10:31 PM EDT, Tue October 06, 2015
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Lookout Landing 10 hours ago

The Mariners may already have their man for player development – and he's good

Per The News Tribune's Bob Dutton, Scott Servais may soon reunite with Jerry Dipoto in the Mariners' front office. The teardown is already underway. On Monday, news broke that the Mariners had already informed a scout, a scouting supervisor two special assistants to the GM that their contracts would not be renewed for the 2016 season. There's a good chance more firings will come soon, maybe today. Then, once the subtractions are over—maybe even while they continue—the reinforcements will arrive. It makes sense, with their woes in the area, that Jerry Dipoto and the Mariners would start...
Lookout Landing Oct 5, 2015

The season is over now

2015 dealt us a pretty rough hand, but we didn't come out broke. "Our default is towards profundity." Stupid Matt, always being so right about crap in that special way that leaves no room for counter. I do default towards (attempted) profundity, and often in a way I know can veer towards trite and sentimentality. It is a weakness, and perhaps, at times a crutch. So for this I'll be brief: The Mariners season is over. Like almost every year it's ended a failure. We're very used to all that by now. I've grown so accustomed to finding joy in my baseball outside of Mariner victories that losing...
Lookout Landing Oct 4, 2015

76-86: Proceed to the route

The Mariners finally put an end to the disaster that was their 2015 baseball season in a 3-2 victory over the Athletics. Our default is towards profundity. We begin with that familiar, syrupy midwestern accent pulling us in over stock footage of spring grass, with a brisk sun reflecting off an ocean of empty green lawn chairs bolted together as if were the only way we knew how to cram a rural pastime into a modern concrete envelope of excess and exchange. And unlike anyone, by god, just about anyone else, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from the bottom toe of Texas all the way to the...
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 4, 2015

Game 162, Athletics at Mariners

Vidal Nuno vs. Chris Bassitt, 12:10pm Every game starts at the odd time of 12:10 today, as the AL West remains undecided. Texas is a game up on Houston, and two up on LA with one to play. Meanwhile, the M’s and A’s just need to put 2015 behind them. The M’s and A’s took This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 162, Athletics at Mariners
Lookout Landing Oct 4, 2015

Lookout Linkage, 10/4/15

News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league. Good morning fellow Mariners fans! Let's get your day started with some light reading: According to Jerry Dipoto, re-signing Hisashi Iwakuma will be a priority for the M's this offseason. Robinson Cano will undergo surgery in the offseason to remedy a sports hernia. Zack Greinke has been better this year in part because of Felix Hernandez. Tony Blengino at Fangraphs breaks down the AL Cy Young race. Ichiro appears to be aiming to play until he is 50. Max Scherzer threw his second no-hitter of the...
Lookout Landing Oct 4, 2015

75-86: Almost There

The Mariners take the penultimate game of 2015 into 13 innings, losing to the Athletics, 7-5. Sacrificing a season to abandon the excess baggage: Ketel Marte (.318 WPA) The Phillies: J.C. Ramirez (-.326 WPA) Oh, hello there. No, please, stay seated. This won't take too much of your time.* My name is A Tied Baseball Game. You may recognize me from other such baseball games as April 18th and May 21st and ah, hell, about 140 other individual instances of extended monotony and violent complacency from this here baseball season. *it's going to take a lot of your time It's...
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 3, 2015

Game 161, Athletics at Mariners

Roenis Elias vs. Sean Nolin, 6:10pm The A’s Sean Nolin is something like Mike Fiers, who the M’s saw recently. His fastball is only 89-90 or so, but it’s arrow-straight with a lot of vertical rise. Like Fiers, he tore through the minors, posting gaudy strikeout numbers at pretty much every level. That’s how you This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 161, Athletics at Mariners
Lookout Landing Oct 3, 2015

Putting Ketel Marte's rookie season in perspective

There weren't too many bright spots for the Mariners in 2015, but the play of Ketel Marte was definitely one of them. In Major League Baseball, July 31st is a date that is filled with significance; it's the trade deadline! The unofficial start of the playoff race, where teams proclaim themselves to be either buyers or sellers, winners or losers, throw-everything-to-the-wind-ers or maybe-next-year-ers. This season, the Seattle Mariners made two trades on the deadline, flipping J.A. Happ and Mark Lowe for a handful of youngish pitchers. It was one of the M's busier deadlines over the past...
Northwest Sports Beat Oct 2, 2015

Lloyd McClendon:  Should He Stay Or Go?

NWSB Writer and Seattle Mariners Insider, Brian Scott, examines the first major decision for new GM Jerry Dipoto-- Should Lloyd McClendon stay or go? When you start combining those kind of numbers with the idea that McClendon, like Scioscia, is an old school style manager who will resist the use of modern metrics that dictate how he should play his team, you then really start to cast a shadow of doubt on McClendon and Dipoto working well together.
U.S.S. Mariner Oct 2, 2015

Game 160, Athletics at Mariners

Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Aaron Brooks, 7:10pm In the last series, we got to see the Astros, a team that’s notoriously collapsed in September, coughing up a division that they seemingly had well in hand by mid-August. Wouldn’t that sting? Glad we side-stepped THAT unpleasantness, eh? In the spirit of finding common ground through schadenfreude, the This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 160, Athletics at Mariners
Lookout Landing Oct 2, 2015

