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Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2016

Bogut, Barnes, Brussino all get burn in Olympics semis

Bogut had a good, if not spectacular, all around game, while Barnes and Brussino were given a few garbage time minutes. Well, if there's one thing Mavs fans have learned through these Olympics, it's that Andrew Bogut was a hugely quality pickup for Dallas this offseason. Throughout these Olympics, Bogut has gifted us with quality performances despite posting less than eye-popping stats. What's been most impressive has been how well-rounded his game has been. He's doing just about everything for Australia--one game he'll have double digit points, the next he'll post a bunch of rebounds....
Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2016

Harrison Barnes should take DeMar DeRozan's spot in Team USA's rotation

Harrison Barnes isn't the better player by a wide margin, but he fits the role on Team USA better than DeMar DeRozan. As basketball Twitter continues its summer tour of hating Harrison Barnes, it wouldn't shock me if Barnes would actually be of help to a Team USA squad that has somehow engineered panic and outcry over a somewhat dominant 5-0 start in the Rio Olympics. Specifically, I'm not sure why DeMar DeRozan is getting minutes while Barnes isn't. The international game is hyper-focused on threes and defense -- the shorter 3-point line in FIBA play is there to be taken advantage of, and...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2016

The 2016-17 Mavericks schedule, printable and as wallpaper

We’ve got a simple printable version of the Mavericks schedule, plus a couple wallpapers you can set to your computer. The Dallas Mavericks opening night is Oct. 26 when they travel to Indiana to take on Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. Until then, here’s the schedule in various forms that might be useful to you. Printable schedule (click for full sized schedule) Wallpaper schedule (click for full sized image) Wider wallpaper schedule (click for full sized image) You’ll want to click through and download from the original source, not...
Deseret Morning News Aug 17, 2016
Morning links: Utah Jazz primed for a breakout season; Andrew Bogut's game reborn in Rio

Morning links: Utah Jazz primed for a breakout season; Andrew Bogut's game reborn in Rio

The Utah Jazz are one of seven teams who could surprise with a breakout season. Andrew Bogut shows that he could be more than...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 17, 2016

Dirk For Three t-shirts are being sold again

If you missed out on our first issue of Dirk For Three shirts, then you’re a bad person and I hate you. But also, good news! BreakingT is reissuing the t-shirt due to popular demand. You don’t want to miss out. Here’s the link! And here’s the shirt: And the design: And the classic Dirk celebration that inspires it, of course: Once again, here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1VGcwmM It’s a great T-shirt in both design, and in the actual T-shirt way (the shirt’s soft, the collar’s not too tight). Plus, a small degree helps support us! We...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 16, 2016

Meet Mavs Moneyball’s new staffers

You’ll be seeing their bylines around soon enough. The past few weeks, we’ve been accepting applications for new contributors to Mavs Moneyball. As of this weekend, we’ve brought seven new staffers into the fold. You’ll be seeing their bylines in new articles, video posts, and social media content. Thanks to all who applied and remember, if you ever have a story pitch or think you can add something to the site we don’t currently have, send an email to sbnmavsmoneyball@gmail.com. Now, it’s time to meet the newest members of Mavs Moneyball. How did you come to be a fan of the...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 15, 2016

Pining for the pre-Rondo 2015 Dallas Mavericks

Before a misguided effort to become a true title contender, the 2015 Mavericks were a perfectly capable and insanely watchable destroyer of mediocre squads. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, which is probably the biggest "duh" statement a person can make this decade. Nostalgia is so powerful it has become its own industry (superhero movie franchises) and a fear-mongering leather man is using the emotion to stir plenty of Americans into thinking he might be a good president ("Make America Great Again...remember? like the Good Old DaysTM"). I'm not sure how much time needs to pass before...

Australia beats China, works toward delaying Team USA rematch until gold-medal game

Andrew Bogut didnt play. Patty Mills lost his spot as the Rio Olympics leading scorer. And Australia cruised to a 93-68 win over China in mens basketball group play Friday. Australia (3-1) is now another step closer to second place in Group A, which could mean avoiding a rematch with Team USA until the gold-medal []

Warriors vs. Cavaliers a Christmas treat

The Warriors will be facing several players and one coach from last season’s Golden State team that won 73 games and lost in the NBA Finals to Cleveland. The Dallas Mavericks, new home of Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, play the Warriors in Oakland November 9, and the Warriors’ first meeting against the Clippers, who signed Marreese Speights, is December 7 at Los Angeles. From February 25 to Mach 2 the Warriors play four games in five nights—a home game against the Nets, a travel day, then three games in three nights at Philadelphia/Washington/Chicago. The Warriors finish the...
San Jose Mercury News Aug 11, 2016

Purdy: Former Warrior Andrew Bogut expected to win

Former Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut isn't into moral victories as Australia hangs with the United States until finally losing 98-88.
Indy Cornrows Aug 10, 2016

Team USA survives Australia's execution and physicality in slim, 98-88, victory

Paul George was inserted into the starting lineup, but it was Carmelo Anthony who carried Team USA past Australia. Team USA narrowly passed its toughest test thus far in Group A play, barely edging out unbeaten Australia, who were rumored to be "holding some stuff back" in anticipation of a rematch with the Americans later in the medal round, 98-88. Far from star struck and headlined by the defensive tenacity of Matthew Dellavedova and rim protection of Andrew Bogut as well as the Olympic men's leading-scorer Patty Mills, the Boomers' strategy to get under Team USA's skin with their...
Golden State Of Mind Aug 10, 2016

Team USA vs. Australia preview: Andrew Bogut prepares to face his former Warriors teammates

Team USA faces Australia at 3 p.m. PST, which will reunite Andrew Bogut with former Warriors teammates Harrison Barnes, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. Last we saw Andrew Bogut, he was leaving the court during the 2016 NBA Finals after suffering yet another freak injury. Those of us who were lightyears ahead of everything and knew Kevin Durant was coming to the Golden State Warriors might have known that it would end up being his last game in the blue and gold, but for the rest of us mere mortals it was simply an unfortunate ending for a pretty good season overall. The good news for...
Fear The Sword Aug 10, 2016

Rio 2016: Team USA vs Australia preview: It’s Delly vs. Kyrie

Kyrie Irving and Team USA face their first minor challenge. Team USA will face their first real challenge in the Rio 2016 Olympics when they take on Australia tonight. Their roster includes San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills, Milwaukee Bucks guard Matthew Dellavedova, Utah Jazz forward Joe Ingles and Dallas Mavericks center Andrew Bogut. All of these guys are solid NBA players, which makes Australia the first Team USA opponent that can put multiple NBA rotation players on the floor at once. Moreover Australia is coming off big wins over France (87-66) and Serbia (95-80), both of which are...
Mavs Moneyball Aug 6, 2016

Harrison Barnes scores 8 in Team USA win over China, 119-62

Also, Andrew Bogut shined in Australia’s first game. Team USA Basketball kicked off group play today versus China, and as expected, won handily, 119 to 62. The team is pretty much structured to get off to a big lead before throwing in some defensive subs, so Harrison Barnes didn’t get a chance to play until late in the first half. As someone who is not a real student of basketball technique, I liked what I saw. Granted the competition is not what we are used to, but Barnes stayed pesky on every single possession and got in guys’ faces constantly. His first points of the game came on a...
San Jose Mercury News Aug 6, 2016

Olympics: Bogut leads Australia to basketball upset of France

Former Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut leads Australia to an 87-66 upset over France.

Andrew Bogut Photos