9:29 AM EDT, Mon May 25, 2015
The Daily Wiz May 19, 2015

Sporting Kansas City vs. New England Revolution: Three Questions with The Bent Musket

I spoke with Steve Stoehr of The Bent Musket ahead of Sporting KC's midweek match with another old Eastern Conference foe at Sporting Park. The home side look to continue a 3 game unbeaten strike while ending The Revolution's 9 game run. We ask them... 1)     Lee Nguyen is so much fun to watch and had a phenomenal season last year. Understandably so, he now feels he should be compensated better. Earlier this month he sat out a practice to show his displeasure the club would not renegotiate his contract. Where do the New England faithful stand on this tough situation? TBM: I think it's a...
The Bent Musket May 19, 2015

Agudelo Thinks Nguyen Could Play in the EPL

Juan Agudelo said that teammate Lee Nguyen has the skill to play in the English Premier League. While many people are criticizing Lee Nguyen for not putting up the same numbers that he did last season, colleague Juan Agudelo is offering nothing but praise. In fact, Agudelo believes that Nguyen could play in the English Premier League. "Yeah, I believe so," Agudelo replied when asked if Nguyen could transition to the EPL during an Extra Time Radio interview. "I told him that those guys are big over there. He’s got to go to the gym a little bit but I think with his technical ability [he...
The Bent Musket May 15, 2015

Revolution GM Mike Burns Not Rushed to Renegotiate With Lee Nguyen

While chatting with CSNNE's Dalen Cuff, Mike Burns refused to budge on the status of Lee Nguyen's contract. When speaking about the future of former MLS MVP candidate Lee Nguyen, Revolution General Manager Mike Burns had little to say; the boss appears to be in no rush to settle with the disgruntled midfielder. In an interview with CSNNE's Dalen Cuff, Burns mentioned that he would not provide extensive detail about the negotiating process--but did offer a relatively vague timeline for communicating with Nguyen. "What I can say, and what is factually accurate, is that Lee did re-sign in...
The Bent Musket May 7, 2015

Lee Nguyen Speaks Out on Contract Situation

Lee Nguyen clarified his position on his contract at training on Wednesday, using words like "frustrated" and "disrespected" to describe how he feels about the situation. After it became public that Lee Nguyen is not happy with his current New England Revolution contract, the 2014 league MVP finalist answered questions about the situation at training on Wednesday. Brian O'Connell from New England Soccer Today (who has been all over this story) got the full rundown from Nguyen and another source, painting a pretty bleak picture of the situation and making some startling revelations...
The Bent Musket May 5, 2015

Lee Nguyen Doesn't Like His Contract

The reigning Revolution MVP apparently sat out of training last week in protest of the team's unwillingness to negotiate a new deal. Lee Nguyen wants a new contract, and he's upset that the New England Revolution won't come to the negotiating table, according to a report from Brian O'Connell at New England Soccer Today. He was absent from a training session last week, and apparently the absence was intentional on his part because he is "extremely unhappy" with the club. O'Connell quotes an anonymous source who claims that Nguyen then returned to training because "he didn't want to...

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