Covered by The Dome and bedlam

Or - Randy Johnson was the God of the Old Testament vengefully casting his Angels to hell. The Sound It was 20 years ago today. I watched with my father in a small television in our condo in Sunriver, OR. We had the vacation planned all year. No one from Seattle had ever thought to plan a vacation around a pennant race. TV technology has come along ways in the past few decades. HD brings sports into your living room in a way that in 1995 would seem like something out of Back to the Future II. But those TVs still carried sound just fine. So, for the first 15 glorious seconds of its broadcast...
Lookout Landing Oct 2, 2015

Series Preview: Mariners (75-84) vs. Athletics (66-93)

The Mariners wrap up the season with a three-game series against the Athletics. At a Glance: Date First Pitch Away Team Probable Pitcher Home Team Probable Pitcher Friday, October 2 7:10 pm Athletics RHP Aaron Brooks Mariners RHP Hisashi Iwakuma Saturday, October 3 6:10 pm Athletics LHP Sean Nolin Mariners LHP Roenis Elias Sunday, October 4 12:10 pm Athletics LHP Felix Doubront Mariners LHP Vidal Nuno Mariners Athletics Edge Batting (wRC+) 102 (5th in AL) 96 (12th in AL) Mariners Fielding (FanGraphs...
Lookout Landing Oct 1, 2015

In the tank: the M's and protected picks

The Mariners find themselves in a very different sort of post season race with a 2016 protected pick within reach For the record, this is not a piece in favor of tanking. Let's get that out of the way. Tanking is a bummer for fans and a bummer for players and managers. It messes with the competitive balance of the league. It's not fun. Don't do it. Ok. Now let's talk about protected draft picks. The season is over, for all intents and purposes. With the Blue Jays claiming their playoff berth, the Mariners are now the (proud?) (nope) owners of the longest current playoff drought in baseball....
U.S.S. Mariner Sep 30, 2015

Game 159, Astros at Mariners

Tony Zych vs. Scott Kazmir, 7:10pm Imagine you’re an Astros fan. You’ve been through years of one of the most comprehensive, painful, soul-crushing rebuilds on record. Cable carriage-fee wrangling left most of Houston unable to watch the club on TV, and the owner who’s overseen all of this has a…uh, controversial past. Thanks to savvy This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 159, Astros at Mariners
Lookout Landing Sep 30, 2015

An Angel fan's view of Jerry Dipoto

We have found the good Angels fan, and we are going to use him until he's sick of us. With the Mariners hiring former Angels GM Jerry Dipoto this week we went looking for the perspective of an Angels fan on what "the deal" is with Dipoto. Unfortunately that proved difficult as Angel fans aren't generally too fond of us and our little website. So we went back to kind and benevolent soul Riley Breckenridge, drummer for Thrice, half of Productive Outs, and adult baseball league participant. Many thanks to Riley as always for his time and being very...
Lookout Landing Sep 30, 2015

Mariners hire Jerry Dipoto as franchise's 9th GM

Things are bad. You know things have reached a certain level of misery when there's a touch of comfort, of familiarity in it all—as there is with the Mariners. Even the oscillations between several years of subpar play and single years of semi-decent ball have found something of a rhythm, a rhythm that's lulled fans to a point where even expressing frustration is reserved for the diehards. In all of professional sports, only one team has not made it to the playoffs since the Mariners won the AL West in 2001. There's a good chance, should Rex Ryan lead the Buffalo Bills to a playoff berth,...
Lookout Landing Sep 30, 2015

75-83: Chart

Shawn O'Malley comes through with a 2 out, 2 RBI single and the Mariners break some heart in Houston with a 6-4 win. Pocket aces: Robinson Cano (.330 WPA)2-7 off suit: Vidal Nuno (-.228 WPA)
U.S.S. Mariner Sep 29, 2015

Game 158, Astros at Mariners

Vidal Nuno vs. Mike Fiers, 7:10pm It’s not just a Vidal Nuno start, it’s a Nuno start *on short rest.* With James Paxton hurt, Taijuan Walker shut down and the M’s lack of upper-minors pitching depth (it’s telling that the M’s have as many eligible, healthy catchers SPs on their 40-man roster as they have This post came from: U.S.S. Mariner, and is copyright by the authors. This RSS feed is intended for the personal use of readers and not, for instance, spam blogs.Game 158, Astros at Mariners
Lookout Landing Sep 29, 2015

Let me love you, Jerry

Or, Where I've been and where we should go together Jerry, I don't write these very often and the pen feels laggard so please excuse my bumbling hand.  We've never met, yet I feel as if it is time I wrote.  Yesterday a task was asked of you that so many before you have failed at, and I hate to bring that up at the moment of your highest elation in being hired.  The role of General Manager of the Seattle Mariners has reduced almost all to rubble.  There is no King Midas here.  Not for some time. There is another job that you must perform, one that maybe wasn't discussed over glasses of...
Lookout Landing Sep 29, 2015

Meet super mysterious general manager Jerry Dipoto

Jerry Dipoto is best known as the guy Arte Moreno didn't back in a fight against Mike Scioscia. Dear Lookout Landing community, I would like you to join me in formally saying hello to the Seattle Mariners' Executive Vice President and General Manager of Baseball Operations Mr. Jerry Dipoto. Hello Mr. Dipoto. Can we call you Jerry? For the point of this article, at times you might be called Jerry. Because the point of this article is to figure out why the Mariners are getting, but who the Mariners are getting. The person Jerry Dipoto was born on May 24, 1968 in Jersey City, New Jersey,...

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