10:43 AM EDT, Sat April 19, 2014
Bullets Forever 19 mins ago

The Wizards need to keep it simple with Bradley Beal against the Chicago Bulls

Bradley Beal has struggled against Chicago throughout his career because he's been placed into situations he's not prepared to face. For him to stay productive in this series, the Wizards would be wise to lighten his workload a bit and keep it simple. Earlier, we broke down ways in which John Wall can overcome an entire defense designed to stop him, which theoretically should open up opportunities for players like Bradley Beal. Through six career games against the Bulls, Beal has gone to shoot just 39 percent from the field and 22 percent from distance. He's upped his shooting...
Net Income / NetsDaily 19 mins ago

Major snag in modular technology causes changes in plans for arena towers

The New York Times reports that the breakthrough modular technology planned for three towers around Barclays Center has achieved neither the savings in time or money Forest City Ratner had anticipated and at least for now, only the first tower will be built using the prefabricated units. The other two will be finished using conventional steel frameworks. Forest City hopes to return to modular construction on another tower further east on Dean Street. The Times Charles V. Bagli says Bruce Ratner's new Chinese partners want the buildings to rise quickly and are not willing to wait for kinks...
Bullets Forever 39 mins ago

Nene is expected to start in the playoffs, according to report

The Big Brazilian will reclaim his starting gig after recovering from injury, according to one report. Nene's health is the big question for the Wizards as they face the Bulls. How ready is he? How many minutes can he play? Here's a good sign: Nene will reclaim his starting spot for Game 1, according to J Michael of CSN Washington: Nene is supposed to talk after Saturday's practice, before the Wizards hop on a flight to Chicago where they'll open Game 1 of the playoffs, but there's no real mystery about his status Sunday. While it's not official, the plan is for him to be starting at...
Daily Thunder 40 mins ago

Saturday Morning Cartoons: 168

Good Saturday. Thank you for your support of Daily Thunder. Playoffs. Today is April 19, marking 14 years since. We all take a minute to reflect and remember where we were at 9:02. How
NetsDaily 41 mins ago

Nets vs. Raptors Playoff Preview: 5 Questions with Raptors HQ

Adam Francis of Raptors HQ answered five questions and gave his prediction for the Nets-Raptors series. Follow Adam on Twitter for great Raptors-related insight to the series. 1.) We're hearing a lot about experience vs. youth in this series. Are you concerned at all about the lack of playoff experience on the Raptors roster or do you think that it's being overblown? I think the experience piece is overblown. Do I think it's a complete non-factor, no, but in my mind, this series is going to be decided based on a few match-ups and which team can execute their style of play better. So...
Mavs Moneyball 41 mins ago

Once more unto the breach: Mavericks and Spurs meet in the playoffs so we can go crazy again

The Mavericks and Spurs have a rivalry that shaped how I watch basketball right now. It turns us into crazy, deranged lunatics and also makes us happier then we can ever imagine. "GET OUTSIDE AND STAY OUT THERE!" That's what I yelled to one of my friends about eight years ago. We were huddled in his TV room, watching Game 7 of the playoff series between the Mavericks and the Spurs in 2006. My friend, who isn't a particularly big sports fan, would pop into the room and each time, something bad to the Mavs would happen. A Spurs three-pointer, a Mavs turnover. Just something bad. The game...
Orlando Pinstriped Post 43 mins ago
NBA tanking: Orlando Magic must start winning games in 2014/15, columnist says

NBA tanking: Orlando Magic must start winning games in 2014/15, columnist says

An Orlando newspaper scribe argues that the Magic need to win more games in their next season. In the two seasons since they traded superstar center Dwight Howard to begin in earnest a monumental rebuilding project, the Orlando Magic have won 10 fewer games than any other NBA team. After subjecting their fans to such misery, argues Mike Bianchi in Friday's edition of the Orlando Sentinel, the time has come for the Magic to start winning again. "The problem is that all of the losses over the last two seasons are dangerous becaue the Magic aren't just losing games; they're losing fans--and...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ 43 mins ago

