12:21 AM EDT, Fri July 01, 2016
Denver Stiffs Jun 27, 2016

Blake Griffin to the Nuggets proposed by The Ringer

This dance happened last year but perhaps this is the year the Nuggets and the Clippers can reach an agreement on Griffin's pricetag Once again Griffin's name is being floated in trade rumors, and Denver's collection of talent is volunteered to get him.  Rumors linking Blake Griffin to Denver cropped up in February at the trade deadline as well. That proposal was a lopsided one, where "sources" indicated to Chris Broussard that the Clips offered Griffin and Lance Stephenson for Danilo Gallinari, Will Barton, Kenneth Faried and Nikola Jokic.  Denver hung the phone up and nothing happened...
Clips Nation Jun 22, 2016

Blake Griffin's new shoes look dope

Yo, get these! Blake Griffin is signed to Nike. His new shoes look pretty rad. Check these out! Take a look at @blakegriffin32's all-new Jordan https://t.co/QFGNkavZfo 5. https://t.co/D0w1jmys8i#JumpmanJumpman pic.twitter.com/b1MLolNhS8 — LA Clippers (@LAClippers) June 22, 2016
Clips Nation Jun 11, 2016

Team USA is in some trouble

It turns out that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin will not be the only NBA Stars skipping out on the 2016 Olympics. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin decided to forgo this year's Olympics. Blake needs to make sure his quad is ready for the season, while Chris needs to let his hand heal - and could probably use the extra rest regardless of the hand. Neither are necessarily old but they are at the point in their careers during which they need to manage the miles they put on their bodies. (DeAndre Jordan remains on the Team USA roster for now.) Apparently, they are not the only ones that would like...
Clips Nation Jun 5, 2016

ICYMI: Doc Rivers and Blake Griffin appeared on "Mean Tweets" with Jimmy Kimmel

Blake and Doc were featured in another hilarious episode of "Mean Tweets" The other night, right before the NBA Finals started, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran another hilarious episode of "Mean Tweets." Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers were both featured. My favorite line from the whole segment? "Does anyone know what Blake Griffin is? Did Morgan and Carrot Top impregnate an amazon or what happened..." Pure, utter, brilliance. Watch the whole clip here: (h/t Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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