2:36 PM EDT, Mon September 01, 2014
Burgundy Wave Aug 15, 2014

The Tampa Bay Rowdies just asked the Rapids to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You know of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by now. Well, the Rapids have been nominated by the Rowdies and their old friend Matt Pickens. By now, you've heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where an entire bucket of ice water is poured onto your head. It's a campaign meant to raise awareness for ALS So far, we've seen Marc Burch do it, and nominate teammate Joe Nasco in the process, but the Rapids as a whole haven't yet gotten their feet quite wet enough, it seems. The Tampa Bay Rowdies, with old Rapids goalkeeper Matt Pickens present, put together a video of five of their players doing the...

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