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Are you optimistic about Bargnani?

By most measures, Andrea Bargnani's season with the Knicks last year was a forgettable one. New York’s offense was 6.8 points better (per 100 possessions) when Bargnani was on the bench. On defense, the Knicks allowed one fewer point per 100 possessions when Bargnani was off the court. And then there’s this: The Knicks went 15-27 before Bargnani went down with an elbow injury and finished the season 21-18 after he got hurt. It's unfair to put that all on Bargnani, but it doesn't reflect well on the former No.
Rotoworld Jul 15, 2014

Phil Jackson tries to talk up Andrea Bargnani - Andrea Bargnani (F/C) New York Knicks

Knicks president Phil Jackson said he expects Andrea Bargnani to do well in the triangle offense this season.
New York Daily News Jul 14, 2014
Phil Jackson talks up Andrea Bargnani

Phil Jackson talks up Andrea Bargnani

Unable to move the expiring contract of Andrea Bargnani so far this summer, Phil Jackson instead attempted to talk up the No. 1 overall pick from 2006 during a televised interview on Monday.
Silver Screen and Roll Jun 24, 2014
What we know about the Lakers going into the 2014 NBA Draft

What we know about the Lakers going into the 2014 NBA Draft

The first NBA Draft that really matters to Lakers fans in a decade will commence in just a few days. What can we know and what can't we know leading up to Thursday? In some years, the NBA Commissioner walks to the podium and there's not a shadow of a doubt whose name he's going to call. LeBron James. Derrick Rose. Blake Griffin. Kyrie Irving. John Wall. It's academic--no holding your breath, no torrid anticipation. A few All-Star teams and MVP trophies later, I'm pretty sure it's worked out for all those teams. In other years, it's more surprising. Michael Olowokandi. Andrea Bargnani....

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