4:36 PM EDT, Fri September 17, 2021
SFGate Sep 15, 2021

Giants catcher Buster Posey hits a genuinely impossible-looking home run vs. Padres

High and inside would be an understatement.
SFGate Sep 10, 2021

Giants workers ramp up strike preparations amid safety uncertainty, health care impasse

Workers are eyeing Giants' safety promises warily and pushing back against proposed premiums hike.
SFGate Sep 10, 2021

Giants' Kris Bryant wipes away tears during Cubs tribute in return to Wrigley Field

It was his first time at Wrigley Field as a visiting player.
SFGate Sep 8, 2021

Giants announcer Dave Flemming has a spicy take on why Dodgers lost season series

The Giants were initially down 6-3 in the season series, but then won seven of their final 10 games against the Dodgers.
SFGate Sep 7, 2021

Umpire in pivotal Giants-Dodgers series finale was even worse than everyone thought

Sunday's pivotal game was disproportionately influenced by missed calls.
SFGate Sep 5, 2021

SF Giants' Twitter account appears to subtly mock MLB after winning season series with Dodgers

Some Giants fans had taken umbrage with MLB's tweet. 
SFGate Sep 4, 2021

Tense Giants-Dodgers game kicked off a bunch of bleacher brawls

Some fans were too busy fighting each other to notice the action on the field. 
SFGate Sep 4, 2021

The error in the Giants' walk-off win against the Dodgers in extra innings was all kinds of wild

San Francisco wins it in the 11th on a wild error at first base.
SFGate Sep 3, 2021

In lead-up to Giants-Dodgers series, MLB quietly extends Trevor Bauer's leave again

Bauer has been on administrative leave since July 2.
SFGate Sep 2, 2021

Warriors' Klay Thompson tries to catch a Giants home run while hanging out in McCovey Cove

Thompson didn't get what he came for, unfortunately. 
SFGate Sep 2, 2021

SF Giants concession workers, who haven’t gotten a raise in three years, to hold strike vote

The Giants haven't addressed concessions workers' concerns about health care, wages, COVID-19.
SFGate Aug 23, 2021

The Giants made all sorts of history with late win over A's

The Giants have been the first team to 50, 60, 70 and now 80 wins this season.

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