5:45 AM EDT, Wed July 29, 2015
The Daily Wiz Jul 22, 2015

US Open Cup 2015: Roger Espinoza did, in fact, punch Brad Davis

Replay verifies that Owen Coyle was correct when he said Roger Espionza punched Brad Davis. Following his team's 3-1 loss to Sporting Kansas City in the US Open Cup quarterfinal, Houston Dynamo head coach Owen Coyle mentioned how he saw Roger Espinoza punch Brad Davis before a Sporting Kansas City set piece. This, he said, was rationale for his belief that both teams should have been down a man after the Dynamo lost Luis Garrido to a first half red card. Espinoza was not sent off, nor faced consequences of any kind during the match for the punch. He did receive a yellow card for his...

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