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Lookout Landing Oct 23, 2016

Lookout Linkage, 10/23/16

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Hello world! The universe is likely freaking out about the Cubs, but there are a handful of other storylines around the major leagues as well. Let's take a look at what's going on: Luke Arkins of Prospect Insider ponders the idea of a contract extension for Leonys Martin. Lloyd McClendon has been hired as the Tigers' hitting coach for 2017. Dave Cameron says the Blue Jays should tear it all down and start over. Charlie Sheen expressed interest in throwing out the first pitch when the Indians play in...
Lookout Landing Oct 14, 2016

Eat Canned Food and Watch Baseball: ALCS Game 1 Open Game Thread

While your power is out, crank up that emergency radio and use your precious phone battery life to discuss some sports. Come on, don't be afraid. Are we having fun yet? As the wind and rain beats against the walls and roofs I hope you all are safely within, spectacular baseball continues to be delivered to us, the people. Thank you, baseball gods, for our delicious bread and circuses free of killer clowns. In the seven game regular season series between these two teams, Cleveland edged Toronto 4-3, despite being outscored 38-24. A playoff series like that might make my head explode, or at...
Lookout Landing Oct 13, 2016

The Same Old Story - NLDS Game 5: Open Game Thread

The Dodgers pit a lefty ace against the Nationals’ fireballing righty workhorse. No creativity. After the baseball-famished hellscape that was Wednesday, I am pleased to say there is good eatin’ to do this evening. In the deciding game of the Dodgers-Nationals series, both both teams will lean on elite pitchers and hope the tops of their orders can continue to deliver for them. Dodgers at Nationals (Series tied 2-2) - 5 PM PT Rich Hill was touched up a bit in Game 2, with a José Lobatón three-run homer helping send him to an early exit without completing the 5th inning. Hill was...
Lookout Landing Oct 13, 2016

A quick look at Seattle's ~regular corner outfielders

Aoki and Smith and Cruz and Guti, oh my! Our miniseries of post-season positional summaries continues with... Seattle Mariners outfielders! Specifically, I'll be talking about the four gentlemen who spent the most time at the corner spots in the outfield: Norichika Aoki, Seth Smith, Nelson Cruz, and Franklin Gutierrez. (Jake will be discussing the remaining M's outfielders tomorrow.) Let's get to it. Norichika Aoki: A tale of two halves Aoki's first few months in an M's uniform were ugly. He couldn't hit, his fielding was ADVENTUROUS (in a bad way), and he was thrown out stealing in seven...
Lookout Landing Oct 12, 2016

Goodbye to the 2016 season

"Let us go then, you and I,/When the evening is spread out against the sky" T.S. Eliot It is so painfully easy, in this world of increasingly virtual communication, to obscure our feelings from others. For all that technology brings us together, it is the ultimate enabler when it comes to repressing emotions of any kind. Joy is less vibrant, sadness less painful, when shared or expressed online and, as with anything we do with enough frequency, these feeble expressions of emotions can easily become habitual. Baseball, silly and childish game that it is, cracks that habit apart, and exposes...
Lookout Landing Oct 12, 2016

State of the Farm: 10/12/16

A look at the catching depth throughout the system This week marks the start of a weekly, position-by-position breakdown of the system for State of the Farm. First up is catcher, a position that is filled to the brim with fringe prospects and not much else. Let's take a look: Overview If you skim through MLB.com's Top-30 Mariners prospect list, you'll find that catcher is the only position to be omitted. There are lefty relievers, lefty starters, center fielders, first basemen, shortstops, and so on, but a catcher will be nowhere to be found. Regardless of how you feel about MLB.com and...
Lookout Landing Oct 11, 2016

National Love: 10/11 Open Games Thread

Sorry Pitbull, we're staying domestic with this one. For those of you who stayed up last night to watch the Giants cobble together every scrap of #beliEVEN pixie dust and see Mike Montgomery hold San Francisco at bay for four innings, before finally succumbing in the bottom of the 13th, I salute you. Like me you probably needed some extra coffee this morning. Make sure you don’t pop all that energy too early, because the post-lunch slump can be deadly, and you don’t want to sleep through today’s two potential elimination games. Nationals at Dodgers (2-1 Nationals lead) – 2:00 PM...
Lookout Landing Oct 11, 2016

A Mixed Bag: Corner infielders

Not all corner infielders are created equal *Author’s note: This piece was written under extreme duress, and protestation. I was late to sign up, and corner infield was all that was left. So, kids, don’t be late because otherwise you’ll have to waste precious minutes of this life thinking about Adam Lind. To make the (general) misery of reading about first base slightly more palatable I’ve split each section into a quick look and an extended look, so you don’t necessarily have to dwell on the agony of Dae-Ho Lee’s 23.3 K%. Kyle Seager Amuse-bouche: In 2016 Kyle Seager had a...
Lookout Landing Oct 9, 2016

The Mariners will not baseball today, but other teams will: Open Games Thread

Except the Indians and the Red Sox, because when Fenway was built no buildings had roofs Due to inclement weather shenanigans, and subsequently rescheduled games, this thread is already late going up. For those of you up at 10 AM on a Sunday to watch teams that are generally despised throughout the regular season, I am sorry. The Los Angeles Dodgers are already beating the Washington Nationals, as they look to improve on a 1-0 series lead. Corey Seager is succeeding at being the asshole younger sibling who shows up the rest of his family, and so far Yasiel Puig hasn't looked at anyone the...
Lookout Landing Oct 8, 2016

Playoff Pandemonium: Open Games Thread

The NL teams shall dance on this lovely Saturday Both the Dodgers and Cubs will look to take 2-0 series leads today. Los Angeles Dodgers vs Washington Nationals – 1:00 PM PT – FS1 Dodgers lead, 1-0 Rich Hill and Tanner Roark square off in Nationals Park with the Dodgers looking to take a commanding 2-0 lead before the series heads for Los Angeles. UPDATE (12:17 PM): The Dodgers and Nationals game has been postponed to tomorrow at 1:08 PM ET The game has been postponed until 1:08 PM ET tomorrow. #Dodgers at #Nationals. #NLDS — Alanna Rizzo (@alannarizzo) October 8, 2016 ...
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 7, 2016

What If the M’s Hadn’t Traded Mike Montgomery?

