9:20 PM EDT, Wed July 30, 2014
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U.S.S. Mariner 5 hours ago

Game 107, Mariners at Indians

King Felix vs. Corey Kluber, 4:05pm For a while, Corey Kluber was just a fill-in starter, beloved only by Carson Cistulli for reasons that we’ll never really know. He was a fill-in in one of the Ryan Ludwick trades, a deal that involved Jake Westbrook, if that helps you rememb…no? Yeah, me neither. He was This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 107, Mariners at Indians
Lookout Landing 9 hours ago

Mariners rumors: Drew Stubbs, in all sincerity

The Mariners made a formal offer for Drew Stubbs, but would he really help or are his stats a Coors Field mirage? The Mariners are more than a little interested in Drew Stubbs. The former 8th overall pick saw his career in flux after two disappointing seasons in Cleveland, but then headed west where hitting careers are revitalized. Stubbs is having a resurgent year, much like other hitters have after heading to Colorado over the years, including teammate Justin Morneau. Last week, the Mariners went further than expressing interest and submitted a formal offer. Summary: Stubbs is still the...
Lookout Landing 9 hours ago
Mariners rumors: M's interested in Jon Lester, scratched from start

Mariners rumors: M's interested in Jon Lester, scratched from start

Jon Lester is very likely getting dealt, but buying high on him from Boston won't be cheap. There's less than 30 hours remaining before the trade deadline, and the rumors have been flying so fast and furious that it's grown exhausting. The Mariners are seemingly interested in everyone, and in lieu of a trade, today seems like a good day to discuss some of the rumors floating around, their feasibility, and whether or not said player would be a smart addition. The first of these names is Jon Lester, who the Red Sox have scratched from his start tonight. Lester's deal expires after the season...
Lookout Landing 19 hours ago

Mariners bats come alive as they defeat Indians 5-2

The Bearded Wonder and Hisashi Iwakuma lead the Mariners over Trevor Bauer and the hapless Indians. As fans, we've watched with increasing anxiety over the past week as the Mariners position in the second wild card race dropped from being 2.5 games up (on July 21st) to two games behind (going into today). Do something, we screamed helplessly at our radios and televisions, gnashing our teeth in frustration. Please! Score some runs! You just have to score a few runs! But the Mariners seemed reluctant to heed our pleas, and continued to squander good pitching and opportunities to get a key hit...
Lookout Landing 22 hours ago

55-51: Chart

Mariners mash seven extra base hits and take the first game of the series against Cleveland. Rocky road ice cream: Hisashi Iwakuma (.229 WPA) Literal rocky roads: James Jones (-.121 WPA) That baseball game was a not terrible baseball game. Woo! QUESTIONS: 1. What books are you guys reading right now? Personally, I'm a super avid reader. I usually spend at least an hour a day reading and feel a little out of sorts if I'm unable to do so. I've become a big fan of Japanese literature over the last few years - both older stuff (Kawabata/Tanizaki) and newer stuff (Murakami). Right now, I'm...
U.S.S. Mariner Jul 29, 2014

Game 106, Mariners at Indians

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Trevor Bauer, 4:05pm The M’s trouble scoring has brought their on-again, off-again pursuit of the second wild card to a head. According to BP’s metric, their playoff odds have dropped by 25 percentage points over the past week. Speaking of playoff odds, the Indians’ are now just a bit ahead of the This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 106, Mariners at Indians
Lookout Landing Jul 29, 2014

Series Preview: Seattle Mariners (54-51) at Cleveland Indians (52-53)

The Mariners travel to Cleveland and try to get back on track. Hey Lookout Landers, I've been a long time reader but now I'm getting the chance to contribute, which is very exciting. I'll be writing series previews for you/us. As we work through this first one, I thought I would explain why I included each part where necessary (in italics). If you'd like to see anything included in these previews or have any questions about the way I organized or included different pieces, let me know in the comments. Thanks! At a Glance: Date Away Team Probable Pitcher Home Team Probable...
Lookout Landing Jul 29, 2014
Lookout Linkage, 7/29/14

