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New York Post May 3, 2016

The No. 1 thing Carmelo Anthony wants in next Knicks coach

Carmelo Anthony gave his recipe for what he likes in an NBA head coach – and he’s sure had plenty of them during his five-year Knicks stint. If Knicks president Phil Jackson hires someone other than Kurt Rambis, it would mark Anthony’s fifth Knicks head coach. During an interview published Tuesday by Complex.com, Anthony discussed...
New York Post Apr 30, 2016

Carmelo needs to quiet down and let Phil Jackson do his job

Be careful what you wish for, Carmelo Anthony. You just might get it. Anthony reiterated his manifesto during last week’s Gillette Publicity Tour that he wants Knicks president Phil Jackson to interview more coaching candidates — not just stick with the status quo with triangle guru Kurt Rambis. So Jackson and general manager Steve Mills...

Warriors’ depth passes test in first round

The Warriors might have resembled a one-man show at times this season — which speaks to Curry’s captivating skills — but they steam into the Western Conference semifinals as much because of their extraordinary depth. Clippers series — the Trail Blazers can advance by winning Game 6 at home Friday night — they find reassurance in the way they eliminated Houston. Five players other than Curry averaged in double figures, including two reserves (Andre Iguodala at 11.0 and Marreese Speights at 10.8) and another player who typically comes off the bench (Shaun Livingston at 13.2). Klay...
Newsday Apr 28, 2016

Carmelo Anthony wants Phil Jackson to conduct open coach search

Carmelo Anthony said he hasn't had any conversations with Phil Jackson since his end-of-season exit interview two weeks ago and still would like to see the Knicks president have an open coaching search.
New York Post Apr 28, 2016

Carmelo Anthony name-drops Tom Thibodeau in Knicks ‘process’

When Carmelo Anthony left the Knicks on their cleanup day earlier this month following a third straight playoff-barren season, he stressed his desire to be involved in the coaching process, from search to selection. So, two weeks and a couple interviews later, has Anthony met with team president Phil Jackson and gotten involved in the...
Posting and Toasting Apr 28, 2016

Carmelo Anthony talks coaching search, also may have dissed Beyoncé

Oh no you didn't, Melo! Remember Carmelo Anthony? Rather tall chap, enjoys basketball and wearing hats ... turn-offs include referees blowing whistles in his ear and glazed donut face asses. The star forward took a tour of the Dan Patrick Show and the Sports Illustrated offices this morning, ready to talk shop and sign sleeves. On @sinowlive @carmeloanthony (oh, and it's Take Your Kid to Work Day ) A video posted by Maggie Gray (@maggiegraysi) on Apr 28, 2016 at 6:36am PDT Naturally his interview with Patrick quickly turned to the subject of the Knicks' coaching...
Posting and Toasting Apr 22, 2016

Did Carmelo Anthony attend the Triangle seminar: An investigation

I dunno...or do I? Hey everybody, remember that time I told y'all that Carmelo Anthony attended Phil Jackson's Triangle seminar? Yeah ... um ... about that ... Per Ian Begley: There are conflicting reports about Carmelo Anthony's presence at Phil Jackson's optional triangle meetings this week. The New York Post reported that Anthony did not attend the meetings. The New York Daily News reported earlier this week that Anthony attended the camp but reported today that he didn't. I've heard he wasn't there but his presence/absence is really not all that significant. The camp was not mandatory...
New York Post Apr 22, 2016

Carmelo curiously skipped Phil Jackson’s triangle meeting

Before the season finale and on Trash-Bag Day, Carmelo Anthony admitted he was tired of saying the word “triangle.’’ Apparently he’s also tired of listening to the word triangle. According to a basketball source, Anthony was not one of the 10 Knicks who were part of Phil Jackson’s triangle workshop held Tuesday and Wednesday in...
Posting and Toasting Apr 20, 2016

Bondy: Carmelo Anthony, Robin Lopez joined Phil Jackson's "triangle seminar"

Participation! The president of the New York Knicks held a training seminar Tuesday, and many Knicks employees showed up. Vets showed up; youngsters showed up. Stars showed up; dudes at the end of the roster showed up. That's right, bitches -- attendance is happening! According to Stefan Bondy of the Daily News, Carmelo Anthony and Robin Lopez joined Kristaps Porzingis and several other Knicks at the Phil Jackson's now-infamous "triangle seminar." (Confession: I took way too much delight in the "Zen at Work" headline.) They aren't mentioned in the piece, but I would imagine Tony Wroten,...
CSN Washington Apr 15, 2016

NBA fans should praise Carmelo Anthony for sticking with Knicks

The NBA world loves shredding Carmelo Anthony for, regardless of the reason, wanting to stay with his team. Seeing as we crushed LeBron James' opposite decision, why is that?
New York Post Apr 14, 2016

Forceful Carmelo calls out Knicks’ goals, won’t rule out trade

An unplugged Carmelo Anthony raised pressure on the front office to make the Knicks a winner by next season, referred to his closing “window” and again left the door open to wanting out sooner than later if the losing doesn’t stop. Anthony, speaking the day after another lost season ended and he met with team...
CSN Washington Apr 14, 2016

Randy Wittman makes statement after firing from Wizards

The last time Randy Wittman spoke, it was after the final regular-season game as coach of the Wizards who missed the playoffs with a .500 record.
Newsday Apr 14, 2016

Carmelo Anthony tired of waiting for Knicks to succeed

GREENBURGH, N.Y. -- Carmelo Anthony is conflicted about his future. He wants to win with the Knicks, but isn't sure it's going to happen.
New York Post Apr 14, 2016

Only Phil Jackson insiders can become Knicks coach

A feisty Phil Jackson said he’s ready to interview Knicks coaching candidates besides interim coach Kurt Rambis, but only ones he knows and with the notion of keeping the triangle offense in place. Signs still point to his buddy Rambis as the ultimate selection, but Jackson wants to explore options and claimed the search could...
Posting and Toasting Apr 14, 2016

Carmelo Anthony probably likes Tom Thibodeau; We just don't know how much

Melo has many reasons to like Thibs. New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola has reported that Carmelo Anthony would very much like to see former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau coach the team next season: A source close to Anthony insists that his preferred choice is Tom Thibodeau, a coach Jackson seems to have no interest in speaking to. Remember that the next time someone says or reports that Phil is just doing his due diligence. Yeah right. Knicks fans have a right to be suspicious -- Isola has a longstanding relationship with Thibs, and his Twitter caping for Thibs is bordering on...

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