6:07 AM EDT, Tue September 01, 2015
Los Angeles Times Aug 27, 2015

Watch Clippers forward Blake Griffin show off some skills

Blake Griffin is so much more than a dunker. The Clippers' superstar power forward recently posted a video to his Facebook account of himself showing off some other skills. The video features Griffin rolling a basketball around his arms and neck for a few seconds at the Clippers' practice facility....
Clips Nation Aug 22, 2015

Blake Griffin prefers a 66 game season

When discussing how NBA scheduling could be improved, Blake Griffin suggested a 66 game season over the same span that the current 82 game season operates. When recently asked about NBA scheduling, Blake Griffin proposed: "Sixty-six [games], spread over the same amount of time [as the current 82 game season. Fatigue and injuries, and better product. If you have less games, less back-to-backs, the product's better. The fans will appreciate it more. You see those college guys playing so hard, but they play 36 games in the same amount of time we play 82 almost. I just think it would be a...
Clips Nation Aug 21, 2015

Blake's Take: Offseason Moves

Blake Griffin spoke briefly about the team's roster upgrades this offseason, and what'll mean for the team come playoff time. Among the worst of last season's woes for the Clippers stemmed from their lack of supply on the bench, and the management has taken every opportunity this offseason to bolster the second unit. Blake Griffin provided his take on the team's acquisitions, including his heightened expectations for a deeper squad during the playoffs. "It’s huge," Griffin told Clippers.com about the team's big offseason. "Our season could’ve gone very differently or our roster could...
Clips Nation Aug 16, 2015

Blake Griffin News: Clippers Star Closing in On Team USA Olympic Roster

Blake Griffin has missed out on representing his country due to injury in the past. Will 2016 be the year he finally makes it? Blake Griffin has undoubtably been one of the best ten players in the world over the past few NBA seasons. However, a few untimely injuries have left him out of Team USA's squad. According to clippers.com, all Griffin wants is another chance. "I just want another shot at it," Griffin said, "and I think I’ll hopefully have it." Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski commented in Griffin's improved abilities. "Blake's improved so much as a player, especially in his...
Clips Nation Aug 16, 2015

Blake Griffin's quest towards that next step

Already one of the top ten players in basketball right now, Blake Griffin is always in the spotlight. This upcoming season will be no different. But did his playoff performance lend itself to an even larger next step being taken? Throughout the team’s run in the 2015 NBA Playoffs, one of the ongoing constants was that Blake Griffin was a mammoth problem for opposing teams. When your name is tossed into the same category for playoff performances as the legendary Oscar Robertson, people tend to take notice of what you’re able to do on a basketball court. That was the summation of...
Clips Nation Aug 6, 2015

Clippers Big 3 Will Be at Team USA Mini Camp

Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan are among the 34 players that will be participating in the Team USA Mini Camp this August. Paul and Griffin were already scheduled to participate, but Jordan was added to the list today. This will be the second time Deandre Jordan has participated in a Team USA mini camp. Although it is a long shot that Jordan would make the 2016 Olympic team for his country, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin should be favorites to make the final squad. If Paul makes the squad, and USA wins gold, Chris Paul, along with LeBron James and possibly Carmello Anthony,...
Clips Nation Aug 5, 2015

Blake Griffin, Superfly 4s and Marvin the Martian

I love basketball, basketball shoes, and Looney Tunes cartoons. So the new Blake Griffin commercial for the Superfly 4 that features Marvin the Martian is right in my wheelhouse.
Clips Nation Aug 4, 2015

Blake Griffin vs. Marvin the Martian

Earlier today, Nike released a video on YouTube. The video is a dunk contest between Blake Griffin and Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes fame. Is this a sign that Blake might be in the next Space Jam movie? Anyone younger than 10 might not know what Space Jam is. They might think it's a new dunk. Or a new drink. But it is one of the greatest sports movies of all time. Okay, maybe not one of the greatest, or even really good, but it has the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, along with one of the greatest cartoon casts of all time, the Looney Tunes. Recently, a sequel...

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