6:15 PM EST, Sat February 06, 2016
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Northwest Sports Beat 16 hours ago

Three Bold Predictions for the 2016 Seattle Mariners

NWSB Writer and Seattle Mariners Insider, Brian Scott, gives us his three boldest Seattle Mariners predictions for the 2016 season-- Now we have Scott Servais and Jerry Dipoto running things along with a host of new players throughout the lineup, rotation and bullpen. Is it reasonable to think the M’s can bounce back this fast with a winning season with so much turnover?
Lookout Landing Jan 30, 2016

20 Days

Continuing to put winter on the clock. It is a game often associated with its leisurely pace, one defined as much by inaction as action. That reputation, particularly in a country that worships at the altar of a sport that crams 10 minutes of action into a 3 1/2 hour multimedia marketing extravaganza, is ill-earned. Still for a sport that Walt Whitman termed "the hurrah game of the republic", time and the shifting sands of culture have left baseball with a reputation as Your Dad's Favorite Game, and it's very uncool to like the same things as dads. *** All it takes is a throw...
Northwest Sports Beat Jan 29, 2016

The 2016 Seattle Mariners Bullpen Possibilities

NWSB Writer and Seattle Mariners Insider, Brian Scott, previews the 2016 Seattle Mariners Bullpen-- Unlike the possibilities for the 2016 Seattle Mariners lineups or the Mariners starting rotation, the M’s bullpen has to be the one area of the team that has the most left to be determined. Many spots in the bullpen are up for grabs and will likely come down to the results during spring training.
Lookout Landing Jan 23, 2016

Mariners Eyebrows, Ranked

Because the off-season is long and January is dark Late yesterday, the Mets resigned Yoenis Cespedes to a three-year, 75-million dollar deal. The contract will pay Cespedes 27.5 million in the first year, after which he can opt out, to go live on an island made of his money, I presume, where he can dive Scrooge McDuck-like through stacks of cash equal to the GDP of a small nation. Cespedes's nickname is "La Potencia," the Power, which is a misnomer; it should be "Las Potencias," in honor of his perfectly manicured eyebrows, from whence his power springs. I mean, just look at these things: ...
U.S.S. Mariner Jan 22, 2016

Another Player Development Note

I don’t often post consecutively, but when I do, it concerns the minor leagues and those posts are ill-scheduled. A few days ago, I had a luxurious fifteen minutes to myself with which to do as I would and discovered a segment of a podcast with new farm director Andy McKay. Being of significant curiosity This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Another Player Development Note
Lookout Landing Jan 22, 2016

Mariners sign Gaby Sanchez to minor league deal

Hey, what is over there, in that pile? Today, or maybe last night, or maybe even months ago, the Seattle Mariners signed Gaby Sanchez to a minor league deal with an invite to Spring Training.  It is hard to know when these things happen, I don't know, the winter wears on us all, maybe I've lost my edge.  Either way, another player with MLB pedigree will be joining the Seattle Mariners for the upcoming contests in Peoria and areas beyond. So who is Gaby Sanchez?  Well, he's a 32-year-old man who was drafted in 2005 by the Marlins.  Gaby is a right-handed first baseman who as recently as...
Lookout Landing Jan 22, 2016

The Fall of Miguel Fuentes

Miguel Fuentes threw the final pitch for the Seattle Pilots. The final pitch in Seattle Pilots history was also Miguel Fuentes' last in the majors. It must have been strange, wearing those powder blue jerseys with the garish yellow bands, the caps splattered yellow on the brim. It's difficult to conceive of a uniform less dignified than the Seattle Pilots, less a thing to aspire to: a baseball team recreated from a Saturday morning dream, sketched on a notepad on the bedside table. The jerseys were wool, untailored, not even sized. Especially strange, one would think, to button those...
Lookout Landing Jan 22, 2016

