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Watch Carmelo Anthony tour Cuba for a new Vice series

Carmelo Anthony takes Vice Sports with him to Cuba for a short video series. Carmelo Anthony recently traveled to Cuba and had Vice Sports chronicle his times in a new series of shorts. I know what you're thinking: how dare Carmelo bring his digi-athletic, high technological volts and flashy New York millinery to the calming pastels of Cuba. Problem is, Melo actually seems more at ease in this crowd than he does in front of the cameras and their piercing lights. Hopefully in these videos we'll see a lot more of the mellow Melo. A lot of times, Carmelo says things that can seem jarring for...
Posting and Toasting Aug 24, 2015

Carmelo Anthony hosts teammates, butchers pigs in Puerto Rico

Training camp, golf, Melo. Would you like to be Carmelo Anthony's teammate? It's a complicated proposition -- on one hand, he takes many shots; on the other hand, he takes you to Puerto Rico. First Mini camp in Puerto Rico with my new teammates @nyknicks carmeloanthony @kporzee @jeriangrant @carmeloanthony pic.twitter.com/lMz81lMlzq — kslife (@kevin_seraphin) August 20, 2015 Melo got in a little pre-camp training with Kristaps Porzingis, Jerian Grant, Kevin Seraphin, Cleanthony Early, Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson before his annual "A Very Melo Weekend" charity event. Clearly Melo...
New York Post Aug 13, 2015

Coach K vouches for Carmelo Anthony as Team USA shoo-in

LAS VEGAS — Carmelo Anthony didn’t leave town without waxing eloquent about his Olympic reunion with LeBron James and Chris Paul at the Team USA minicamp. He spoke more boldly...
New York Daily News Aug 13, 2015
Friends Carmelo, LeBron could make history if they win gold

Friends Carmelo, LeBron could make history if they win gold

The first time Carmelo Anthony met LeBron James they were both in high school, two blue chippers familiar in name and legend.
Fear The Sword Aug 13, 2015

LeBron James won't commit to play for Team USA in next summer's Olympics

LeBron attends Team USA mini-camp, but his status is up in the air LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will have the opportunity to try and make history at next summer's Olympics in Rio, Brazil. Both will be attempting to play in the Olympics for Team USA for the fourth time, something no men's basketball athlete has ever done for the United States. Should James want to play, he will have a roster spot. Anthony has long been a valuable member of Team USA as a small-ball four, scorer, and facilitator. Whatever you think of his NBA game (I'm a fan), he's been huge for the United States in...
New York Post Aug 13, 2015

Jim Boeheim still bitter Carmelo picked Knicks over Bulls

LAS VEGAS — Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim is sticking to his guns: Chicago was Carmelo Anthony’s kind of town. Boeheim, a US Olympic Team assistant coach, said at Wednesday’s mini-camp...
New York Post Aug 12, 2015

Carmelo: Knicks had ‘great’ shot at Aldridge — when I talked to him

LAS VEGAS — Call it delusions of grandeur but Carmelo Anthony believes the Knicks had a “great’’ shot at nailing LaMarcus Aldridge in free agency. Aldridge signed with the Spurs,...
New York Daily News Aug 11, 2015
Carmelo practices with team USA, diffuses unhappiness talk

Carmelo practices with team USA, diffuses unhappiness talk

Carmelo Anthony was practicing with some of the very best the NBA has to offer on Tuesday.
New York Post Aug 11, 2015

Carmelo Anthony finally breaks silence on Knicks’ offseason

LAS VEGAS — If Carmelo Anthony is displeased with Phil Jackson’s offseason haul, he hid it well at Tuesday’s United States Olympic Team minicamp in a 15-minute, clearing-the-air session. The...
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Knicks fans are stuck with Carmelo Anthony, per Carmelo Anthony

Hashtag stayme70 Great news, everybody: Social Media Troll Carmelo Anthony is back! Per ESPN, Melo snapped at a commenter on of his his Instagram posts. This latest rant may not be on par with the legendary "glazed donut face ass" Twitter reply, but it does have a certain ring of truth to it: In response to a fan questioning how much he cared about the game, Anthony wrote, "Shows how little you know about me. Staying in NY shows that I do care. If I would have left, what would you have said then? "Oh, Melos wack for leaving. He turned his back on NY". FOH. You are stuck with me buddy....
New York Post Aug 9, 2015

34 stars, 12 slots: Is Carmelo still right for Team USA?

The elusive Carmelo Anthony heads to Las Vegas this week as a three-time U.S. Olympian with two gold medals and a reputation as a player with perfect style for international...
Posting and Toasting Aug 9, 2015

Kristaps Porzingis trades buckets with Melo, quotes "Friday" and other notes

The Zinger hates to lose. I hope you're ready for more interesting Kristaps Porzingis news nuggets, my friends. Honestly, if you're not ready, you need to find another damn website to frequent. Let's start off with a report on the behind-closed-doors shooting contest between Krispy and Carmelo Anthony, reminiscent of the Balboa-Creed fight at the end of Rocky III: Porzingis also worked out with Carmelo Anthony yesterday... Zinger said he was "pissed" b/c Melo beat him badly in a few shooting contests — Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) August 8, 2015 Yes - it was clear that Porzingis hated...
New York Daily News Aug 8, 2015
Raissman: Frazier goes against MSG spin with Carmelo comment

Raissman: Frazier goes against MSG spin with Carmelo comment

Walt (Clyde) Frazier dipped himself deep inside the Gulag cauldron after saying Carmelo Anthony wasn't happy with Knicks pick.
New York Post Aug 5, 2015

New Knick Aaron Afflalo talks about chemistry with Carmelo

Wide-eyed and ready to start his Knicks career, Arron Afflalo is hungry to win — and he has been training with Carmelo Anthony to prove it. The two former teammates,...
New York Daily News Aug 5, 2015
Arron Afflalo says Carmelo Anthony put in good word for him

Arron Afflalo says Carmelo Anthony put in good word for him

Nobody on the roster has played with Carmelo Anthony more than Arron Afflalo, who signed with the Knicks less than a month ago.

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