1:51 AM EDT, Sun May 29, 2016
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Lookout Landing 14 hours ago

The Power of Positive Thinking

Do hitting coaches matter? Like anything else, they do if you believe they do When Edgar Martinez was hired as hitting coach in late June of last year to bolster a badly slumping Mariners team, reactions varied from cautious optimism (maybe Edgar can fix it?) to the existentially blase (he certainly can't hurt them any worse) to outright negativity (nothing can fix it!). Some took a cynical view, chalking the move up to a crass PR strategy trading on past nostalgia, Jack Z going up to the attic of the new house and getting down the Christmas ornaments we made as children. And some...
Lookout Landing 23 hours ago

Felix Hernandez fails to stop the Twins and the unmerciful, crushing wheels of time

The Mariners King is roughed up in the third, and the offense takes a second straight off day, in a 7-2 defeat at the hands of the flippin' Twins. I've been sitting here looking at my computer screen for twenty minutes (Hi, yes, I write before the game's over. Don't look behind the curtain.) and struggling to find a way to describe this game beyond a shrug emoji and "that's baseball." There was almost no reason to expect that the Mariners would lose tonight's game against the Twins. Even far from his peak levels of performance Felix Hernandez's numbers looked like (and are) far better than...
U.S.S. Mariner May 27, 2016

Game 47, Twins at Mariners

King Felix vs. Pat Dean, 7:10pm Happy Felix Day! And happy “it’s another org guy making a spot start” day as well. I can’t believe I was worried about that Zach Neal just because he was similar to Kendall Graveman, a pitcher getting destroyed by the AL thus far. Anyway, Pat Dean is…a left handed This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 47, Twins at Mariners
Lookout Landing May 27, 2016

Mariners place Leonys Martin on DL, recall Stefen Romero

Because hamstrings can be real jerks For the second time in a week, the Seattle Mariners have lost a starter to the DL: Leonys Martin placed on the DL. Romero recalled. — Ryan Divish (@RyanDivish) May 28, 2016 Martin suffered a strained hamstring while stealing second during the Mariners' 13-3 win over the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday. He initially attempted to play through it, but was removed from the game soon after. This is a particularly tough break for Martin. After getting out to a bit of a slow start at the plate in 2016, Martin suddenly transformed into a hitting machine,...
Lookout Landing May 27, 2016

Goodbye Tommy John, My Old Friend

Dear reader, please join with me in knocking on wood before we continue. Toss some salt over your shoulder. Give a quick prayer to the Baseball Gods. Now that you've done that, let's take a look at something that @euqubud brought to my attention yesterday: The #Reds became the first team to use 10 pitchers in 2016 who have had Tommy John surgery. The #Mariners have still yet to use one.— Jon Roegele (@MLBPlayerAnalys) May 26, 2016 Now, part of this is due to a technicality. Our good ol' friend Charlie Furbush hasn't appeared this year due to tightness in his shoulder, and he had TJ...
Lookout Landing May 27, 2016

Series Preview: Mariners (28-18) vs. Twins (12-34)

The Mariners continue their homestand with a three-game series against the Twins. At a Glance: Friday, May 27 | 7:10 pm Away Team vs. Home Team Twins Mariners LHP Pat Dean RHP Felix Hernandez 34% 66% Saturday, May 28 | 7:10 pm Away Team vs. Home Team Twins Mariners RHP Phil Hughes LHP Wade Miley 37% 63% Sunday, May 29 | 1:10 pm Away Team vs. Home Team Twins Mariners RHP Ricky Nolasco RHP Taijuan Walker 34% 66% *Game odds courtesy of FiveThirtyEight (Explainer) ...
Lookout Landing May 27, 2016

Podcast: Dome and Bedlam X - A Tuesday night against the A's

Now is the time on LL when we dance. We are back, with more recorded musings after a week's respite. In our tenth episode we finally give in and allow ourselves to go from nervously excited about a fast start to FULL BASK. Topics include David viewing Leonys Martin's walk off in person, my visit to Tacoma to watch BOOOOOOOG, and Scott's tour through Disney soundtrack discography. As always, here are the important details: Like, subscribe, and rate us on iTunes. Please, you saying nice things about us not only validates my personhood but makes it easier to justify the time spent doing this,...
Lookout Landing May 27, 2016

