2:21 AM EDT, Sat August 27, 2016
Sounder At Heart Aug 18, 2016

Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake: Player ratings

The Sounders have now won two games in a row, a feat they had not accomplished in months. The 2-1 win over Real Salt Lake was unnecessarily dramatic, but the Sounders kept RSL in check for most of the game, created a variety of chances, and managed 18 shots in a very free-flowing, multi-faceted attack. Seattle must keep building off this momentum, and they can make a push for the playoffs. KEEPER: Stefan Frei – 6 | Community – 5.7 This game was likely polarizing for Frei, depending on how you saw a key play, but otherwise he was quite good. In the 26th Frei got slightly handcuffed by...
Sounder At Heart Aug 16, 2016

Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake: Community player ratings form

There are two rare qualities (this season anyway) that make this ratings form special: Not only is the lineup the same as last week, but the result was the same (that result being a win). So treat this ratings form gently, like the rare unicorn or four-leaf clover that it is. We don’t want to break anything. Did the players earn themselves three consecutive starts at their positions? How much blame does Stefan Frei get for the goal against? Did Friberg play himself back into the starting lineup (hopefully not back to the injured list!) You tell us. Rate away. Here's the...
Sounder At Heart Aug 15, 2016

Ease off Stefan Frei, RSL’s goal should not have counted

Yura Movsisyan clearly interfered with Frei’s ability to distribute ball. Plays don’t get much more innocuous than what seemed to be happening around the 60th minute. Joao Plata threw the ball in to Stefan Frei, a courtesy after the Seattle Sounders had kicked the ball out in order to allow Jamison Olave to address an injury. Frei touched the ball a couple times before picking it up and looking to pass. What happened next was anything but innocuous. Yura Movsisyan was hanging around, just barely in Frei’s periphery. Just as Frei prepared to throw the ball, Movsisyan reached out his...
Sounder At Heart Aug 14, 2016

Joao Plata gets one back for RSL in the 62nd

Right after he made an excellent save to deny Movsisyan, Stefan Frei produced a bit of a howler when he rolled the ball in front of the box and right to Movsisyan. After a few failed tackles and some flapping by Frei, the RSL forward passed it to Joao Plata, who was able to fire it in before Frei or the defenders could get back in proper position.
Sounder At Heart Aug 3, 2016

Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy: Player ratings

Seattle played well enough to win, but blundered into a draw in a game also marked by the impressive debut of Nicolás Lodeiro. You can look at the Sounders' 1-1 tie with the LA Galaxy one of two ways. Either it's just another game where we have a ton of chances but still fail to win, par for the course in this frustrating season. Or, it's the start of the Nicolas Lodeiro show, where we finally have the dynamic #10 we've coveted for so long, and we're building to a more positive showing from now into the future. Depends on your perspective, I guess. *** KEEPER: Stefan Frei -€” 5 |...