12:42 AM EST, Tue February 09, 2016
Pounding The Rock Feb 3, 2016

This is the heaviest Spurs team on record, weight wise

In another series of strange facts you didn't know you needed to know... Normally we could probably chalk this up to Boris Diaw, but he's been looking fairly svelte. Anyways, this is funny/strange. The average current weight is 223 lbs, more than ever before! (h/t Reddit)
Pounding The Rock Jan 25, 2016

What to expect from Spurs vs Warriors

In J.R. Wilco's latest appearance on the Phil Naessens Show, tonight's big game is the topic of conversation. Phil and I talk about a number of topics, from what LaMarcus can bring in a big game, to Boris Diaw being Draymond Green "lite", to blowing teams out. And Phil makes his pick in tonight's showdown. My segment is last, just past the 50 minute mark. Feel free to visit Phil's site to download the show, or just listen to it in the player below. Hope you enjoy, and leave your thoughts on the topics we discussed in the comments.
Pounding The Rock Jan 11, 2016

Power Rankings, Week 11: Southern hospitality

In a week where the Spurs went unbeaten once again, the legend of Boris Diaw, the NBA's most interesting man, continued to grow. At the AT&T Center this season, you can pick up a lot of things: a quesadilla, Kawhi Leonard jersey, or even a fine, locker-brewed espresso. It's a fine venue to visit and enjoy a great night out. What you can't pick this season, at least if you're an opponent thus far, is a win. Whether you like to extend the Spurs' domination at home into last season or not, it's clear that teams will need to bring their A-game to San Antonio if they want to leave with a...
Pounding The Rock Jan 9, 2016

Boris Diaw's practice is overlooked by ... a painting of Boris Diaw

Just when you think Boris Diaw can't get anymore interesting, he does. IBoris Diaw is perhaps the most intriguing player in the league, for the strangest reasons. Shortly after learning that the Spurs' French forward keeps an actual working espresso machine in his locker, we see this: I don't always go hard in practice. But when I do...I keep a painting of myself nearby. #BorisDiaw #Spurs pic.twitter.com/15vzzN80Nv — Casey Keirnan (@CaseyKeirnan) January 6, 2016 Of course he keeps a painting of himself drinking a glass of wine up while he practices. I'm not sure how Boris plans to...
Pounding The Rock Jan 8, 2016

Boris Diaw, aka "Tea Time," actually has a working cappuccino machine in his locker!

The man is more civilized than you or I will ever be. Boris Diaw was recently nicknamed "Tea Time" by LaMarcus Aldridge for his relaxed yet effective style of play. So Boris Diaw has a new nickname: Tea Time. Let Danny Green explain .... pic.twitter.com/oxfGphvJX7 — Jeff McDonald (@JMcDonald_SAEN) January 3, 2016 However, he seems to be much more of a coffee-person, even saying so himself, telling the San Antonio Express News' Jeff MacDonald: "It's OK," Diaw said. "I'm more of a coffee guy." And now? Hes gone and put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. You're gonna...
Pounding The Rock Jan 8, 2016

Lakers GM puts Kobe farewell over player development

Earlier this week, Greg Popovich used the delightful phrase "superfluous poppycock" (check here to see the context if you missed it) and I immediately knew that we needed to do something with it. And then I saw this ESPN story where Mitch Kupchak waxes eloquent about the necessity of bowing to the vanity of Kobe Bryant. "Under normal circumstances [in a season like this], at some point, you would probably concentrate on just developing all your young players...But we can't do that right now." The man used the word can't when talking about limiting a player who's shooting .348 from the...
Pounding The Rock Jan 8, 2016

Kawhi Leonard provides help defense like an elite big man

Much of Kawhi Leonard's defensive value comes from when he's not guarding the ball-handler. Here are some of the ways the Spurs' rising star impacts the game by always remaining a part of the play. It's no secret that Kawhi Leonard's impact goes beyond the box score, but even advanced stats (which have him tops in the league in Defensive Win Shares) can't quite qualify what makes Leonard such a transcendent two-way player. With averages of two steals and almost a block a game, great footwork and the length to contest almost any shot, his on-ball defense alone makes him worthy of...

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