6:50 AM EST, Fri November 27, 2015
New York Post Nov 23, 2015

Knicks’ old misfits finding a home as Nets’ reinforcements

When coach Lionel Hollins was asked Sunday how he planned to wring better production out of his struggling bench, he replied: “Just hope they play better.” Brooklyn’s backups did just that in a 111-101 win over Boston, with Shane Larkin and Andrea Bargnani leading the way. Now the challenge is to do it again. And...
NetsDaily Nov 12, 2015

Andrea Bargnani talks career and his future after best game as a Net

Andrea Bargnani played his best game as a Net Wednesday night. In 17 minutes, he recorded eight points on 3-of-7 shooting, two rebounds, a block and (wait for it), his first assist of the season after more than 100 minutes of playing time.  He finished second in +/- with a +16, behind only Shane Larkin's +24. It's not what we had hoped for. Bargnani has been healthy all season, but his shot selection and poor defense has not instilled a lot of confidence in Lionel Hollins. It's all gotten him his share of derision. He's playing a career-low 14 minutes per game. Was last night the...
New York Post Nov 10, 2015

Kristaps Porzingis earns Dirk comparison from expert source

TORONTO – Raptors coach Dwane Casey hopes his team drafts a prospect in June with the upside of the Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis. The Raptors (5-2) hold the Knicks’ first-round pick in next June’s draft – thanks, Andrea Bargnani – and despite the Knicks’ respectable 3-4 start, most experts think it will land in the lottery. Casey...
NetsDaily Oct 31, 2015

Lionel Hollins on Andrea Bargnani: "His past? I don't care."

In interviews with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy's leading sports publication, this week, both Lionel Hollins and Andrea Bargnani dismissed the importance of the center's history with the Nets cross-river rivals. "His past? I don't care. Not interested in the opinion of other coaches," said Hollins in a clear reference to Phil Jackson's description of Bargnani as a "malingerer" and a "tease.". "To me, it's just what Bargnani can give me. He was available and we took a chance: a very good chance." Hollins added that Bargnani can shoot, pass and dribble and play in the post, calling him "a...
New York Post Oct 28, 2015

Andrea Bargnani in a nutshell: scoring ability, hilarious blooper

Andrea Bargnani may have missed the entire preseason, but he was clearly available for Wednesday’s regular-season opening loss to the Bulls. Bargnani played 22 minutes in Brooklyn’s 115-100 defeat, finishing with 17 points, seven rebounds, a steal and a block coming off the bench. “Obviously I was very upset about not playing during the preseason,...

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