40 in 40: Wade Miley

Take a minute to get to know one of your new Mariners. Wade Miley is one of the many new faces to join Seattle this offseason. He became a Mariner (along with Jonathan Aro) back in December in a deal that sent Roenis Elias and Carson Smith to the Red Sox. Because Miley has spent the bulk of his career in the National League, it’s possible that many LL regulars don’t know a ton about Wade. As such, this 40 in 40 entry can be viewed as a "Getting to Know Mr. Miley" post. Here we go! Wade Miley as a youngster Wade grew up in Loranger, Louisiana, which is a small town of about 6,000 in the...
U.S.S. Mariner Jan 22, 2016

BA Remembers Names of Ten Mariners Prospects

Whether it’s diminishing returns on the player development front or merely that the PhD student lifestyle clamors for the lion’s share of my attention, I’ve found myself more tuned out from the minor league goings-on in recent years than I was while blogging about it on a semi-regular basis. The initial enthusiasm of following an This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.BA Remembers Names of Ten Mariners Prospects
Lookout Landing Jan 22, 2016

Sporcle Friday: Mariners who hit a home run in 2015

Can you name all of the players on the 2015 M's who hit a HR without naming someone who didn't? Bombs. Taters. Long balls. Jacks. Round-trippers. Big flies. Four-baggers. Dingers. Whatever you want to call it, everyone loves a home run. For this week's Sporcle quiz, you're asked to identify each of the 18 Mariners players who hit a home run in 2015. Sounds simple enough, right? Should be easy, yeah? However, to increase the degree of difficulty a little bit, I've made this quiz a minefield quiz. That means that if you type in the name of a 2015 Mariner who didn't hit a home run, the quiz...
Lookout Landing Jan 21, 2016

40 in 40: Mike Zunino

2016 might well be a make or break season for Mike Zunino Mike Zunino is burdened by competing identities and harsh reality. He's too promising to cut, but too flawed to depend on. His talent is intriguing and frustrating in turn. He's still young, but he's also rapidly approaching the point where his troubles can not be attributed to inexperience. If he's going to be the Mariners backstop of the future, he probably can't be the team's major league catcher in 2016, and if he sees extended action in Seattle, things will have gone horribly wrong. But despite the likelihood of cramped, cheap...
Lookout Landing Jan 21, 2016

Beyond the Box Office: I Will Buy You (1954)

A continuing series designed to look a little closer at the intersections of baseball and film history. You can read last week's entry here. Masaki Kobayashi was born in 1916, exactly one year after Osaka's Asahi Shimbun daily sponsored their first national baseball tournament. He entered Tokyo's prestigious Waseda University a year prior to the arrival of Babe Ruth's 1934 American League caravan, refused promotion during the war as a sign of protest, and eventually found himself in an American detention camp at Okinawa before winding up as an assistant director at Shochiku studios. He made...
Lookout Landing Jan 11, 2016

Splitting Hairs on Felix Hernandez Season Splits

Splits like first half and second half, not splits like Mary Lou Retton. Felix Hernandez needs no introduction. If I introduced him to you, you would probably pee your pants. That's how no-introduction he is. Introduction notwithstanding, the man they call The King had his most ineffective season last year since about 2008 when he wasn't just running roughshod over opponents like he was Samwell Tarly playing Red Rover with Kindergartners. But when 18 wins, a 8.52 K/9, and 3.53 ERA represents a disappointment, well you're doing alright. Or as Deion Sanders might tell Doug Baldwin, aight. You...
Lookout Landing Jan 10, 2016

Counting down to the beginning of Mariners Spring Training

The start of Spring Training is still 40 days away. Here are some suggestions of ways to pass the time between now and then. As of 1 pm PST today (1/10/2016), Opening Day for the Mariners 2016 season will be exactly 85 days away. I'm appreciative that we're now into double digits for this countdown, but that is still a pretty long time to wait for baseball. Thankfully, Spring Training starts much sooner than that; pitchers and catchers report on February 19th, which is only 40 days away! For those keeping track, 40 is much more manageable than 85. It also lets us reference player numbers to...
Lookout Landing Jan 8, 2016

