11:02 AM EDT, Sun July 05, 2015
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Viva El Birdos 1 hour ago

The Out of Town Openish Thread

An open invitation for some random chatter on a holiday weekend morn. Morning, all. I hope you're having a really lovely Independence Day weekend; for our UK brethren I hope you're enjoying a very nice High Treason Day weekend. Either way, I'm sure we can all agree it was nice to see our boys in red end their rather ugly skid of losing yesterday afternoon, right? Of course we can! Also, we can probably all also agree it would have been even nicer to see them do it in more convincing fashion than struggling to scratch out a scant pair of runs against the lowly Padres. Beggars, however, can...
Viva El Birdos 17 hours ago

Happy birthday, America! July 4 Padres at Cardinals Recap: Cards win 2-1

The Cardinals are America's team, so of course they beat the Padres today. El Gallo get some strikeouts on those Padres, please Just don't let 'em hit 'em throw it by 'em with some ease (I love it) Love game intuition, watch the Cards, our ace will start Oh Carlos, I've been hooked, yeah you're the one who's got my heart Can't hit your Can't hit your No they can't hit your breaking ball (He's got me like nobody) Can't hit your Can't hit your No they can't hit your two-seamer (He's got me like nobody) The Game The Cardinals headed into this game having lost four in a row.  Four. In. A....
Viva El Birdos Jul 4, 2015

John Lackey, Jaime Garcia, and the 2016 rotation

John Lackey and Jaime Garcia have been important parts of the Cardinals' excellent 2015 rotation. Is there any chance that we see them pitching for the Cardinals a year from now? As you probably know, the Cardinals' starting rotation has been incredible so far this season. As a team, the Cardinals' starting pitchers rank first in the majors in ERA, third in FIP and fWAR, fifth in xFIP, and sixth in SIERA. The Cardinals' have miraculously made up for the loss of Adam Wainwright, in large part due to the reemergence of Jaime Garcia. We have also seen the exciting growth of the Cardinals'...
Viva El Birdos Jul 4, 2015

2015.07.03 Cardinals vs. Padres: Losing streak stretches to four in 2-1 loss

Ouch. pre game white sox lineup: Yonder Alonso 3 Derek Norris 2 Matt Kemp 9 Justin Upton 7 Yangervis Solarte 5 Jedd Gyorko 4 Will Venable 8 Clint Barmes 6 Andrew Cashner 1 cardinals lineup: Kolten Wong 4 Matt Carpenter 5 Jhonny Peralta 6 Jason Heyward 9 Yadier Molina 2 Randal Grichuk 7 Xavier Scruggs 3 Tommy Pham 8 Michael Wacha 1 game I... didn't see this game. I tried. My TV and internet were both out. I was going to make a joke about putting as much effort into this recap as the Cardinal offense did in this game, but that is mean. I am sure...
Viva El Birdos Jul 3, 2015

Breaking down the Cardinals international free agent signings

July 2nd: The date each year when major league clubs shower Latin American kids with millions of dollars and the Cardinals pull up a boat at a lake in Manitoba and sign a bunch of Canadians. Overlord Humphrey has put up a primer on International Free Agency that you can find here, complete with all the comments from last July that basically all still apply this year...which is a bit of a travesty in itself. It's definitely worth a read to get a good idea of how this market differs from the amateur player draft and why players like former Cardinal signee's Junior Fernandez and Alex Reyes...
Viva El Birdos Jul 3, 2015

Good news: Ty Kelly is not one of the hackers! - A Hunt and Peck

Bad news: Chris Correa is one of them... On Thursday, the St. Louis Cardinals relieved Chris Correa of his duties as Director of Scouting, a position he was recently promoted to in 2014, in relation into the ongoing investigation of the Cardinals breach into the Houston Astros database. According to Correa, his motivation behind breaching the Houston Astros system was to prove his suspicions that Jeff Luhnow or one of the people who followed him to the Astros stole propritery information from the Cardinals. Correa denied downloading any information nor did he admit to posting the data...
Viva El Birdos Jul 3, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals' termination of scouting director Chris Correa raises as many questions as it answers

