12:25 PM EDT, Sat May 30, 2015
Once A Metro May 6, 2015

Peace in our time: Jermaine Jones clears the air with Felipe Martins

The Foxborough fracas has been resolved. Jermaine Jones has had a busy few days. On Saturday, he appeared to instigate a fight between himself and the New York Red Bulls. But he blamed RBNY's Felipe Martins for the brouhaha. And he would have got away with were it not for those meddling kids news-breaker extraordinaire Kristian Dyer, who landed Felipe's side of the story on Tuesday. Whatever Jermaine thought he heard, he didn't. So says Felipe. Ball is in your court, JJ. Well, Jones has clearly had time to reflect on the events of the past weekend, and he's in a mood to let bygones be...
The Bent Musket May 5, 2015

Marsch Needs to Let Felipe-Jones Work Itself Out

Felipe took to the media on Tuesday to protest his innocence and clear the air on his dust-up with Jermaine Jones on Saturday night. Amid his claim of a misunderstanding, Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch butted his head in where it didn't belong and looked foolish. As much as Jermaine Jones might have wished to move on from his Saturday night scuffle with Felipe Martins, talk of the encounter has not really died down. Most recently, Felipe Martins told Metro sports writer Kristian Dyer that Jones misunderstood him, and that the two had texted each other after the match to clear the...
Once A Metro May 5, 2015

Red Bulls-Revolution fight was all a “misunderstanding"

Just some language translation problem, no big deal. Jermain Jones and Felipe Martins got into it at the end of the match on Saturday between the New England Revolution and New York Red Bulls. At the time, Jones claimed that Felipe made comments about his family and took exception. Today, Kristian Dyer at Metro.us has the Red Bulls' side of the story: it was all a misunderstanding. "Jermaine Jones came up with this thing that said I spoke about his family. I was very, very mad. I'm a guy who loves to win, has a passion for this sport," Martins told Metro. "I'm sometimes hard on the...
Once A Metro May 3, 2015

Fracas at Foxborough: Jermaine Jones, Felipe Martins, and the RBNY-Revs postgame bust-up

What was it all about? JJ and Felipe... If you didn't switch off your TV in despair as soon as the final whistle in New England signaled the end of the New York Red Bulls' unbeaten start to MLS 2015, you may have noticed the players decided to continue the contest beyond the traditional boundary of time allocated for soccer matches. Fisticuffs isn't quite the right word, but there was an extended bout of shoving and shouting after full-time, and MLS has helpfully provided highlights for those who missed it: In a nutshell, Jermaine Jones was in a tizzy, a bunch of Red Bulls and Revs...

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