3:22 PM EDT, Wed May 04, 2016

Phoenix Suns 2015-16 Reports Cards: Mirza Teletovic was rare bright spot

This season's Suns didn't feature many success stories, but Mirza Teletovic was certainly one of them. The search for a 3-point shooting big man to spread the floor led the Suns to sign Anthony Tolliver and draft Alec Brown after Channing Frye departed via free agency in 2014. Tolliver washed out, Brown isn't ready yet, so the search continued into last summer. Finally, the answer fell into their laps when the Brooklyn Nets released Bosnian sharpshooter Mirza Teletovic in July. Teletovic signed with the Suns, then went on to hit more 3-pointers in a season than any NBA bench player ever...
Fear The Sword Apr 17, 2016

Channing Frye defends Cavs locker room, says it's one of tightest groups he's been part of

It's been a strange year for the Cavs, but Channing Frye says the team is close When David Blatt was fired as coach of the Cavs, a "joyless" locker room was one of the reasons cited by the team. One of Tyronn Lue's duties was going to be turn the mood of the team around, to make winning fun again. According to Channing Frye, who was traded to the team shortly after Blatt's firing, that mission has been accomplished. While talking about the excitement of playoff basketball, Frye brought up the strong chemistry of the team unprompted. "I love our chemistry ... we've grown a lot." And when...
Bright Side Of The Sun Apr 17, 2016

NBA Playoffs Open Thread: Lots of former Suns in action today

Talk about all the playoff action here Marcus Morris' Pistons face Channing Frye's Cleveland Cavaliers Matt Barnes' Grizzlies get whomped by Boris Diaw's Spurs The Hornets face Goran Dragic, Gerald Green and Amare Stoudemire's Heat The Trail Blazers face the Clippers
Fear The Sword Apr 8, 2016

Why won't the Cavs play Channing Frye and Kevin Love together?

One of the Cavs best potential big man combinations isn't getting used enough. Why? For years, I wanted the Cavs to chase after Channing Frye. He is a big man that fits right in line with where the NBA has trended. He can shoot, and he can protect the rim a bit. He doesn't have great lateral quickness, and he doesn't have tremendous size. Were there centers with advanced back to the basket games that fit within modern NBA offenses, it might be difficult for Frye to match up with them. For the most part, though, those players no longer exist. And so Channing Frye's value exists. He can...
Plain Dealer Apr 5, 2016

Browns TE Gary Barnidge holds off Cavaliers F Channing Frye to win 10th annual Celebrity Bracketology Challenge

Barnidge wrapped up the title after Villanova defeated Oklahoma in the Final Four.

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