Beyond the Box Office: Panic on the Air (1936), baseball over the radio

A continuing series designed to look a little closer at the intersections of baseball and film history. You can read last week's entry here. On the afternoon of August 5th, 1921, the first broadcast of a live baseball game was aired from the tower of the nation's "first" radio station, Pittsburgh's KDKA. Major League baseball was 53 years old. Babe Ruth was 26, and had just one year prior, starred in the five-reel comedy Headin' Home, thrown together by the Kessel and Baumann production company in an attempt to cash in on baseball's first truly profitable mega celebrity. We read about...
Lookout Landing Jan 8, 2016

Sporcle Friday: Picture puzzles of Mariners player names

Can you decipher which player each collection of images corresponds to? Hello, everybody! It's the first Sporcle quiz of 2016. I hope everyone is having a lovely new year so far and that you're all enjoying Ken-Griffey-Junior-gets-elected-into-the-HOF week. This quiz is a little bit different. Instead of asking you to identify players based on their awesome/sad statistics, I've put together some word picture puzzle/rebus-style images that describe the names of some past and present Seattle Mariners. Your job is to decipher which player each collection of images corresponds to. Some of these...
Lookout Landing Jan 7, 2016

Ken Griffey's hall of fame press conference and other tidbits

The Kid flipped his lid, and the Mariners both caught and released baseball players. With yesterday's news that Ken Griffey Jr. was elected to the hall of fame with a record 99.3% of the vote there was little question that Junior would become the first to enter Cooperstown wearing a Mariners hat. What little drama remained was quickly gone shortly after the beginning of today's press conference, which had the perfect start: You know Junior’s gotta rock it backwards. #HOF pic.twitter.com/MpxXxCcH3a — MLB (@MLB) January 7, 2016 Right after that we heard all we needed to hear: ...
Lookout Landing Jan 7, 2016

Dipoto's Mildly Diverse Pile of Right-Handed Middle Relievers

Zach Sanders' work can be found on Fangraphs, where he has been a fixture for many years. After many attempts to bribe and cajole Zach on staff I finally made a good deal of promises I have no intention of keeping. I am thrilled to have Zach's writing on Lookout Landing. Welcome. Over this glorious offseason, our lord and savior Gerald Peter Dipoto has transformed the Mariners bullpen in extreme fashion; Charlie Furbush is the only man standing from last year's Opening Day incarnation. Outside of Joaquin Benoit and Steve Cishek, the vast majority of Dipoto's acquisitions are right-handers...
Lookout Landing Jan 7, 2016

Twenty-Twos & Tridents, Ep. 048: Ninety-Nine Point Three

Ken Griffey, Jr. is a Hall of Famer. So of course we're going to talk about that. Conner and I both missed the entirety of Griffey's best year's in Seattle, so unfortunately not as well as we'd like. We had a lot of good questions and, in light of Paul DePodesta's hiring in Cleveland, discussed other front office crossover candidates. Beers: I had Silver City Brewing's Fat Scotch Ale, which is good but I'm pretty sure I skunked it. Conner had Deschutes' Red Chair NWPA, which we both agree is excellent. The usual housekeeping: You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes so you get it on...
Lookout Landing Jan 7, 2016

Lookout Landing, 1/7/15

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Now that the Hall of Fame announcement has been made and most of the deals that are going to be made this offseason have been made, news will likely slow down until pitchers and catchers report. That being said, there will always be some news because #ThereIsNoOffseason right? Anyway, to start things off: The Rangers appear to be in talks with the Marlins regarding outfielder Marcell Ozuna. If you'll remember from earlier this offseason, there was a time when the Mariners were reportedly close to...

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    Steve Cishek

    Steve Cishek welcomes chance to stabilize Mariners’ closer role

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    'Hot Stove' show, FanFest edition: Jerry Dipoto, Charlie Furbush, Kevin Mather and more

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    Mariners notebook: Jesus Sucre expected to miss at least 6 weeks

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    Ryan Cook

    Mariners sign right-handed reliever Ryan Cook to a one-year contract

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    Kyle Seager is ready to do whatever he can to help the Mariners win and make the postseason

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