9:42 AM EDT, Fri March 24, 2023
SFGate Mar 9, 2023

Diamondbacks say SF Giants 'apologized profusely' for Jon Miller rant

The Arizona Diamondbacks have somehow found themselves in a feud with iconic Giants broadcaster Jon Miller, who, to be totally fair, absolutely started it.
SFGate Mar 2, 2023

The SF Giants never really had a shot at signing Aaron Judge

Considering Aaron Judge's desire to stay in pinstripes for life, he played the Giants and Yankees off each other brilliantly.
SFGate Feb 28, 2023

Buster Posey somehow wasn’t ready for questions about Giants owner Charles Johnson

"Buster Posey bought a share of his old team months ago, and he still doesn’t know how to answer questions about Charles Johnson."
SFGate Feb 27, 2023

SF Giants are now experts in investigating bizarre equipment thefts

The Giants were hit for two jerseys, a face mask and a bag of jelly beans, according to a new report.
SFGate Feb 27, 2023

Only Shohei Ohtani could have SF Giants fans ready to get hurt again

"There are plenty of reasons why Shohei Ohtani would actually choose to play in San Francisco."

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