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The split personalities of the 2007 NBA draft

Al Horford could see it. Playing against Ohio State in the 2007 NCAA championship game, the Florida Gators big man could tell Greg Oden was going to be something special in the NBA. "I just knew I was looking at a guy that was going to be like a 10-time All-Star -- was going to be in the discussion as one of the best centers, for sure," Horford said. "I have no question in my mind, looking back, that he was going to be a great player." Almost three months later, Oden was selected No.
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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks ranked 5th in the East by Sports Illustrated

The Atlanta Hawks haven't always garnered a lot of positive attention nationally, but one writer ranks the team fifth in the suddenly ultra-competitive Eastern Conference. In a world in which many pundits seem to ignore the Atlanta Hawks entirely, it is always nice to see some positive thought surrounding the team. Al Horford is back, the wing depth has been bolstered, and some new blood has been added to the front line in the form of rookie Adreian Payne. With that, preseason power rankings have begun to circulate, and one writer paints the Hawks in a fairly positive light. Rob Mahoney of...

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