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Posting and Toasting Apr 13, 2016

Arron Afflalo will be looking for a starting job this summer

OK then. Shooting guard Arron Afflalo -- owner of a player option for next season -- spent the last few weeks of 2015-16 coming off the bench, and didn't seem to enjoy the role one bit. Now that the season has concluded, Afflalo let it be known that he will be looking to start in 2016-17, regardless of who he plays for. Per Marc Berman: "Obviously that would be first choice,'' Afflalo said of hunting for a starting job. "I still believe I'm one of the premier 2-guards in this league. Part of being an elite 2-guard in this league is opportunity, you have to be in a certain environment...
New York Post Apr 13, 2016

Knicks’ cap space hinges on two unique free-agency calls

Continuity or more cap space? It looks like the Knicks will get the cash with their two opt-out players — Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams — possibly having played their final game with the team Tuesday night in Indianapolis. Afflalo, who has $8 million left on his pact for next season, is almost sure to...
New York Daily News Apr 13, 2016
'Premiere two-guard' Afflalo likely to use Knicks opt-out

'Premiere two-guard' Afflalo likely to use Knicks opt-out

Afflalo, who was demoted under Kurt Rambis, holds an $8 million option for next season.
Posting and Toasting Apr 4, 2016

Kurt Rambis is boosting Arron Afflalo's free agent stock, according to Kurt Rambis

Maybe just stop talking, coach. As Papa Bear Seth pointed out in his recap of Sunday's loss to the Pacers, head coach Kurt Rambis leaned heavily on the veteran backcourt of Arron Afflalo and Sasha Vujacic in the fourth quarter at the expense of young'uns like Jerian Grant and Cleanthony Early. Afflalo in particular played the final 19 minutes of the game. Surely the level of trust shown in crunch can be used by the coach as a way to smooth over his contentious decision to remove the veteran shooting guard from the lineup and OH MY GOD RAMBIS WHAT ARE YOU SAYING NOW??? Per Stefan...
Newsday Apr 4, 2016

Kurt Rambis: Arron Afflalo can increase value coming off bench

Four games remain in the Knicks' season and in what has become a bizarre situation involving Kurt Rambis and Arron Afflalo.
NetsDaily Apr 4, 2016

Is Arron Afflalo a Nets target ... if he opts out?

Arron Afflalo and the Knicks are engaged in a bizarre war of words.  The 6'5" shooting guard was signed to a two-year, $16 million deal last summer, with a player option for the second year, at $8 million. It's exercisable on June 22 and it's become increasingly obvious that the Knicks do not want him back. If he does opt out, the Knicks will have $27 million in cap space, not $19 million, enough to sign a max deal with a free agent, someone like, oh, Mike Conley Jr.?  Kurt Rambis, the Knicks interim coach and Phil Jackson acolyte, demoted Afflalo to the bench and he and Rambis have...

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