3:11 PM EST, Sat November 28, 2015
Silver Screen and Roll Nov 16, 2015

Lakers Highlights: Brandon Bass dunked so hard I almost forgot he's not a center

Brandon Bass turning back the clock. Brandon Bass has taken a lot of criticism since joining the Los Angeles Lakers and playing out of position at center. Without the length or athleticism to protect the rim, the Lakers have given up points in the paint in bunches. This time though, Bass scored some points in the paint of his own: Now he just needs to do that about 300 more times and he has broken even.
Silver Screen and Roll Nov 11, 2015

Jordan Clarkson throws a dime to Brandon Bass

Nice playmaking from the sophomore. Jordan Clarkson draws most of his plaudits for his no-holds-barred scoring ability, but the young guard can pass a little bit too. Here he used his patience to draw a second defender before rifling a pass to Brandon Bass: The Lakers should basically just run pick and rolls every possession.

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