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NetsDaily Aug 26, 2015

Andrea Bargnani: Now is not the time to respond to Phil Jackson

Two weeks after Phil Jackson was quoted as calling him a "tease" and a "malinger," Andrea Bargnani told an Italian newspaper that while he will "gladly" respond to his former GM's criticism, now is not the time. His focus has to be on the Italian national team as it prepares for Eurobasket, he said. "There is a right time for everything," Bargnani told La Gazzetta dello Sport Tuesday, according to a translation, "I have the answers, but it would be selfish to trigger controversy. Today, the only important thing is the national team. Later, gladly." Asked what his relationship had been with...
NetsDaily Aug 23, 2015

Andrea Bargnani limited to six points as Italy loses to Slovenia

After his best game on Saturday, Andrea Bargnani was limited to only five shots and six points on Sunday as Italy lost its second straight, 76-67, to Slovenia, the host nation, in the Adecceo Cup, another prellm or "friendly" prior to the start of Eurobasket on September 5. Bargnani hit two of five two-pointers and missed his only three in Italy's third game in three days.  Danilo Gallinari scored 18 and Marco Belinelli 16  Zoran Dragic finished with 11 points for Slovenia. The Nets seven-footer tweeted after the game that there were positives... Good team effort and attitude today but we...
NetsDaily Aug 22, 2015

Andrea Bargnani scores 22 for Italy, but Ukraine comeback ends winning streak

Andrea Bargnani had his best offensive game so far in Europe, but after being up by 26 in the first half, Italy failed to protect its lead and Ukraine won, 77-75, in the Adecco Cup friendly tournament in Koper Slovenia, Saturday. Bargnani, who's shot consistently well without exploding in Italy's five previous games, finished with 22 points on 8-of-17 shooting overall, including 2-of-5 from deep.  He led all scorers in the game. Marco Belinelli, now with the Kings, scored 21, and Denver's Danilo Gallinari had nine. Bargnani put Italy ahead for the last time with less than a minute left,...
NetsDaily Aug 21, 2015

Andrea Bargnani scores 11 in Italy win over Finland

Andrea Bargnani scored 11 points in 19 minutes, shooting 4-of-6 overall and 3-of-4 from the line, as Italy beat Finland, 86-72, in a "friendly," the opening game of the Adecco Cup in Koper, Slovenia. The seven-footer grabbed only two rebounds. With the win, Italy is now 5-0 in friendlies. The Nets two Euros are 11-0 in the exhibition contests leading up to the Eurobasket, which starts on September 5. Bargnani's Italy and Bojan Bogdanovic's Croatia are both seen as serious contenders for a medal in the tournament. Italy's two other NBA players, Danilo Gallinari (18) and Marco Belinelli (12)...
NetsDaily Aug 15, 2015

Andrea Bargnani scores 15 in another Italian blowout

Something about the number 15. Italy beat tiny Estonia Saturday by 24 in the Tblisi City Hall tournament, as Andrea Bargnani scored 15 points on 5-of-7 shooting, including 1-of-3 from beyond the arc. It's the fourth "friendly" game played by the Nets two European stars --Bargnani and Bojan Bogdanovic-- and the fourth time the Net player has scored 15 points. Bargnani also was tossed from the game for unspecified "unsportsmanlike conduct," according to a report of the game. Italy plays the home team in the Georgian capital Sunday, its third game in three days. Toko Shengelia, the former Net,...
NetsDaily Aug 15, 2015

Andrea Bargnani, Bojan Bogdanovic help Italy, Croatia win "friendlies"

Andrea Bargnani and Bojan Bogdanovic scored 15 points apiece as they helped Italy and Croatia win "friendly" -exhibition-- games in preparation for Eurobasket next month. Bargnani's Italy easily beat Latvia (without Kristaps Porzingis) while Bogdanovic's Croatia beat Germany (with Dirk Nowitzki) in overtime. Bargnani, who started on the bench, shot 5-of-8 overall and hit his only three-pointer of the night in the 82-63 blowout of Latvia in the Tbilisi tournament in the Republic of Georgia. The Italians two other NBA players, Danilo Gallinari (22) and Marco Belinelli (13) also hit double...
NetsDaily Aug 14, 2015

Deadlines and Commitments No. 66

Lots going on since our last calendar, including dates for preseason and regular season and the addition of Donal Sloan on a partial guarantee, the team's (league-leading) fifth partial. We added information on all the preseason games and first few regular season contests.  With the schedule now released, three partially guaranteed players now know what their real timetable is for contract guarantees. Plan ahead. August 14 -- European friendlies begin in earnest with Bojan Bogdanovic and Croatia playing Dirk Nowitzki and Germany in Zagreb, Croatia, and Andrea Bargnani and Italy playing...
New York Post Aug 10, 2015

Phil Jackson hammers ‘big tease’ Andrea Bargnani

Phil Jackson won’t be missing Andrea Bargnani. In the latest excerpt of Charley Rosen’s interviews with Jackson for ESPN.com, the Zen Master gave a rather brutal assessment of the Italian...
NetsDaily Aug 10, 2015

Phil Jackson bashes Bargnani, Larkin yet again

Phil Jackson must be bored this summer. Sure he's made a lot of moves this off-season but what he's done most, it seems, is talk down about former players of his 17-win Knicks. In the seventh and final edition of the "Phil Files," essentially a belated diary of the Knicks disastrous season as told to pal Charley Rosen, Jackson hammers both Andrea Bargnani and Shane Larkin, saying Bargnani faked injury to get out of practice. "AB was and still is a big tease. When he was injured he refused to do simple non-contact activities like dummy our offense in practice. He seemed to be a...
NetsDaily Aug 6, 2015

Some positive analytics ... on Andrea Bargnani!?!

So after paying to read all those ESPN Insider reports on how bad the Nets season will be, you're looking for some relief, some analysis that is not so down.  Well, we found one, a HoopsHabit report that uses statistics to suggest that Andrea Bargnani could have a "bounceback" year! Wait ... Andrea Bargnani?! Yes indeed.  Michael Dunlap argues that despite his two terrible seasons across the East River and a disappointing career as a No. 1 overall pick, Il Mago (aka "the Wizard") can do one thing very, very well and that is shoot. Would it surprise you to know that Bargnani can still...
NetsDaily Aug 3, 2015

Andrea Bargnani: 'I would played for free'

In a philosophical interview with il Fatto Quotidiano, an Italian newspaper, Andrea Bargnani said that he turned down other, higher paying jobs in the NBA because he has something to prove with the Nets. "I would have done it for free because the money at this time does not matter," said Bargnani who's made $72 million in his NBA career ... and who's made some profitable investments in Italy. After two years with the Knicks --and what he has called "crazy bad luck" -- Bargnani said he wanted to start over ...in New York. He said he wants to forget the injuries that limited him to 71 games...

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