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Posting and Toasting May 28, 2016

Carmelo Anthony takes in a Mets game and answers questions about Jeff Hornacek, free agent recruiting

He's eager to get the hiring process over with. One of the overarching themes of this New York Knicks offseason thus far has been that of Carmelo Anthony: Renaissance Man. We've seen Melo at the Met Gala, the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the Cannes Film Festival and various product launches. It's hard to believe such a classy gent would ever lower himself to attend something as vulgar as a sporting event. And yet Melo was in attendance for a very different Met Gala on Friday evening, taking in a Mets-Dodgers game at Citi Field. Carmelo Anthony at the Mets game...
New York Post May 27, 2016

Carmelo doesn’t know about Knicks’ Hornacek deal, either

The hiring of Jeff Hornacek as the Knicks’ new head coach is a foregone conclusion, with a deal expected to be announced after the Memorial Day weekend and a press conference likely Friday. It’s a process Carmelo Anthony is eager to see come to a conclusion. As he watched batting practice at Citi Field on...
Posting and Toasting May 27, 2016

Carmelo Anthony and Lou Amundson are the stars of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film

It's a fact. As far as I can tell, the upcoming blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is a film about the New York Knicks, with the occasional CGI turtle and the Green Arrow thrown in. We already know that Carmelo Anthony is the star of the film, alongside Will Arnett and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio ... at least according to this clip: The witty repartee between two highly-skilled actors in Melo and Arnett is clearly the highlight of the film, but this is still a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, so y'all are probably asking yourselves: "Where the hell is Lou...
Clips Nation May 27, 2016

Should the Clippers re-sign Luc Richard Mbah a Moute?

The Clippers plucked Luc Mbah a Moute off the scrap heap just ahead of training camp, but he eventually grew into a valuable part of the 2015-16 club. Given his defensive prowess, should the Clips bring him back for a second season? Robert Flom (@RichHomieFlom): The Clippers will probably only bring back one of Luc Richard Mbah a Moute or Wes Johnson. And I would prefer Wes. While Luc played a big role this year with his energy and defense, his lack of offensive ability (namely shooting) makes him virtually unplayable against the NBA's elite...and the Clippers' goal every year has been to...
New York Post May 26, 2016

Carmelo Anthony can’t catch a break with All-NBA voters

Carmelo Anthony’s career-high assist average and recognition of him sharing the ball more than ever did nothing to sway All-NBA voters. For the third straight season, Anthony was not named on any of the three All-NBA teams, announced Thursday. Anthony’s last All-NBA appearance came in 2012-13, earning second-team honors after the Knicks posted a 54-28...
New York Post May 26, 2016

Rockets gamble Mike D’Antoni isn’t coach who flunked in NY, LA

Mike D’Antoni has liftoff. The former Knicks head coach has agreed to take over the Houston Rockets, according to multiple reports, returning to the top seat on an NBA bench after a two-year hiatus. The 65-year-old mastermind of the famed “Seven Seconds or Less” offense unites with All-Star guard James Harden to try to turn around...
Newsday May 22, 2016

Carmelo Anthony endorses Jeff Hornacek for Knicks' coaching job

Carmelo Anthony thinks change, and a change of pace, will be good for the Knicks.
New York Post May 22, 2016

Carmelo Anthony explains why he likes Jeff Hornacek hire

Carmelo Anthony never gave input into the coaching search as he wanted but is happy nevertheless Phil Jackson chose Jeff Hornacek as head coach. In an interview at Herald Square with WNBC, Anthony made his first public comments on the stunning Hornacek hire that could be announced Monday. “I played against him a couple of...
Posting and Toasting May 22, 2016

Carmelo Anthony is "looking forward to" a more uptempo offense under Jeff Hornacek

Ride or die. Knicks fans around the world are still trying to wrap our heads around the surprise hiring of Jeff Hornacek. But what about the thoughts of those who will actually play basketball under the new head coach ... like, say, Carmelo Anthony? It would seem that the longest-tenured Knickerbocker is fully on board with the hiring. In an interview with WNBC-TV's Bruce Beck, Melo said the new Hornacek regime could spark a turnaround in the team's fortunes. Per Ian Begley: "It sets the stage for us to do that," Anthony said. "[It's a] new opportunity, something new to play with,...
New York Post May 22, 2016

‘Bulls–t’ critics haven’t killed Knicks’ triangle: Phil Jackson pal

Is the triangle dead under soon-to-be-named head coach Jeff Hornacek? Not entirely, said Charley Rosen, one of Phil Jackson’s longtime friends who has been in contact with the Zen Master in recent days. “It’s hard to imagine Phil caving in and abandoning a system that is entirely flexible and he’s had so much success in...
New York Post May 21, 2016

Steve Kerr raves about Hornacek, defends his Suns tenure

OKLAHOMA CITY — The guy who said no loves the choice of the guy about to say yes. Steve Kerr, who opted for the Warriors over the Knicks two years ago, raved about the Knicks’ head-coach-in-waiting, Jeff Hornacek. The two were teammates in Phoenix and longtime rivals on the court, including two years when Kerr...
New York Post May 21, 2016

Deep dive into Knicks’ history: How they escaped this misery before

Here is the bad news: You are a Knicks fan, and you look at your team and feel hopeless, and you look around the league and you feel helpless. You want to be excited about Jeff Hornacek, but all you can think of in the immediate is this: We need a shooting guard. I sure...
Posting and Toasting May 20, 2016

Caviar, Jimmy Fallon and children's socks: Just another week in the life of Carmelo Anthony

Melo doing Melo things. Carmelo Anthony has a great deal of money. Seth is probably the richest person I know (He rides on trains! He went to California once!) and the Knicks forward is wealthy even by Seth's lofty standards. And as a rich person, he is honor-bound to do rich people things, such as eating caviar. Was the caviar Be7uga? I'm a bit surprised we didn't see a whole host of "look at fatty Melo eating food" tweets. The haters simply cannot accept the fact that the guy has a round, cherubic face. If he wants to keep up his lifestyle of...
New York Post May 19, 2016

The unselfish reason Carmelo likes Hornacek hiring

Carmelo Anthony said he hoped Knicks president Phil Jackson, once he opened the team’s search for a new coach, would “give everybody a shot to come in and say what they have to say and see if you like that person or not.” Well, Jackson fell for Jeff Hornacek on Monday, and a source said...
New York Post May 19, 2016

Jeff Hornacek is motivated as hell after Suns firing: brother

Jeff Hornacek was so hush-hush before his Knicks interview Monday with Phil Jackson, he refused to tell his mother or brother. “He told us he had an interview with a team but couldn’t tell her who it was with — it was a secret,” his brother, John Hornacek, told The Post by phone Thursday. John...

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