Nets vs Raptors 2014 NBA Playoffs Preview with NetsDaily.com

RaptorsHQ chats with NetsDaily.com regarding the Nets vs Raptors first-round playoff series... The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets get their first-round playoff series started at 12:30 EST today and what better way to preview the action then to have an installment of "Blogging With The Enemy?" To that end, we chat with Tom Lorenzo of NetsDaily.com, SB Nation's Brooklyn Nets' super-site, regarding five pertinent questions before the series begins... 1) RaptorsHQ: The Nets started to turn things around later than the Raptors but the two clubs share some similar narratives this season,...
Peachtree Hoops 43 mins ago

Hawks vs Pacers Game 1: Rebounding key for Atlanta

While the majority of attention is being paid to the individual match-ups and star players, the key to the series between the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks could be as simple as controlling the glass. Rebounding is one of the most overlooked parts of basketball. Yes, you may see the rebounding margin referenced in a place such as this when it is quite lopsided, simply to prove a point, but in general, the average fan largely ignores the glass. However, if there is a singular indication (aside from simply making open shots/threes) that could provide some insight to the Atlanta Hawks'...
Straight Outta Vancouver 43 mins ago
2014 NBA Playoffs: How can the Grizzlies find a Chink in OKC's Armor?

2014 NBA Playoffs: How can the Grizzlies find a Chink in OKC's Armor?

A look at how the Memphis Grizzlies can take advantage of the Oklahoma City Thunder's poor rotations from behind the arch. Defense wins championships. It's a cliche statement told time and time again, enough to where it becomes annoying. If defense wins championships, why haven't the Memphis Grizzlies won multiple championships? They defend. Grit-and-grind right? What they leave out is that, with that defense, your offense needs to act as an effective compliment. Must Read Playoff Prep Zach Randolph struggles against OKC's post defense Kevin Yeung Few teams can contain Zach...
Net Income / NetsDaily 1 hour ago

Jason Collins spoke with Derrick Gordon before he came out

Jason Collins didn't just provide Derrick Gordon with a role model before he came out. The two spoke before Gordon, the UMAss guard, announced he's gay, becoming the first NCAA Division I openly gay basketball player. "He had a big impact," Gordon explained to Huffington Post. "I was talking to him as well throughout the whole process. It was exciting when I heard he was going back into the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets. I was still unsure. They said he had like a five or ten day contract. And that didn’t really solidify my guarantee in coming out. So I waited and waited, and then...
Adam Francis / Raptors HQ 1 hour ago
Raptors HQ Nets vs Raptors 2014 Game 1 NBA Playoffs Preview

Raptors HQ Nets vs Raptors 2014 Game 1 NBA Playoffs Preview

It's Game 1 of the Toronto Raptors vs Brooklyn Nets and the HQ has you covered via it's giant Game 1 preview. After over half a decade of fairly meaningless regular season basketball, this morning feel pretty exciting no? The sun is shining here in Toronto, the birds are singing, and The Toronto Sun released one of the greatest trolling jobs ever: Not too shabby Sun, we'll see how the New York Post responds. RAPTORSHQ ROUNDTABLE To kick off our preview of this afternoon's match, a little roundtable action.  Myself and HQers Zach Salzmann and Braedon Clark throw the ball around...
NetsDaily 1 hour ago

Here's a hype video to get you ready for Nets vs. Raptors, Nets fans

The NBA Playoffs start on Saturday at 12:30PM when the Brooklyn Nets take on the Raptors in Toronto. And while the Toronto media has already fired a shot... Shots fired. RT @GreedyNBastards RT @MrMichaelLee: This made me laugh a little: pic.twitter.com/vxeWqwcBPb (via @jonmccarthySUN) — Tom Lorenzo (@TomLorenzo) April 19, 2014 ... we've countered with a hype video that doesn't "return fire," so to speak, but it spits fire! So, while the Toronto Sun can certainly take a shot and call the Nets old, our man GMJigga sees things a little differently, showing you that OLD MEN CAN...
Pounding The Rock 1 hour ago

Playoff Predictions: Pacers v. Hawks

A series that captures the excitement --and probably the quality-- of the NCAA Tournament. Eastern Conference: 1) Indiana Pacers v. 8) Atlanta Hawks (2-2 regular season) I suppose I should admit straight away, in the interest of full disclosure, that there is zero chance of me watching a minute of this series unless it gets to at least a Game 6. I mean on paper it looks gross. More specifically, it looks like the NCAA tournament. The scrappy, three-point shooting, undersized mid-major underdogs against the giants from the basketball factory who haven't quite figured out how to play the...
Bright Side Of The Sun 1 hour ago

