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philly.com Jan 9, 2015

Sixers suspend forward Andrei Kirilenko

NEW YORK - Now it makes sense. 76ers coach Brett Brown confirmed Friday that Andrei Kirilenko has been suspended without pay. The forward has yet to report to the team after being acquired in a trade with the Brooklyn Nets on Dec. 11. 
New York Daily News Jan 9, 2015
76ers suspend Kirilenko not reporting to team after trade

76ers suspend Kirilenko not reporting to team after trade

The 76ers have suspended forward Andrei Kirilenko for not reporting to the team after his trade from the Brooklyn Nets last month.
New York Post Jan 9, 2015
Did the Sixers GM double-cross Andrei Kirilenko?

Did the Sixers GM double-cross Andrei Kirilenko?

Life hasn’t gotten easier for Andrei Kirilenko since being traded away from Brooklyn. The 76ers, who beat the Nets, 90-88, Friday night at Barclays Center, suspended Kirilenko without pay this...
Newark Star-Ledger Jan 9, 2015

Report: Sixers suspend Andrei Kirilenko; did Sam Hinkie renege on handshake deal to release him?

Whether or not the Sixers ultimately wind up releasing Kirilenko or trading him closer to the trade deadline remains to be seen, but this appears to be an ongoing situation.
Liberty Ballers Jan 9, 2015

Andrei Kirilenko Suspended From Team, Sixers May Have Gone Back On Agreement To Waive Him

The Sixers are playing hardball and do not look good doing so. Bob Ford, who wrote a crackpot article on a "search" for Andrei Kirilenko not long after the Sixers acquired the veteran forward, now has a scoop on him. He reports the Sixers reneged on an agreement to waive him: ...there are lingering hard feelings about how it played out and unsettling questions from some league sources about the way Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie handled the deal. According to two sources with inside knowledge of the negotiations, the Sixers had agreed to release veteran forward Andrei Kirilenko after...
NetsDaily Jan 9, 2015

Did Sixers violate a gentleman's agreement on Andrei Kirilenko?

Andrei Kirilenko remains in NBA limbo, a month after the Nets dealt him to Philadelphia for Brandon Davies and a $3.4 million trade exception. The Russian player had hoped he would be released --and the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that there was a gentleman's agreement between the 76ers GM, Sam Hinkie, Billy King and AK-47 that he would be. Kirilenko didn't any commitment while his wife has been going through a difficult pregnancy in New York But that didn't happen. Hinkie, the Inquirer reports, apparently reneged on the agreement. He didn't release Kirilenko and instead demanded he...
SLC Dunk Jan 9, 2015

Andrei Kirilenko is on double secret probation from the Philadelphia 76ers

Animal House reference in 2015 Yahoo! Sports guru Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Philadelphia 76ers, who earlier this year traded with the Brooklyn Nets for Andrei Kirilenko, have suspended the forward. Philadelphia has suspended Andrei Kirilenko for failing to report to the team, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. Suspension is without pay. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) January 9, 2015 The NBA was made aware of the Kirilenko suspension earlier this week, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) January 9, 2015 Yeah. From what I...
Liberty Ballers Dec 31, 2014

Top 10 Sixers Trades For Second Round Picks in 2014

You have to laugh, because what else do you have? The Sixers made a lot of trades during 2014, and the year proved that Sam Hinkie values second round picks greatly. So much so that I had enough to create a top 10 list of trades including the Sixers receiving a second round pick. These rankings are super-subjective, so arguing about the order is pointless. That said, go ahead and do it. Enjoy! 10. Brandon Davies Acquired 2020 second round pick (and Jorge Gutierrez and Andrei Kirilenko) and 2018 second round pick swap for Brandon Davies. What a sad, sad day. We lost a good man, a good...

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