9:52 PM EDT, Wed August 31, 2016
NetsDaily Aug 17, 2016

Nets performance team winning kudos from players

Buried in the two recent profiles of Brook Lopez by Fred Kerber and Cory Wright are quotes from the Nets veteran on how impressed he is with the Nets "performance team," the group Sean Marks assembled to handle training, strength and conditioning as well as rehabilitation. Other players have said similar things on social media. "Performance" hasn't gotten as much attention as free agency or draft picks, but as Lopez and the others have noted, it's been one of Marks biggest priorities and, they hope, will offer them an advantage. Lopez lauded the group's diversity in Kerber profile, calling...
NetsDaily Aug 9, 2016

Brook Lopez again attacks Nets previous culture

For the second time in a week, Brook Lopez has attacked the lackadaisical and complacent team culture that came before Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson ... and in an interview the the team's own website. He told Cory Wright... "No more being late, be on time in the training room getting your treatment, getting your weights in; be on the court at the same time. It’s a much more togetherness, much more camaraderie. We hold each other accountable and we have high expectations of each other." Just last week, Lopez told Fred Kerber much the same thing... " "We’re together and we’re doing...

Brook Lopez calls Nets’ offseason “abnormal,” but he liked it

Step one in turning a franchise around ins bringing in a culture of hard work and accountability.
New York Post Aug 4, 2016

‘It’s abnormal’: Brook Lopez’s thoughts on latest Nets’ rebuild

Brook Lopez has seen a record-setting 0-18 season start. He has seen the Nets assemble a squad they thought championship-worthy. He has seen his share of ups and downs with the Nets. “I’ve only been in the league eight years, but I’ve seen a lot of different things in that time,” Lopez said. “Crazy stuff.”...