10:33 AM EDT, Sat October 25, 2014
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Joe Maddon is leaving. The Rays are done.

They were already done, of course, but we fans were deluded. Blow it up, Stu. Everyone who actually bothered to read Moneyball knows that it has nothing to do with on base percentage or with computer modeling. It's a book about the impossibility of winning consistently as a small market club. Without the resources of the Yankees, the Red Sox, or -- as it pains me to say -- the Dodgers, success for the spunky underdogs in baseball is temporary. Innovation can buy time at the top, but there's no patent for OBP or accurately evaluating defense. The big boys will learn. I wanted to believe, so...
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Why Dave Martinez May Not Be The Manager Of The Rays In 2015

Back in September when we discussed the possibility of Joe Maddon not managing the Rays in 2015, the uneasiness of the thought was muted a bit because we knew the Rays have Dave Martinez waiting in the wings and nobody knows the ways of Maddon better than Martinez. But while […]
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Joe Maddon Is Not Going To Dodgers, Is Expecting ’4-5 Legit Suitors’

Joe Maddon is no longer the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. It will take a while for that to sink in especially because it appears that Maddon doesn’t have a job lined up. The obvious speculation at first was the Los Angeles Dodgers where Andrew Friedman recently became the […]
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GM Matt Silverman, Pitching Coach Jim Hickey react to Maddon Leaving

When Andrew Friedman left the Tampa Bay Rays, an opt out clause was activated in Joe Maddon's contract. Surprising in that it's not a conventional measure, but not surprising if the longest tenured GM/Manager combination in baseball had a hope to work together, no matter where they went. That said, the Dodgers are not an automatic destination for Joe Maddon. The Chicago Cubs have one more year remaining on Rick Renteria's contract, and could easily pay off the remaining salary. Andrew Friedman has already told the media he has every intention of retaining Don Mattingly in LA, though that...
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Reactions Around the Internet to Joe Maddon Leaving

Reactions Around the Internet to Joe Maddon Leaving

Maddon told me decision to leave #Rays was combination of financial issues and curiosity over what opportunities will present. — Marc Topkin (@TBTimes_Rays) October 24, 2014 Maddon on how hard it was to leave #Rays: "Gut wrenching, almost feeling sick.'' — Marc Topkin (@TBTimes_Rays) October 24, 2014 Maddon: "When am I going to get this opportunity to find out exactly what people think under these circumstances.'' — Marc Topkin (@TBTimes_Rays) October 24, 2014 Maddon said he has nothing lined up at this point after leaving #Rays. Said he would prefer to manage in '15...
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Joe Maddon Opts Out of Contract with the Tampa Bay Rays

According to Buster Olney over at ESPN, Joe Maddon has opted out of his contract with the Tampa Bay Rays. He even goes so far as to say the intent is for Joe Maddon to depart the club. Sources: Manager Joe Maddon has exercised an opt-out clause in his contract and is leaving the Tampa Bay Rays immediately. — Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) October 24, 2014 The immediate assumption here is that Maddon is off to follow Friedman to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Maddon already owns a home in Longbeach. Rays GM Matt Silverman had just finished telling reporters he thought Maddon would stay, per...
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Joe Maddon Is Out As Manager Of The Rays

Sources: Manager Joe Maddon has exercised an opt-out clause in his contract and is leaving the Tampa Bay Rays immediately. — Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) October 24, 2014 Likes(0)Dislikes(0) © The Professor for Rays Index, 2014. | Permalink | No comment | Add to del.icio.us Post tags:
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Andrew Friedman Got A Record Contract And His First Taste Of How Things Will Be Different In LA

Well, we knew the Los Angeles Dodgers threw a lot of money at Andrew Friedman to entice him to leave the Rays and now we know exactly how much and it is a record. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, Friedman’s contract with the Dodgers is 5-years and he will […]
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Rays Next TV Deal Could Be Worth $80-100 Million Per Year

With so much attention focused on getting the Tampa Bay Rays a new stadium it is easy to overlook another revenue stream situation that will almost certainly improve in the next year or two. With the Rays television contract set to expire in 2016, the Rays could be sitting on […]
DRaysBay Oct 23, 2014
Kevin Kiermaier nominated for Gold Glove

Kevin Kiermaier nominated for Gold Glove

Accolades of scouts and organizations like Baseball America lauded the glove work of Kevin Kiermaier, and smartly so. The kid is fast, to the point that even less efficient routes are generally rather catch-able baseballs. His work since his promotion, which included play between right and center fields, is now being rewarded. #RawlingsGoldGlove Award Finalists – AL RF – @Angels Kole Calhoun, @RaysBaseball Kevin Kiermaier/ @KKiermaier39, @Orioles Nick Markakis — Rawlings Sports (@RawlingsSports) October 23, 2014 That's right, Kevin Kiermaier is already a gold glove talent. His...
DRaysBay Oct 22, 2014