On Thursday Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the St. Louis Cardinals fired scouting director Chris Correa less than a month after he had led the organization in the 2015 MLB Draft. It turns out that the Cardinals' internal investigation uncovered what the F.B.I.'s reportedly could not: the identity of a hacker. Correa confessed to having gained unauthorized access to the Houston Astros' proprietary database. Against the backdrop of previous reporting by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Houston Chronicle, the revelation raises as many questions as...
Viva El Birdos Jul 3, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals lose in extras despite solid Cooney start

Tim Cooney pitched a decent, if not great game tonight, which should have been enough to win against a struggling Tyson Ross. But it wasn't and life is sad. Tim Cooney, owner of a career 4.64 AAA fielding independent pitching (FIP) before this game, faced off against Tyson Ross, owner of a 3.24 FIP last year a 2.94 FIP so far this year.  The Cardinals lost.  This should not be a surprise.  And yet it is because baseball finds ways to disappoint and frustrate you in games that you clearly have no business winning, if the numbers had their way.  I'm well aware the Cardinals have the best...
Viva El Birdos Jul 2, 2015

2015.07.02 Cardinals vs. Padres: The rally thread

My rally thread was defeated last time. It won't happen tonight. Due up for the Cardinals in the bottom of the ninth: Matt Carpenter Jhonny Peralta Jason Heyward, the boy wonder
Viva El Birdos Jul 2, 2015

MLB trade deadline: Do the St. Louis Cardinals actually need to make any deals?

The calendar has moved from June to July, which means that Ye Olde Rumor Mill will be churning at full bore for the next four weeks, with baseball's gossip peddlers sharing anonymously sourced trade discussions and outright speculation. Here at VEB, we've already waded into the trade waters. RB has given us June surveys of the first baseman and starting pitcher trade markets. With Matt Belisle hitting the disabled list this week, it seems fair to wonder whether the Cards should add a righthanded relief arm to their shopping list. The arguments in favor of the Cardinals bolstering their...
Viva El Birdos Jul 2, 2015

Cardinals Defeated Again By The White Sox, Stumbling Into July

On July 2nd, the Cardinals played the White Sox, and were defeated after a lot of rain delays. Lackey pitched pretty well, but the bullpen didn't. The offense remained all but dormant in a 7-1 loss. Tonight, because of mlb's outdated model of blacking out a service you pay for a full season of games as advertised, I am watching the game through cable television on CSN instead of MLB.tv. This uproots me from my usual office/den setting which probably really should be a dining room, but in a big city this sort of random utilization of living spaces is more the usual. So I watch this game a...
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

MLB international free agency primer

Today is July 2, which means the international signing period has commenced for MLB. Every June, Major League Baseball holds its Rule 4 amateur draft to great fanfare and media coverage. The MLB Rule 4 draft covers only amateur players who are residents of the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico. All other players are considered international under the MLB collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and may not be selected in the June amateur draft. International players are signed as free agents. The signing period for international free agents is open from July 2 through June 15 of the...
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

Daily Farm Report: 6/30/2015

Some excellent performances on the farm yesterday, despite the 3-4 record for Cardinal affiliates. Scores: Oklahoma City 2 Memphis 1 Palm Beach 5 Daytona 1 Peoria 7 Clinton 2 Staten Island 5 State College 3 DSL Astros Orange 7 DSL Cardinals 5 GCL Mets 7 GCL Cardinals 6 Johnson City 8 Pulaski 2 Birds: Rob Kaminsky (SP, A+): 7 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 4 K Eleven ground ball outs in 24 batters faced, just 5 balls out of the infield in his 7 innings of work. Kaminsky continues to dominate Florida State League bats.  None of this really surprises me all that much given his talent and how poor...
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

