11:39 PM EDT, Tue June 28, 2016
Raptors HQ Jun 23, 2016

NBA Draft 2016: Poll - Who should the Raptors select at no. 9?

It's time to close the book on the Andrea Bargnani trade. Who should the Raptors select with the 9th pick? Complaining about a top-10 draft pick that used to be Andrea freaking Bargnani is a terribly obnoxious thing to do. Even in a weak year for top-tier prospects, plenty of teams would love to be in the Raptors' position. This pick is a bonus; a tasty dollop of whipped cream garnishing a franchise-best season that ended less than four weeks ago. From a Raptors fan's perspective, though, it's understandable to be a little miffed at where Toronto ended up in the lottery. With just hours to...
NetsDaily Jun 22, 2016

Pressure's on Sean Marks and the Brooklyn Nets? Nah, not this early in the process

Some pundits have suggested that the pressure is on for Sean Marks and his new team, assembled over the last several months.  It's their first big test, first big transactions after buying out Joe Johnson and Andrea Bargnani and signing Sean Kilpatrick to a multi-year, vets minimum deal. Nah. Marks, the neophyte GM out of San Antonio, enters the Draft with one pick, the 55th, and limited expectations. Anything beyond that is gravy, as long as he doesn't make a huge mistake.  That bar, of course, is high, considering the huge mistakes his predecessor made to get the Nets into this mess,...

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