1:27 PM EST, Mon January 26, 2015
The Daily Wiz Jan 6, 2015

Sporting Kansas City Transfer News: Sporting KC re-signs Roger Espinoza

"The Dragon" is returning to Sporting Kansas City after playing for Wigan Athletic for two seasons. One of the recent Sporting KC transfers abroad is coming back to Kansas City. Roger Espinoza, former midfielder for Sporting KC who went to Wigan Athletic on a free transfer following the conclusion of the 2012 MLS Season, will return to Sporting for the 2014 season. Espinoza was a member of Sporting KC after being drafted in 2008. He was originally a wingback before moving up to the midfield for the remainder of his time with the club. He gained appeal abroad after his performance for...
The Daily Wiz Jan 6, 2015

Studs Up: Roger Espinoza returning is great, but is it the answer?

Roger Espinoza is a fantastic addition to the Sporting Kansas City squad but is not the defensive midfielder that Sporting Kansas City desperately need. There was a brilliant moment in August 2012 when the crowd filling Newcastle United’s St James’ Park rose to their feet and uproariously applauded Roger Espinoza off the field. He’d just received a red card for a second bookable to end what had been a masterful performance against Brazil in the Olympic Quarter Finals.  Espinoza created a goal, scored a goal and performed heroics with energy and passion.  His typical box to box...