phillies first basemen who has had declining power numbers in recent years could be the focal point of the team's winter.
philly.com Oct 1, 2014

Phillies retain entire coaching staff

Despite players' struggles at the plate and on the mound, Phillies asked all members of the coaching staff to return in 2015.
Express-Times Sep 30, 2014

Son of Phillies owner John Middleton goes on Twitter rant defending team

Son of Phillies owner takes to Twitter to defend organization, rips into fans.

All Phillies coaches 'asked to return' for 2015 season

No Phillies coaches will lose their jobs as a result of a flawed roster's second straight 73-89 finish, the team announced Tuesday. But that does not mean Ryne Sandberg's staff will remain intact for 2015.
Express-Times Sep 30, 2014

Mike Schmidt is auctioning off his Gold Glove, Sultan of Swat Awards

Phillies legend is auctioning off several awards beginning next week.
philly.com Sep 30, 2014

Quiet on Phillies' front ... for now

The team must find creative ways to overhaul its stagnant roster in order to reverse its negative trend.
philly.com Sep 29, 2014

Anything's possible in Phillies offseason

The last gasps of the 2014 Phillies filled the room while Cole Hamels spoke. He stood in the middle of the clubhouse Sunday afternoon as his teammates packed boxes and hugged. The exits for most were quick; no one wanted to dwell on this disaster.
philly.com Sep 29, 2014

Philly reporters recall the '64 Phillies collapse

When the Phillies' sensational 1964 season turned tragic during a 10-game September losing streak, it was a more innocent era.
Express-Times Sep 29, 2014

Phillies' Cody Asche looks to improve in 2015 after first full MLB season

Young third baseman reflected on his first full Major League season after Sunday's game.
Express-Times Sep 29, 2014

Phillies: 5 players who may have played their last game in Philadelphia

Heading into a winter that promises wholesale changes for the Phillies, here's a look at five players who likely will be taking the field elsewhere in 2015.

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  • 2 Ben Revere

    Ben Revere

    Cliff Lee progresses; Carlos Ruiz, Ben Revere undergo surgery

  • 2 Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz

  • 1 A.J. Burnett

    A.J. Burnett

    Phillies' A.J. Burnett remains uncertain about returning in 2015

  • 1 Ryan Howard

    Ryan Howard

    Phillies stay or go: Ryan Howard

  • 1 Cliff Lee

    Cliff Lee

    Cleveland Indians top five pitching performances as seen by beat writer Paul Hoynes

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