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Clips Nation May 22, 2016

2016 Clipper Exit Interviews: Blake Griffin

The 2015-16 Exit Interview series continues with the Clippers' 5-time All Star, Blake Griffin. Name: Blake Griffin Age: 27 Key Stats: 21.4 PPG, 8.4 RPG, 4.9 APG Years in the NBA: 6 seasons with our Los Angeles Clippers 2015-16 Salary: $18,862,876 Contract Status: Two more seasons at the league maximum, with the final season being a player option Summary: Blake was having another all-star season for most of the first half of the year. Despite inconsistent performances from the new members of the Clippers and a generally underwhelming start, Blake (along with J.J. Redick) was one of the...
Clips Nation May 19, 2016

Seven years ago, the Clippers won the draft rights to Blake Griffin

Time, that fickle onwards flier. Seven years ago, the pingpong balls bounced in the LA Clippers' favor and they won the first overall pick of the 2009 NBA draft. That year's big prize? Blake Griffin. I remember two things from this night. 1.) I was at my favorite bar and I distinctly remembering watching this draft special. (RIP Duke's Bar on Ave. C) 2.) Blake was being filmed live, and the look on his face when he fell to the Clippers was...not great. Remember, this was pre-CP3, pre-Sterling exodus, and pre-Clippers being relevant. Needles to say, things turned out fairly well. Anyone...

Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns joins elite NBA company as unanimous Rookie of the Year choice

Towns joins Damian Lillard, Blake Griffin, David Robinson and Ralph Sampson as the only unanimous NBA Rookies of the Year in the past 32 years. “This is a landmark in my career, but not the last one,” he said.
Clips Nation May 13, 2016

NBA Offseason: Remembering when Blake Griffin hit that crazy shot against the Nuggets

Life is slow when there's no Clippers basketball to watch. Let's catch up on some memories. As Clippers fans sit around and watch the Thunder and Warriors prepare to face each other in the Western Conference Finals, at least we can hold on to our memories. Like, say, this one: Blake doing Blake things #TBThttps://t.co/fQxn82IFum — LA Clippers (@LAClippers) May 12, 2016 I enjoyed this shot, and I enjoyed the replay as well. Get better soon Blake! (h/t Clippers)
Clips Nation May 7, 2016

Blake Griffin Out for Rio Olympics

The team has officially confirmed what was largely expected/assumed. The Los Angeles Clippers on Friday confirmed, officially, that Blake Griffin will not be part of Team USA's quest for gold in 2016's Rio Summer Olympics. Instead, Blake, underwent a bone marrow procedure on April 27th to help his recovery from his left quad tendon injury. Griffin is expected to be ready for the start of the 2016-2017 season and has already begun his rehabilitation process. While it is disappointing that Blake will not be able to provide highlight reel plays at the international level, while representing...
Clippers' Blake Griffin will not play for Team USA

Clippers' Blake Griffin will not play for Team USA

As expected, Clipper forward Blake Griffin will miss this summer’s Olympic Games while he rehabs his injured left quad. Griffin, who missed 45 games during the regular season with quad and hand injuries, aggravated the tear in the muscle during...
Clips Nation May 2, 2016

The Clippers and the "blow it up" lie

The basic problem with the argument that the Clippers should trade one of their stars is that there is no evidence that the strategy helps teams win titles. There were stories last summer about the possibility of blowing up the nucleus of the Los Angeles Clippers. When Blake Griffin was injured and the Clippers suddenly started playing better, the idea began to take root a bit more. Now that the Clippers have come up short of the Western Conference Finals again, the whispers will become a roar. But there's at least one thing that I haven't quite figured out about this supposed strategy:...
Clips Nation May 1, 2016

The Media Weighs In on Trading Blake

For whatever it's worth... With the Clippers eliminated from the post-season, the inevitable flurry of media reaction has come in. With a lot of focus on the Clippers' lack of deep playoff runs, despite its consistent regular season success over the last four years, the talk of trading Blake Griffin has come back.  With many teams now in off-season mode, it is also unlikely that this talk will go away. Granted, some point to the impracticality of trading Blake Griffin. The impending opt-out by Blake Griffin is a big factor. And should the Thunder lose star Kevin Durant, they're...
Clips Nation Apr 30, 2016

Rivers, Crawford Thank Clips Nation

The Clippers players, staff, and fans were forced to lean on each other in order to weather the unfortunate conditions of this year's playoffs. And after the game, reflecting on a disappointing ending, the Clippers players thanked Clippers Nation for the support. Generally, fans want two things out of their teams: success and effort. Of course, effort tends to be the engine behind success; however, effort is required regardless if success is attainable or not. In the case of this year's Clippers team, it was never exactly clear how far the team could make it, given injuries and the overall...
Clips Nation Apr 30, 2016

NBA Playoffs 2016: League Rules That C.J. McCollum Didn't Travel

The NBA today reaffirmed a questionable non-call from last night's game. According to the NBA's Last Two Minutes report for the Clippers-Blazers game last night, C.J. McCollum did indeed maintain his pivot foot on what proved to be the deciding play, ending the Clippers' season. You can watch the broadcast angle of the play below: I've watched this play 100x. Can't tell if CJ travelled. Footwork looks right, but might've dragged his pivot foot. pic.twitter.com/KA86wccmT0 — Larson Ishii (@KingLarsonal) April 30, 2016 While C.J.'s balance seems precarious and it looks as if he almost...
Clips Nation Apr 30, 2016

Paul Pierce Retirement Update: Hall of Famer Undecided Following Elimination

With the Clippers done for the year, the 38-year-old's future is in question. Paul Pierce said in September that if the Clippers won the championship, he'd retire riding off into the sunset. It didn't quite go down like that, and now we're left waiting for his decision as the Clippers find themselves done for the year in April. "I don't have much basketball left--whether it'll be this year or another year," said Pierce before the season.  It was clear to those watching throughout the season that the former Boston Celtics legend didn't have enough in the tank to do his brilliant career...
Clips Nation Apr 30, 2016

Clippers Off-Season 2016: The Puzzle Pieces

How will everything fit together? Preceding a more in-depth breakdown of the Clippers' financial situation, here are some key ideas to keep in mind going into the off-season: The salary cap and tax line are both going to jump tremendously.  The Clippers will most likely NOT have any cap space (it's technically possible but would involve renouncing several key players), but they will also most likely avoid being tax payers, giving them access to the full mid-level exception.  It's not much, and its value is diluted by the sheer amounts of money available in the NBA landscape this...
Clips Nation Apr 30, 2016

A Brief Thank You to Clips Nation

The season is over, but the blog is about much more than that. The Clippers' big four were all saddled with injuries, and Austin Rivers' half-court heave failed to force overtime in a deciding game six.  And so this Clippers season came to an end, my first as Editor-in-Chief of Clips Nation. I've been on the site as a commenter for seven years now, and I debuted on the front page in October of 2011.  Even with that experience, taking on the full-time day-to-day duties was still a larger burden than I ever expected.  I found myself doing more than I thought I would have to, and leaning...

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