11:53 AM EDT, Mon July 25, 2016
Walking the Red Jul 22, 2016

WTR Mailbag – On the Realities of MLS Rosters & Damien Perquis

Waking the Red's midweek call for your questions – Post-San Jose, Pre-DC Edition It came as some surprise, albeit a muted one, when it was announced that Toronto FC had parted ways with Damien Perquis a few weeks ago. Perquis was occasionally erratic, but had shown a lot of growth from his first season to the next, prompting at least one pundit – Hi! – to pick Perquis as the turnaround, sleeper pick to have an impactful season in 2016. Surrounded by an all-together more solid defense, partnered by Drew Moor in the middle, Perquis' aggression looked set to be perfectly balanced by...

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