9:21 AM EDT, Sun April 20, 2014
LAG confidential Apr 11, 2014

MLS Fantasy Round 6

Pick up Shea Salinas (Even if you're a Galaxy fan) Hey fellow fantasy managers! Well that was a crazy week of MLS action. Like many of you, I got Horst'd, but as Josie put it, at least I didn't get Rimando'd or Sanchez'd. Somehow despite a meager three points from my four defenders, I managed to score a season high seventy two points! Took a gamble, captained Keane, and fortunately it paid off. Anyway, let's get started. Ok, full disclosure: I'm up in Nor Cal on vacation this week, so this article is going to be short and sweet, like a sugar packet. Cane sugar though, not that artificial...

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