9:08 AM EDT, Mon August 03, 2015
RSL Soapbox Jul 13, 2015

Player ratings: Colorado 3:1 RSL

The first 80 minutes tell a different story than the last 15. Jeff Attinella - 6 Attinella came up big for most of the game until RSL completely lost its focus towards the end of the match. Boyd Okwuonu - 6 Okwuonu showed pretty well for himself considering this was his first start in MLS. He looked like he belonged even though he got beat a couple of times. Chris Schuler - 6.5 Schuler made a nice return and showed off some of his footwork that most of us did not know he had in him. There were some miscues in his pairing with Maund, but that is to be expected when they are not used to...