The pain of the M’s season-ending loss to Oakland is still fresh; it’s been less than a week before that crazy game officially eliminated the M’s from the wild card chase. In a season in which their late-season push came up *just* short, you can’t help but wonder if this or that game, or this […]
Lookout Landing Oct 5, 2016

NL Wild Card Game Viewing Thread

At least this is a game the Mariners couldn't have played in. The AL has spoken and pushed the Blue Jays into the real postseason. Tonight, at 5:00p PST on ESPN, the Giants and Mets face off for the right to play the juggernaut-esque Cubs. Unlike last night's game, there are two elite level aces squaring off: Madison Bumgarner and Noah Syndergaard. Both Thor and MadBum had ERAs below 3.00 this year, and each struck out over a quarter of the batters they faced while walking less than six percent. That is what an Ace looks like. That is what every team wants, and very few teams have. We had...
Lookout Landing Oct 4, 2016

AL Wild Card Game Viewing Thread

We can't watch the Mariners, but we can watch Chris Tillman, which is sort of the same thing. The site has been filled with nothing but sadness these past 48 hours, so let's watch some baseball to cleanse our mental palates. At 5:00p PST, the playoffs begin. In our first game of the 2016 postseason, the Baltimore Orioles travel north of the border to visit the Toronto Blue Jays. The two teams squared off 19 times this season to a near stalemate, with the Blue Jays going 10-9, so it's only fitting they have a one-game playoff to determine who moves on (though if Baltimore wins Toronto should...
Lookout Landing Oct 3, 2016

Time to go

The season is over, now. The truest thing I ever wrote in the three and a half years I was privileged to be here, was also one of the worst. On August 22nd, 2015 my friend, and the remarkable, incomparable recap-artist Matt Ellis came to Safeco Field. We all went, to the point that no one was around to recap. The Mariners lost, which was perfect, to be honest. I got very drunk, and wrote this sloppy, trainwreck of a recap, because no one else could. But this part, I got right: One day, tomorrow or 10 years from now, the Mariners will be good. We will have a lot of fun, we'll cry, we'll...
Lookout Landing Oct 2, 2016


The Mariners 2016 season comes to a close after a 3-2 loss to the Oakland Athletics. He opened the bullpen gate and walked out onto the wet grass. He was wearing a blue hoodie and a blue hat, silver letters etched above the brim and pulled ever so slightly down on his forehead, as if in response to a sight better gone unseen. His head was turned to his feet. Sometimes he would look up to spit out sunflower seeds and then lick his lips. But after it was the feet again. In the dugout he removed the hoodie, smoothed his once-golden hair back and affixed his hat like a crown, knowing full well...
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 2, 2016

Game 162, Athletics at Mariners

King Felix vs. Sean Manaea, 12:10pm It’s both a blessing and a curse that things change quickly in baseball. 2 years ago, the M’s headed into their final game knowing they wouldn’t be going to the playoffs, but thinking they could in 2015; I wrote back then that they’d narrowed the gap between themselves and […]
Lookout Landing Oct 2, 2016

Lookout Linkage, 10/2/16

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. To any and all who are reading this right now: thank you. Thank you for your loyal readership throughout the season. Thank you for sharing in the joys and sorrows of 2016. I know last night was hard for many of us, but LL will keep on churning like we always do. This is a community I'm beyond thankful to be a part of, and if you're reading this (whether or not we've ever interacted) you've been a piece of that joy. Onto the future! Oh, and here are some links: The Blue Jays acquired second base...
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 1, 2016

Game 161, Athletics at Mariners

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Jharel Cotton, 6:10pm It’s the second to last game of the year, and the M’s are still alive. That’s not bad. Hell, even a week ago, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. The M’s are favorites again with a reliable vet on the hill facing an A’s line-up that’s last in all […]
Lookout Landing Oct 1, 2016

The road to the Wild Card goes through the Oregon Trail

We must march my darlings; we must bear the brunt of danger Exciting times await us in the next 48 hours. With just two or three games remaining on everyone's schedules, four teams remain alive in the hunt for an AL Wild Card berth: the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, and Detroit Tigers. The Houston Astros have been eliminated. Is pointing out Houston's shortcomings redundant? Yes, but I never tire of saying it. There is a seemingly endless list of scenarios and possibilities that could play out in the next couple days. In this time of confusion, terror, excitement,...
Lookout Landing Oct 1, 2016

One day more, one more day

The Mariners win a game that would have been boring three months ago but is now immeasurably precious When I was in high school, I was obsessed with thrift stores, antique malls and estate sales. I loved getting my hands on things that were old, that had history; things I could drag from the past and love into relevance. Sometimes these objects transported me. I remember once picking up a card of Christmas-themed enamel pins that had been displayed in a drugstore window in the 60s or 70s, the gloss dulled to yellow on the merry Santa faces, and having a clear flash of seeing the pins...

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