4:55 PM EDT, Sat August 29, 2015
SLC Dunk Aug 19, 2015

The Downbeat #1708: The Culture Of The Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz are on the cusp of something special. It is difficult to deny that something special is happening in the Utah Jazz organization right now.  They finished the end of last season on a hot streak.  The pieces started to fall into place.  The roster is young and the coach fit the model that Dennis Lindsey was had been trying to create.  But all the successes, Rudy's rise, Gordon Hayward's ascension into a Tier 1 player, Alec Burks returning from injury, Derrick Favors being a rock in the post, Rodney Hood's late season improvement, Joe Ingles actually being a legit NBA role...
SLC Dunk Aug 1, 2015

A Different Utah Jazz Perspective- The Downbeat #1694

A Different Utah Jazz Perspective- The Downbeat #1694 Alec Burks: 'Future is bright for Utah Jazz' - CNN Philippines After going under the knife in December to repair his shoulder, Burks said that he is ready to get back on the court, and is also determined to help the Jazz build on last season's strong finish. "Man, I think it’s at 100%. I just got cleared probably like a couple of weeks ago," said Burks. "We’re gonna build on our second half of the season’s success, I just can’t wait to, you know, get back to start training camp." Alec is ready to go! A situation in Salt Lake...
SLC Dunk Jul 30, 2015

The Return of AB - The Downbeat #1692

Yesterday Alec Burks took over the Twitter account of NBA Philippines (@NBA_Philippines) to answer some fan questions. Here are some of the good ones: @NBA_Philippines @utahjazz whats the biggest key to developing your game since you've been in the NBA? #BurksTakeover — Uncle Drew (@DrewWilber) July 30, 2015 .@DrewWilber "It's gotta be my 3 point shot. Put in a LOT of work on that." #BurksTakeover #NBAFIT — NBA Philippines (@NBA_Philippines) July 30, 2015 @NBA_Philippines @utahjazz who's your funniest team mate? #BurksTakeover — HTown Zay (@IMG_98) July 30,...

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