Sporcle Friday: M's pitchers who have given up 4+ unearned runs in a game

Every once in awhile a pitcher's defense lets him down in a big way. The Mariners are coming off of two of their most entertaining wins of the season. Leonys's walk-off on Tuesday was magical and the M's drubbing of Oakland on Wednesday (injury aside) was so much fun. However, I know that these feelings of JOY and ELATION are somewhat foreign to many Mariners fans; to bring you back into your comfort zone, today's Sporcle will focus on a relatively dour subject (one that ties into last Monday's game). On Monday, the Mariners lost to the A's by a score of 5-0. It was not fun. In that game,...
Lookout Landing May 26, 2016

June comes roaring

Let's roar back Something like three hours ago we all felt the same disappointment. The Seattle Mariners will not be playing baseball tonight. I remember times, just last year, where off-days felt like a sort of mercy. The M's played the night that Jack Z was fired. We had to play ball that night! Every morning in August, as a staff we would, nearly in disbelief, remark the same thing, "I can't believe they're playing again." It was a shell-shocking season. Back in those times, Colin O'Keefe, our former writer turned Mariners spy, would need consolation quite often. You see, Colin took this...
U.S.S. Mariner May 26, 2016

A Quick Look at Mike Montgomery, Relief Pitcher

In a textbook example of the trenchant analysis you’ve come to expect from USSMariner dot com, I noted before the year that Mike Montgomery’s arsenal and history made him an odd fit as a relief pitcher. His one plus pitch was a change-up, and that led to some struggles against *left* handed bats, as the This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.A Quick Look at Mike Montgomery, Relief Pitcher
Lookout Landing May 26, 2016

The Mariners crush the A's 13-3 thanks to Adam Lind and friends

Life is pretty good these days. Yes hello I am assuming you're reading this story because you know the Mariners destroyed worlds at Safeco Field. If you didn't already know that, yeah, the Mariners destroyed worlds. They won 13-3 and captured a home series win against the A's. More importantly, the M's are now 10 games over .500. That's pretty damn cool. They won in emphatic fashion tonight in what was one of the most fun games of the season. The runs came in bunches against a crippled A's pitching staff. With Sonny Gray scratched from the game due to a strained trapezious, the A's...
U.S.S. Mariner May 25, 2016

Game 46, Athletics at Mariners

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Zach Neal, 7:10pm After a riveting walk-off win against the heart of the Oakland bullpen, the M’s go for a series win facing a pitcher making his first big league start. This has happened a few times already this year, but when I saw the probables, I had no earthly idea who This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 46, Athletics at Mariners
Lookout Landing May 25, 2016

Mariners swap shortstops with Rainiers, win trade

Luis Sardinas returns, Chris Taylor departs, Ketel Marte continues to ice regularly. Baseball is a silly game, with a bevy of silly rules. One of those rules is that if a player is sent to the minor leagues, he cannot be recalled to the major leagues until ten days have passed. I don't feel like looking this up but for now I'm going to assume this rule was enacted by Branch Rickey, who was, despite his many notable and worthwhile contributions to the game, an amazing and legendary cheap ass. So, I dunno, maybe this rule made it easier to plan out cheaper Greyhound tickets or something. LAST...
Lookout Landing May 25, 2016

Martin's dogs are hungry

When Safeco became an off-leash area It's relatively difficult to find just exactly the point where this story begins. I'm, admittedly, having trouble contextualizing this season among the catalogue of Mariners Baseball that I have kept running since I was cognizant of the ball team down in SoDo. That collection of memories, of times both at Safeco and afar, contains some amazing moments. There's the Mike Zunino walk-off against the Cubs, listening to The Bunt with my Pops in the car on a sunny afternoon, the Guti Walkoff, the Perfecto, Kuma's No-No, hell, Luis Rodriguez Beats the Yankees....
Lookout Landing May 25, 2016

