6:37 PM EDT, Sat July 30, 2016
CSN New England Jul 4, 2016

Scal: NBA landscape has changed...could Griffin or Butler be available?

Brian Scalabrine talks about the repercussions of Durant to the Warriors, and how that could effect the Celtics search for acquiring another star player.
CSN New England Jul 4, 2016

Scalabrine: Warriors are locking in multiple championships with Durant

Brian Scalabrine, Cedric Maxwell and Kyle Draper discuss whether Kevin Durants decision to sign with Golden St. was a weak move, considering a Tweet he sent in 2010 on supeteams being assembled.
CSN New England Jul 4, 2016

Celtics players won't dwell on what they can’t control

SALT LAKE CITY – Like most of the Boston Celtics players, Terry Rozier would have loved to have played with Kevin Durant next season.While some
CSN New England Jul 4, 2016

Does this still put the Celtics on the radar for big free-agents?

Brian Scalabrine and Cedric Maxwell discuss whether the Celtics being one of the teams Kevin Durant considered is the sign of changing times with stars looking to sign with Boston, or was this an aberration.
CSN New England Jul 1, 2016

Some ‘fallback’ options of the Celtics in free agency

What if the Boston Celtics dont get Kevin Durant? Scalabrine, Blakely and Draper look at some possible second-tier free agents.
New York Post Jul 1, 2016

Ex-teammate talks playing with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah

SiriusXM NBA Radio host and former Bulls/Nets forward Brian Scalabrine talks about his time playing with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and free agency with The Post’s Justin Terranova. Q: What would Joakim Noah bring to the Knicks? A: He’s one of the best passing big men, along with Marc Gasol, in the NBA. Jo...

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