WS GDT: SF up 1-0

If you aren't rooting for Kansas City you are wrong tonight's game is sure to be a spectacle of athletic performance and prowess these young men have been training their whole lives to reach this world stage and we should wish them luck
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Odds And Ends: The Most Worrisome Aspect Of Andrew Friedman’s Departure

Before we get to the rest of the links, the Rays have announced that Chaim Bloom and Erik Neander have been promoted to Vice President, Baseball Operations thus presumably completing the front office shake-up following the departure of Andrew Friedman. The most important aspect of these moves is that the […]
DRaysBay Oct 21, 2014

Friedman departs Rays with weakened farm system

To date, the Rays' drafts since 2008 have been among the least productive in baseball despite a lot of opportunities Wonder who was responsible for those drafts. MT @johnmanuelba Friedman left at right time. Years of rough drafts have left farm system thin. — Kevin Gengler (@KevinGengler) October 14, 2014 @KevinGengler Not the GM. Scouting directors do that (RJ Harrison in TB). GM made mistake of keeping the same dept. that kept falling short — John Manuel (@johnmanuelba) October 14, 2014 I agree with John.  Not that Andrew Friedman leaving is part of some cut and run...
DRaysBay Oct 21, 2014

The Rays Tank: The time has come, pick your bandwagon!

#TakeTheCrown or #OrangeOctober? It's a sweep! This @SportsNation poll shows that all 50 states believe the @Royals will win the #WorldSeries. pic.twitter.com/w2ALUAgR9D — ESPN (@espn) October 16, 2014 Hello friends, and Happy Tuesday! Three pre-baseball-viewing links to browse: 1. Ten reasons to love this World Series, from David Schoenfield. 2. World Series Preview: Five Keys to Victory for the Royals and Giants, from Jonah Keri and Ben Lindbergh 3. Which World Series is worth time traveling for?, from the SBNation MLB gang. Tweet of the Day: You gotta love Hunter Pence....
DRaysBay Oct 21, 2014
The Rays Tank: Real Reason for DRB Inactivity Revealed

The Rays Tank: Real Reason for DRB Inactivity Revealed

A Sad Day in the Rays Blog-o-sphere. I've hesitated to make this announcement until all of the families and online girlfriends had been notified. It is my sad duty to report that the DRaysBay private plane, purchased thanks to your generous ad clicks, has gone down. The Bombardier Learjet 85, affectionately referred to as the SandyKaz, crashed on its way from our home base in Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California, where the staff had planned on researching and revealing a stunning exposè on the departure of Andrew Friedman (pieced together almost entirely from first hand...
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Andrew Friedman Says Don Mattingly Will ‘Definitely’ Manage The Dodgers In 2015

Andrew Friedman was introduced to the media today as the Dodgers president of baseball operations. During the press conference, Friedman was asked about the future of Dodgers manager Don Mattingly. Friedman’s answer put to rest the idea that Joe Maddon will follow Friedman to the Dodgers, at least for now. […]
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Rays TV Ratings Remain Strong But Were Down

Of the 27 American teams in MLB with available data, the Rays finished a very strong 12th in local television ratings, averaging 73,000 households per prime time game. While that is good, there is some bad news. This year’s ratings were actually down 18.0% from last year (89,000 households) and […]
DRaysBay Oct 16, 2014
The Rays Tank: Party at Paul Rudd's Mom's house

The Rays Tank: Party at Paul Rudd's Mom's house

Kegs! Selfies! Cover charges! WORLD SERIES! This is still a Rays blog, I swear. I'm just loving this bandwagon. $5 cover though? Come on, bro. And apparently you can #BEROYAL by simply going streaking: The @Royals have won 11 straight #postseason games dating back to 1985, the second-longest streak in @MLB history.— MLB Stat of the Day (@MLBStatoftheDay) October 16, 2014 Ned Yost has eight straight wins to start his #postseason managerial career, most in @MLB history. pic.twitter.com/MoQzzUSft7— MLB Stat of the Day (@MLBStatoftheDay) October 16, 2014 The @Royals notched the fifth ever...
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There Is Hope That Joe Maddon Won’t Follow Andrew Friedman To The Dodgers

It’s the next day and it wasn’t a bad dream. Andrew Friedman is now the president of baseball operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now Rays fans are worried that Joe Maddon will join him and there are plenty of reasons why we should not be surprised if it does […]
DRaysBay Oct 15, 2014
Andrew Friedman and windows of opportunity

Andrew Friedman and windows of opportunity

A lack of analysis. The Rays did not win the World Series in the Andrew Friedman era, although they came close. With one of the smallest payrolls in baseball, they won the American League pennant in 2008, and then proceeded to make the playoffs in 2010, 2011, and 2013. That's qualifies, along with the run of contention from Billy Beane's Moneyball-A's, as one of the most impressive feats for a general manager in American sports. The A's are the obvious comparison, and the analytically-inclined Rays front office have been on the cutting edge of the baseball revolution that Oakland's highly...

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