3:53 AM EDT, Sat May 28, 2016
CSN New England May 17, 2016

Mannix on NBA Lottery results: Lakers are doing cartwheels

Chris Mannix talks with Kyle Draper, A. Sherrod Blakely and Brian Scalabrine about some of the storylines coming out of the NBA Draft Lottery of the other teams in the league.
CelticsBlog May 16, 2016

Upside potential: Jordan Mickey Exit Interview

Jordan Mickey showed great potential in the D-League and in his very limited minutes. However, we still don't really have any idea how good he might become. The birth of a modern Celtics folk hero is an interesting thing. For Luigi Datome, it was tied to his love of coffee and his effectiveness as a long-range marksman. For Brian Scalabrine, it was an indefatigable dedication to being a team player and for making as much of a difference as he could every second of the game, whether it was on the court or on the bench. Jordan Mickey is well on his way to becoming a Boston folk hero, despite...

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