Lookout Linkage, 7/29/14

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Hope everyone had a pleasant non-Mariners day yesterday. Here's what you might have missed from the past couple of days: The Mariners have finalized a deal with top Venezuelan prospect Bryan Hernandez. Shannon Drayer sorts out the latest Mariner trade rumors. Here is there latest episode of the U.S.S. Mariner podcast. MLB.com released their mid-season top 100 prospects list. Here is a list of the M's top 20 as well. Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi report that Jack Zdurencik can be very hard...
Lookout Landing Jul 28, 2014

Moving on from Corey Hart

The Mariners did the right thing by giving Corey Hart a shot, but he's been miserable for months. This risk didn't reward. It's painful to write this article. I endorsed the Corey Hart signing pretty heavily, campaigning for it not only in the off-season plan, but in a separate piece well before that. I celebrated the signing when it happened, given the relative difficulty to attract free agent power hitters to Safeco Field. If everything worked out, Hart could have been a steal in the middle of the lineup. Even if he was rusty and struggled with the park, he still looked like he could be...
U.S.S. Mariner Jul 27, 2014

Podcast: Transactions Made and not yet Made

Sunday Evening Podcast! Jeff and I got this recorded a little early and why make you wait? Trades, Promotions, and the Wild Card are discussed this week. Podcast with Jeff and Matthew: Direct link! || iTunes link! || RSS/XML link! Thanks again to those that helped support the show and/or StatCorner work in general last This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Podcast: Transactions Made and not yet Made
Lookout Landing Jul 27, 2014
Mariners remember how to lose properly, falling to Orioles 3-2

Mariners remember how to lose properly, falling to Orioles 3-2

Ah, that old familiar feeling of Safeco baseball. The Real MVP: Mike Zunino (.357 WPA) Talkin' 'bout practice: Yoervis Medina (-.313 WPA) Well, they did it. They finally, actually did it. The Mariners lost. In what seems like the fiftieth extra-innings game in the last couple of weeks, the Mariners have gone from looking completely overwhelmed and incompetent, to only a little overwhelmed and incompetent, to bad, to lucky, to maybe good, and then just incompetent again. Today it was a few great innings from Roenis Elias, and then some not so good innings. Then it was a few good inning...
U.S.S. Mariner Jul 27, 2014

Game 105, Orioles at Mariners

Roenis Elias vs. Miguel Gonzalez, 1:10pm There’s a balance in writing these game preview posts between highlighting what makes individual pitchers distinct and/or unusual, and re-affirming and pointing out the ubiquity and importance of regression. What often pops out on a pitcher’s fangraphs page or in their pitch fx data *looks* bizarre, but over time, This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 105, Orioles at Mariners
Lookout Landing Jul 27, 2014

Mariners rumors: M's view Matt Kemp as a backup plan, deal could be a disaster

Jeff Passan reports that the Mariners are still into Matt Kemp. It's a horrible idea at just about any realistic cost. Only five days remain until the trade deadline, and with the Rays going for the 10th straight win today, the Mariners seem more likely to battle them for a wild card spot than to purchase their best players before the trade deadline. This has apparently led to the Mariners shopping around for backup plans, which now inexplicably includes Matt Kemp. Right now, Matt Kemp is a backup plan for the Mariners. But their interest is very real. Idea would be to transition him to...

This week in Mariners history: July 20-26

Ken Griffey, Jr. hit a lot of home runs in the '90s. It's difficult to ferret out the highlights in a week where the Mariners nearly got no-hit by Bartolo Colon and Kendrys Morales came slinking back to the DH spot. Barring a couple of high points -- Felix's gem, Willie Bloomquist's three-hit night -- I'd venture to say that we're all looking forward to a clean slate next week. Before the M's try to salvage the remainder of their homestand today, let's take a look back at one of Seattle's best. July 20, 1993: Ken Griffey, Jr. hits his first home run in a career-high eight-game streak. It...
Lookout Landing Jul 27, 2014