The First Base Fix

In which the author explores a handful of possible opportunities for the Cardinals to upgrade their first base situation. When the monstrously cruel slave-driving manager of this site forced me into giving up an evening to perform unpaid labour on Monday night, one of the topics of conversation we delved into a bit was the possibility of the Cardinals making a trade of some sort to bolster the roster as we head fully into the trade season proper, aka July. The primary subject thus explored was the potential for a pitching acquisition, unsurprisingly, since I think by now everyone is fairly...
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

Trevor Rosenthal has been tremendous in 2015

Seventy-six games into the 2015 season, St. Louis Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal possesses the second lowest earned run average (ERA) among qualified relief pitchers at 0.51, behind only Wade Davis (0.27) of the Kansas City Royals. In an attempt to convey as minimal bias as possible on a Cardinals-centric blog, I will state that there may be one closer I would choose to be on my imaginary team over Rosenthal at this time and it's the flame-throwing Aroldis Chapman. Per usual, Chapman is striking out hitters at an incredibly high rate (40.7%), but, merited or not, it is increasingly...
The Cardinal Nation Jul 1, 2015

Nielsen Tops Reyes and Kaminsky at Palm Beach

The Palm Beach Cardinals starter with the best ERA isn’t who you think.
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

Cardinals v White Sox: Runs tough to find in 2-1 11 inning loss

Randal Grichuk gave out Big Macs. Everyone struck out everyone. Tonight at relatively dry Busch Stadium, strikemeister Chris Sale (3.02 ERA, 2.10 FIP, 2.36 xFIP, 12.18 K/9, 34.2 K%) and sweatmeister Lance Lynn (2.84 ERA, 2.88 FIP, 3.44 xFIP, 9.42 K/9, 24.9 K%) took their turns in the rotation under a waxing gibbous moon. The White Sox roll into St. Louis for a quick 2 game series. Unlike Chicago's other team, these Southsiders are having a rough go of it this year. Starting the day with a record of 32-42 they're in the AL Central basement, 12.5 games behind our cross-state frenemy...
Viva El Birdos Jul 1, 2015

Short Season Previews: Johnson City Cardinals

The most exciting roster in the Cardinals farm system currently belongs to the Johnson City Squad which should compete for another playoff spot in the Appalachian League in 2015 Players to Watch: Bryan Dobzanski, 19, RHP Former wrestler, athletic build, and a power sinker.  What's not to like from the Cardinals standpoint? The 29th rounder from 2014's draft has been covered ad nauseum here at VEB, as both Red Baron and yours truly are fans of his stuff, makeup, and mechanics.  It would not at all surprise me to see some hiccups for Dobzanski this year, as he's not nearly as polished as...
Viva El Birdos Jun 30, 2015

2015.06.30 Cardinals vs. White Sox: A thread in which to rally

Let the rallying commence. This is about one run more than we thought this lineup would score, thanks to Randal Grichuk and his home run in the bottom of the fourth. That home run was the furthest hit of the year at Busch Stadium: Accd to ESPN's HR tracker, Grichuk's 448-ft blast is longest HR of year at Busch. Peralta had previous high of 441 ft on 5-6. #STLCards — Rob Rains (@RobRains) July 1, 2015 Let's watch it again, shall we: Your browser does not support iframes. Due up in the bottom of the ninth: Jason Heyward, the Boy Wonder Yadier Molina, the Wise Xavier "The X-Man"...
Viva El Birdos Jun 30, 2015

St. Louis Cardinals injury news: Matt Belisle placed on disabled list; Marcus Hatley promoted from Triple-A

The St. Louis Cardinals are down another Matt. On Tuesday in St. Louis, the Cardinals announced the following roster moves via the club's official Twitter account: Righthanded reliever Matt Belisle was placed on the disabled list with "right elbow inflammation." Righthanded reliever Jordan Walden was transferred from the 15-day to the 60-day DL. Righthanded reliever Marcus Hatley's contract was purchased from Triple-A Memphis. Belisle Belisle's health had been a hallmark of his big-league value. The righty had made 60 or more appearances in six of the 12 years has been a...

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