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Heat status report: Where roster stands, where it is headed

A look at the 15 players who finished the season with the Heat, with their contract status and what might be next. * * * * * * * Chris Bosh Age: Turned 32 on March 24. 2016-17 salary status: Under contract at $23.7 million next season, with a contract that runs through 2018-19. What happened: For...
Plain Dealer May 23, 2016
How much 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 tickets cost in Toronto

How much 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 tickets cost in Toronto

A look at how much tickets for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Toronto will cost.
Hot Hot Hoops May 22, 2016

Dr. Oz gives his take to TMZ regarding Chris Bosh's blood clot issue

TMZ Sports released a video of Dr. Oz giving his opinion on the Chris Bosh situation. We all know what TMZ did to former L.A. Clippers' owner Donals Sterling. High-profile physician Dr. Oz mentioned Chris Bosh by name in his opinion on the deadly possibilities of blood clots via a TMZ article titled, "BO KIMBLE TO CHRIS BOSH TIME TO RETIRE NBA Ain't Worth Dying For." The video of Hank Gathers collapsing was featured in a previous HHH article. A recent HHH piece said, "Via Dan Le Batard, the Miami Heat are cautiously optimistic that the All Star big man can return to action next season."...
Plain Dealer May 21, 2016
How much 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 tickets cost in Toronto

How much 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 tickets cost in Toronto

A look at how much tickets for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Toronto cost.
Hot Hot Hoops May 20, 2016

The Miami Heat are "hopeful" that Chris Bosh will return next season

Via Dan Le Batard, the Miami Heat are cautiously optimistic that the All Star big man can return to action next season. Dan Le Batard, who has many sources within the Miami Heat organization, initially was reporting that the Heat would force Chris Bosh into an early retirement due to fears that he'd never be cleared to play by the team's doctors. On ESPN radio, he said: (All quotes via NBC Sports) What I know of private medical history, which is to say I have partial information because so much of this is private and guarded and protected, I don't know what's going to be different in six...
Hot Hot Hoops May 19, 2016

Staying healthy should be the major priority for Heat next season

Last season's starting five was formidable on paper, but injuries, not talent, ruined a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Can Pat Riley mastermind an injury-free season leading to a June Finals appearance? Pat Riley's Q&A stressed how important health was for the Miami Heat next season, using Chris Bosh as the focal point. A full season of Bosh could have seen the Heat still involved in postseason play this year. Dwyane Wade being in 74 games, because of excellent conditioning over the summer, greatly contributed to the Heat's third-place seeding in the Eastern Conference. The summer...

Hyde: Pat Riley is where belief starts with Heat's plans

Pat Riley sat in the same room, behind the same table he always does this time of year and said Hassan Whiteside was the "No. 1 priority, period." He said Chris Bosh's status remains an "X-factor" for the future.He talked about how Dwyane Wade was better than in his Big Three years, and how the...

Hyde5: Five Pat Riley thoughts on Heat's decisions

Pat Riley gave a state of the Heat talk on Wednesday, touching on this season's success, Hassan Whiteside's decisiion, Chris Bosh's future. Herea are the top five ideas from Riley: 1. Riley called Whiteside, "the No. 1 priority" this summer.  Whiteside is 'a free agent and the Heat want him. "He’s...

Pat Riley hopes Bosh can return, says Whiteside a priority

As only he can, as the face of the franchise, Miami Heat President Pat Riley set the tone for what could come next for the team Wednesday in his annual postseason media session at AmericanAirlines Arena. In an expansive session that included comments on Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh and the team's...
Hot Hot Hoops May 17, 2016

A Survey of the Heat roster and salary

Let's take a look at who's staying and who's going with the Heat roster. The Miami Heat have six players under contract for next season and that includes one player with a non-guaranteed contract. That means that Pat Riley has plenty of work to do in either keeping his team together or retooling it to a contender. Sure, there are a lot of question marks when it comes to the status of Chris Bosh and his health, but let's put that aside and look at the pure nature of who's in and who's out on this team. Miami Heat Salary Player Age 15'16 (millions) 16'17 (millions) PPG Chris...
Hot Hot Hoops May 16, 2016

PODCAST: Grading The 2015-16 Season, Addressing The Latest Bosh rumors

Earnest Christian and David Ramil recap the Game 7 loss to the Toronto Raptors and grade each player’s performance this season. Plus the guys address the latest rumors involving Chris Bosh’s future. The Miami Heat season may be over, but out coverage is not. Here's our latest podcast on the Heat, talking about Game 7 and the season in general. Take a listen.

Winderman: Without Bosh clarity, Heat face rebuilding roadblock

They danced around the issue for the final two months of the regular season and then for two rounds of the playoffs. All the while, the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh moved in their own directions, the Heat supplementing their roster with Joe Johnson, with Bosh creating hope he eventually would reemerge...

Breaking down Heat offseason: Contracts, free agency, draft, cap exceptions

As the seconds ticked down Sunday afternoon at Air Canada Centre, an emptiness radiated from Pat Riley as he looked on from the stands. Moments later, as he walked out of the Miami Heat locker room, a season over and the real work about to begin, an attempt was made to corral him on that future....

Winslow will miss the game during this summer

Heat forward is disappointed in losing Game 7 to the raptors

Winderman's view: Raptors 116, Heat 89

Observations from Sunday's 116-89 playoff loss to the Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre; -- This is why Pat Riley always has insisted on size. -- This is why the Heat were at their most threatening with Hassan Whiteside. -- And with Chris Bosh at Whiteside's side. -- Because while small ball...

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    How much 2016 Eastern Conference Finals Game 4 tickets cost in Toronto

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