Phoenix Suns very unlikely to bring three draft picks to camp

Armed with three first round picks from 14-27 in the 2014 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns plan to use them in trades rather than on rookies to join Archie Goodwin and Alex Len next year. With 48 wins under their belts this season, the Phoenix Suns have already moved beyond the 'get as young as possible' phase of the rebuilding process. From now on, it is about acquiring top-end talent rather than stockpiling rookies. No one in the Suns front office feels like this past season was a fluke, or that the youth they already possess is likely to regress next season. "We are not going to sit here as a...

2014 NBA Playoffs Schedule: Warriors-Clippers, Thunder-Grizzlies highlight other Saturday playoff action

The matchup between the Atlanta Hawks and the Indiana Pacers is just one of three games on the NBA's docket for Saturday. Here is a look at the other matchups: .m-sbnation-2014-nba-playoff-coverage { display: block; width: 100%; } .m-sbnation-2014-nba-playoff-coverage img { max-width: 100%; } The 2014 NBA Playoffs get underway on Saturday with four games including the Atlanta Hawks taking on the Indiana Pacers at 7 p.m. on ESPN. Here is a quick look at the rest of the games on the schedule: Game 1 Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors 12:30 p.m. ESPN Photo Credit: Nick...

NBA Playoffs 2014: How will the Grizzlies fill the void Nick Calathes' suspension leaves at backup point guard?

With Nick Calathes suspended after failing a drug test, who will step up and fill his void at the backup point guard position? On the eve of the NBA playoffs, Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Twitter that Nick Calathes will be suspended 20 games for failing a drug test. Although Calathes is a bit-part player, his minutes will still need to be reallocated, and somebody will have to step in and fill his role as backup point guard. The Grizzlies are not without options when it comes to replacing Calathes in the lineup, in no small part because of midseason moves made by the front...
NetsDaily 1 hour ago

NBA Playoffs Game 1 - Brooklyn Nets at. Toronto Raptors, 12:30 PM

The playoffs begin in Toronto, where the Nets will take on the Raptors at 12:30 PM. Welcome to the playoffs! The wait is over. After sleepwalking through the final days of the regular season after clinching their playoff spot, the Brooklyn Nets open the 2014 Playoffs up north. At the beginning of the season, a lot of us were Championship dreaming. That isn't out of the question, but without Brook Lopez, the road to the Finals is gonna be a bit tougher. Awaiting the Nets will be the Atlantic Division champion Toronto Raptors. The Raptors are in the playoffs for the first time since the...
Welcome to Loud City 1 hour ago
Memphis Grizzlies defense: where can the Thunder exploit it?

Memphis Grizzlies defense: where can the Thunder exploit it?

The Thunder's first-round playoff matchup has them taking on the elite defense of the Grizzlies. Even with their own mighty offense, scoring won't be easily accomplished. On one end of the first round playoff matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Memphis Grizzlies, it'll be an elite offense taking on an elite defense. That'd be where the Thunder try to score on the Grizzlies. With a 108.1 offensive rating (points scored per 100 possession) per NBA.com, the Thunder rank 7th in the NBA in that category. Meanwhile, the Grizzlies rank 7th (tied with the Los Angeles Clippers) in...
Welcome to Loud City 2 hours ago

Report: Memphis Grizzlies guard Nick Calathes suspended 20 games for violating NBA banned substance policy

Memphis guard Nick Calathes has been suspended for 20 games for violating the NBA's banned substance policy. How does this affect the Thunder? The Memphis Grizzlies have lost their rookie point guard, Nick Calathes due to a the violation of their anti-drug policy, according to Wojnarowski: Yahoo Sources: The NBA will suspend Memphis Grizzlies guard Nick Calathes 20 games for use of banned substance. http://t.co/IT1zXHDKtY — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) April 19, 2014 The 25 year old guard tested positive for taking tamoxifen, an over the counter drug, and will be suspended...

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