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Clips Nation Oct 5, 2015

Blake Griffin broke the shot clock in Vancouver with a jam

The shot clock in Vancouver was just enjoying a nice Sunday, excited to be a part of some NBA action. That's when Blake Griffin came along and knocked it down (a peg)...so to speak. Hanging on the rim is against the rules in the NBA. Unless you have to hang on in order to keep yourself from landing on someone or landing awkwardly yourself, you'll be assessed a technical foul for doing so. At least, that's the rule. We rarely see it enforced, but it exists, nevertheless. Now, we have another example of why said rule is in place. Fortunately for one Blake Griffin, you can't be slapped with a...
Blake Griffin's pregame dunk the highlight, as Clippers lose preseason game

Blake Griffin's pregame dunk the highlight, as Clippers lose preseason game

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Kyle Lowry scored 26 points in 21 minutes, leading the Toronto Raptors to a 93-73 victory over the Clippers on Sunday night in a preseason game. The All-Star point guard, who arrived at training camp noticeably slimmer...
Peachtree Hoops Oct 3, 2015

Fantasy Basketball: Are Blake Griffin, Damian Lillard and Paul George First Round Picks?

Phil answers your Fantasy Basketball Draft questions about Paul George, Damian Lillard and Blake Griffin The Fantasy Basketball season is right around the corner and that means owners everywhere are getting ready for their Fantasy Basketball Drafts. That also means the inbox at Phil's Fantasy Sports is quite full with your questions.....so let's get started. Dear Phil, What are your thoughts about Blake Griffin. Do you think he's a first round draft pick? Thanks for the question. I guess it all depends on how big your league is and what your scoring categories are but I don't see him...
Clips Nation Sep 19, 2015

Blake Griffin would relish the opportunity to star in a "Space Jam" sequel

Blake Griffin was interviewed by Basketball Insiders this week, where he said he'd like to be a part of a "Space Jam" sequel...if it happens. Back in July, NBA Twitter was (ahem) atwitter (pause for applause) as a result of the news that LeBron James had joined Warner Bros. The assumption, of course, was that a long-rumored sequel to "Space Jam" was in the works, with James being the natural choice to star. Coming off his surprisingly excellent supporting role in "Trainwreck" this summer, the NBA's top player seems primed to continue his film career. Clippers forward Blake Griffin starred...
Clips Nation Sep 18, 2015

Blake Griffin: "I would love to finish my career here"

In an interview done with Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders, Blake Griffin opens up about his offseason training, the moves the Clippers made, and a whole lot more. Today on Basketball Insiders, an interview dropped that took place between Alex Kennedy and Los Angeles Clippers superstar Blake Griffin. In the interview, Griffin gave a lot of poignant quotes when asked about a wide array of subjects. Chief among the topics were his training regime, confidence level of his jumper, thoughts on the team’s offseason additions to the roster, if this was the most talented team he’s ever...

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