11:38 PM EDT, Thu May 05, 2016

So...Which Free Agents Are Coming Back For the Grizzlies Next Season: Part One The "Starters"

This season Grizz Nation learned to embrace the weird. The off season might even be a longer stranger trip. So the season is over as we know it, and the end to a strange season may be the prelude to an even stranger off season, especially with new roster players.  Remember that last summer the Grizzlies only added three players (Matt Barnes, Brandan Wright, and Jarrell Martin). The Grizzlies then proceeded to play this season with an NBA record 28 players. Now, there are eight players that are either free agents, have team options, or in one case has an un-guaranteed season.  So the...

It's the End of the Year As We Know It: A Grizzlies Season to REMember

No better way to document a season... I wanted to do a musical tribute to the season, and if I were culturally hip and with the times I would have re-written a Prince song to commemorate the strangeness that was the Grizzlies' season. But no one...especially some blogger...rewrites a Prince song. So here's an REM song from twenty-eight years ago. (snare drum) That's great, it starts with a draft pick. Some guy from LSU, Draft promise? Oh, who cares? Marc signs a max deal, makes us sweat it out though Brandan Wright gets a deal, Tennessee discount. Matt Barnes in a trade. Grit?...

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