12:55 PM EST, Tue February 09, 2016
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In 2016 we learn how much trust the Pirates deserve

In 2016 we learn how much trust the Pirates deserve

For whatever reason, the catch-phrase “Trust the Process” never quite caught on with Neal Huntington’s rebuild of the Pirates in the way that it did in Houston with Jeff Luhnow’s work or in Kansas City with Dayton Moore. For the most part, Pirate fans were skeptical of Huntington right up until the Pirates clinched their […]
Raise the Jolly Roger! Jan 28, 2016

Pirates bringing back yellow jerseys?

NOTE: This is not official. Not even close. But based on this Tweet from Pirates Equipment/Clubhouse Manager Scott Bonnett, it sure looks like it… Bonnett quickly deleted the tweet once people noticed and started to freak out….but you can’t erase the internet. The quick deletion leads me to believe that, yeah, we were on to something. […]
Raise the Jolly Roger! Jan 22, 2016

The winter of blah

I’m checking in here for the first time in a few weeks…and while there have been some moves along the way, the summary of the offseason is about the same. Underwhelming. Not exciting. Some possibly shrewd under the radar moves and decent value buys, sure. And don’t get me wrong – the Pirates still project […]
Bullpens and rotations

Bullpens and rotations

I’m not entirely certain that the Pirates are done making moves this winter; as has been discussed in plenty of places, they’ve still got some payroll maneuverability, they need a left-handed reliever, and their off-season reliever stockpiling (which is what we’re going to talk about here) has made a Mark Melancon trade conceivable, so it’s […]

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