Leonys Martin clubs walk off home run and Mariners nation explodes into balls of unadulterated happiness and joy

The A's wanted to win five-straight at home aganist the Mariners, but Leonys Martin said not on my watch. Sometimes when covering sports things you try to be cute, clever, and ensure an early bed time by writing a bit of the recap before the game is over. Sometimes games just have a pre-determined notion of how they will play out and it isn't too much of a reach to start early. Sometimes the narrative gets flipped as you are writing and then you realize that approximately 75 percent of your 800 words are pretty much useless. BUT I COULD NOT GIVE ANY POOPS LESS BECAUSE LEONYS MARTIN CAME IN...
Lookout Landing May 24, 2016

Mariners promote Andrew Moore to Double-A Jackson, Nick Neidert to Class-A Clinton

The right handed pitchers were the first two players selected by the Mariners in the 2015 draft The Seattle Mariners continue to make moves down on the farm, promoting RHP Andrew Moore to Double-A Jackson and RHP Nick Neidert to Class-A Clinton. Nick Neidert, the Mariners top draft pick from last season, has joined Class A Clinton — Ryan Divish (@RyanDivish) May 24, 2016 Another minor-league promotion -- Andrew Moore moves up to AA Jackson from Bakersfield. Moore was the Mariners second round pick last year — Ryan Divish (@RyanDivish) May 24, 2016 Moore and Neidert were the...
U.S.S. Mariner May 24, 2016

Game 45, Athletics at Mariners

Nate Karns vs. Kendall Graveman, 7:10pm Last night’s game was no fun, from the offense’s complete inability to figure out a guy throwing a blizzard of slow curves (all while looking like a bookish middle manager) to Chris Taylor’s two key errors. All that said, the M’s open today’s game in first, and the A’s This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 45, Athletics at Mariners
Lookout Landing May 24, 2016

Nori Aoki stars in: Game of Chones

A Song of Sighs and Ire When the Mariners signed Nori Aoki to a one-year, $5.5 million contract, I remember feeling relieved. If you have followed the Mariners for even a small amount of time, you know that one of the flagship failures of the Jack Zduriencik Era was the inability to assemble anything resembling a major league outfield. While last offseason featured a loaded class of outfielders, the vast majority commanded salaries that ownership deemed excessive. Aoki was cheap, and while his stats weren't exciting, he was an average player, at a position where the Mariners craved...
Lookout Landing May 24, 2016

Mariners fall 5-0 to Rich Hill and the A's

Chris Taylor spills his cup of coffee The batter ahead of him had just weakly grounded out to the pitcher. Cue the music. Cue the weight knocked off his bat. Cue the tap of of the barrel against his cleats. Cue the terror of another time in the batters box against a man possessed and a crowd on the verge of eruption. Cue the grass turning to dirt around home. Cue game time. It's the bottom of the eighth and his team is losing, five to nothing with Rich Hill on the mound for his final frame in a masterful evening. Behind him, the half-inning previous, is two errors in one inning that opened...
Lookout Landing May 24, 2016

26-18: Chart

M's single all night, Rich Hill Prom King Gin: Leonys Martin (.054 WPA) Vodka: Norichicka Aoki (-.114 WPA) Jerry's: ( 8 K's + 0 BB) - ( 6 K's + 3 BB) = -1 Jerry Thermal Units

Mariners Player News

  • 1 Nori Aoki

    Nori Aoki

    Mariners looking to find speed and range with Leonys Martin out for 14 games

  • Taijuan Walker

    Taijuan Walker

    Taijuan Walker gives up a homer, then things get worse as Mariners lose to A’s

  • Felix Hernandez

    Felix Hernandez

    Felix Hernandez fails to stop the Twins and the unmerciful, crushing wheels of time

  • Hisashi Iwakuma

    Hisashi Iwakuma

    Game 46, Athletics at Mariners

  • Robinson Cano

    Robinson Cano

    Mariners Robinson Cano is finally happy, healthy and hitting again

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