Robinson Cano and the 3-0 green light

Examining the rate at which Robinson Cano swings away on a 3-0 count. As baseball fans, when we're watching/listening to a broadcast, there are many phrases that we hear repeatedly throughout a game. One such phrase, utilized on pretty much every 3-0 count in a ball game, refers to whether or not a batter is going to get "the green light" from his manager to swing away. Generally, if a batter is either 1) legitimately good or 2) looks like a "slugger", the announcer will readily proclaim that "this guy probably has the green light". But which players are taking advantage of this freedom to...
Lookout Landing Jul 27, 2014

Lookout Linkage, 7/27/14

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Happy Sunday everyone! Here are your links to get the morning started: Jay Yencich of U.S.S. Mariner goes in depth on many topics regarding Mariner minor leaguers. Pretty interesting and in-depth if you're looking for something to read! John Sickels at Minor League Ball gives a profile on Chris Taylor and what to expect from him moving forward. Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs gives his take on the Kendrys Morales trade. Greg Johns of Mariners.com gives status updates on Willie Bloomquist's and Michael...
Lookout Landing Jul 26, 2014

Mariners can't even lose properly, defeating Orioles, 4-3

Well, finally. Edgar Martinez: Chris Young (.290 WPA) Cooperstown: Joe Beimel (-.067 WPA) Well, the Mariners just scored as many runs in three hours as they had scored in the previous 96, and while that sounds remarkable in the abstract, it's actually kind of depressing. Still, depressing doesn't show up in the box score. Wins do, and runs, and the Mariners got both of those today thanks to a great outing from Chris Young backed up by bats actually making contact with baseballs. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Chris Young could be the most valuable Mariner this season behind...
U.S.S. Mariner Jul 26, 2014

Game 104, Orioles at Mariners

Chris Young vs. Bud Norris, 1:10pm Well that was frustrating. The M’s made Kevin Gausman look incredible, and they couldn’t convert several chances to knock a run in, forcing the game to extra innings. Kendrys Morales had the M’s sole RBI, but a late game K against lefty Brian Matusz left a sour taste; he’s This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 104, Orioles at Mariners
Lookout Landing Jul 26, 2014
Mariners don't win baseball game, baffling many, confusing few

Mariners don't win baseball game, baffling many, confusing few

The Orioles beat the Mariners on Friday, 2-1. It's only fitting that the Mariners drowned their season on Felix night. It had been a rough couple of games since the All-Star break, and the Mariners came back looking lethargic and tired, as if they forgot that there are two halves to each inning in baseball and that you can't win by just making life hard for the other team's bats. We all knew they were holding to a tenuous lead, perhaps with a record they never really deserved. We all knew it was only a matter of time until it caught up to them, sending Kyle Seager and Endy Chavez and...
Lookout Landing Jul 26, 2014
53-50: Chart

53-50: Chart

WALKOFF REPLAY CHALLENGE! The Mariners: Felix Hernandez (.259 WPA) The Mariners: Charlie Furbush (-.346 WPA) Yes, this was terrible, unjust, painful and dumb. But it's July 25th and the Mariners are only 1.5 games out of the playoffs. Go back to last year and tell me you're still as upset as you were when this game ended. QUESTIONS 1. Aliens have just landed a flying saucer on the National Mall in Washington DC. After a giant robot emerges and zaps everyone with a laser eye thing, some other stuff happens and then they are there, standing on your doorstep, asking you questions as galactic...

Mariners Player News

  • 3 Dustin Ackley

    Dustin Ackley

    Mariners move hot-hitting Dustin Ackley to leadoff spot

  • 2 Felix Hernandez

    Felix Hernandez

    Pair of aces: Wednesday's matchup will pit Cleveland Indians' Corey Kluber against Seattle Mariners' Felix Hernandez

  • 2 Hisashi Iwakuma

    Hisashi Iwakuma

    Mariners’ attack perks up in 5-2 victory over Indians

  • Kyle Seager

    Kyle Seager

    Seager, Mariners handle New York Mets easily in 5-2 victory

  • Robinson Cano

    Robinson Cano

    Robinson Cano and the 3-0 green light

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