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Aug 25, 2014
An Atlantic Division scout said Carmelo Anthony is skilled enough and smart enough to play in the triangle offense.
Rotoworld Aug 25, 2014

Scout says Melo should translate to triangle - Carmelo Anthony (F) New York Knicks

An Atlantic Division scout said Carmelo Anthony is skilled enough and smart enough to play in the triangle offense.

Burning Q's: How will Melo fit in triangle?

With training camp less than two months away, we’re examining the burning questions facing the New York Knicks. Today’s question: How will Carmelo Anthony fit into the triangle offense? Last week, we posed the question above to a longtime scout for an Atlantic Division team. His first impression was a positive one. "I think he's skilled enough and I think he's smart enough. I think he'll fit very well." But the same scout, who has been watching Anthony since his rookie year (2003-04), also has some reservations.
Newsday Aug 22, 2014

Carmelo Anthony on Jim Boeheim: He 'says some crazy stuff'

Before reiterating that he was "close" to leaving the Knicks this summer, Carmelo Anthony smiled Thursday night when told of Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim's recent comments.
New York Post Aug 21, 2014

Carmelo: New-look Knicks ‘absolutely’ will be playoff team

This past spring, for the first time in 11 usually brilliant NBA seasons, Carmelo Anthony found himself watching the start of the playoffs, not playing. It is not something the...

Melo optimistic about new-look Knicks

NEW YORK -- A confident Carmelo Anthony believes the Knicks will create a "new culture" and "new identity" this season and leave any remnants of last year's 37-win nightmare in the rear-view mirror. "I don't think we will have another season like we had last year. When I say, 'I believe that we will make the playoffs' -- that's where I'm coming from. I think we will have a much better season than we did last year," Anthony said on Thursday night at Barclays Center, where he served as a coach in a celebrity basketball game sponsored by CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano's charities.
New York Daily News Aug 21, 2014
Carmelo Anthony eager for Knicks turnaround, believes they will make playoffs

Carmelo Anthony eager for Knicks turnaround, believes they will make playoffs

He wasn't suited up to play, but an optimistic Carmelo Anthony was on the hardwood on Thursday talking turnaround for the 2014 season.
Newsday Aug 21, 2014

Carmelo Anthony: Knicks are definitely a playoff team

Carmelo Anthony doesn't describe himself as a bitter person, but not making the playoffs for the fist time in his career last season with the Knicks left a sour taste in his mouth.
New York Daily News Aug 20, 2014
Nets' Brook Lopez slims down like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony during offseason

Nets' Brook Lopez slims down like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony during offseason

Brook Lopez seems to have partaken in the same diet as LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony this offseason. Appearing noticeably thinner than he was last season, Lopez said he was back at his playing weight, "just under 275" pounds.

Melo: Knicks will 'absolutely' make playoffs

The Knicks won just 37 games last season. But Carmelo Anthony is confident that they’ll make the playoffs this year. “Yeah, I think so for sure. Absolutely,” Anthony said Monday when asked if the team will play in the postseason, according to the New York Post. “I can’t wait to get started. No goals. Not setting any goals, but I just can’t wait to get it back on.” Anthony missed the playoffs for the first time in his career last season when the Knicks stumbled to a ninth-place finish in the Eastern Conference.
New York Post Aug 18, 2014

Carmelo is ‘sure’ the Knicks are a playoff squad

Carmelo Anthony already has claimed Knicks fans should not expect a championship this season. But the playoffs are another matter. In fact, Anthony on Monday asserted his belief the Knicks...
Newsday Aug 18, 2014

Jim Boeheim respects Carmelo Anthony's loyalty to Knicks

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim thinks Carmelo Anthony should have signed with the Bulls, but Phil Jackson's presence and vision helped keep him in a Knicks uniform.

Boeheim: Bulls, not Knicks, better for Melo

WEST POINT, N.Y. -- If Carmelo Anthony based his free-agency decision this summer purely on basketball, Jim Boeheim believes that he'd be better off in Chicago than New York. "Just from a basketball point of view it would have been better to go to Chicago because they've got better players," Boeheim, who coached Anthony on Syracuse's national championship team in 2003, said on Monday. "But he wanted to be in New York and he wants to see if they can turn it around there.
New York Post Aug 16, 2014

Carmelo Anthony to get $62 million of deal in advance

Call him the $62 million man. Carmelo Anthony has elected to take half of his $22.5 million this season up front. Because the five-year, $124 million contract is built similarly...

Trainer: Melo sheds pounds, adds years

There were several reasons behind Carmelo Anthony's decision to drop a few pounds this summer. One of them? To make sure he’s healthy enough to play at a high level through the life of his new five-year Knicks deal. “In anything, you get older and getting leaner and lighter helps with the longevity of your career,” Anthony’s trainer, Idan Ravin, told ESPNNewYork.com in a phone conversation Thursday afternoon. “He’s played a lot of years,” Ravin added.
New York Post Aug 14, 2014

How Carmelo Anthony lost all that weight

The new Carmelo Anthony wants to be the consummate leader this season. And according to his trainer, that’s what has spurred his startling offseason transformation. Idan Ravin, Anthony’s personal trainer...

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