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General manager Jeff Bower said the Pistons' roles will be up for competition in training camp.
Detroit Bad Boys Sep 18, 2014
Jennings admits to pouting after Cheeks firing

Jennings admits to pouting after Cheeks firing

In a typical preseason interview talking up his coming season, Jennings admits that he phoned it in last year. It was supposed to be your standard positive preseason piece. You see them every year. It's Charlie Villanueva transforming himself through boxing, Michael Curry bringing a new sense of accountability, and everyone's in the best shape of their lives. In an interview with Vince Goodwill where Brandon Jennings talks up how he's added weight and is primed for a bounce-back season, buried at the end is the key point. "Did I pout? I think I did and a lot of it came from everybody. You...
Detroit News Sep 16, 2014

Pistons' Brandon Jennings ready for game to rebound

'I'm gonna be honest. It was my worst year,' Jennings said. 'Dealing with all types of things. The fractured jaw, losing weight, not being able to play preseason, missing games. Then getting into a rhythm, then Mo (Cheeks) was fired and I'm back down again. It was just the worst season ever, a roller coaster.'

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